50 Modern Eyebrow Piercing Ideas – Trendy, Chic and Unique Body Piercings

Body art and piercing are part of the modern trends and cultures and so having an eyebrow piercing will help ensure that you also keep up with the trend.

People are always looking for unique ways to enhance their appearance and piercing the body is one of the most powerful ones.

However, if you go with the traditional ear piercings nobody will notice them, but a nice barbell or ring on your brow is attention grabbing.

The culture of piercing the eyebrows dates back to the 1970’s during the emergence and popularity of the punk subculture.

In this era piercings in unique places such as the nose and the brows were what people that wanted to associate with the punk subculture would use as their identity.

At first, most people would shy away from them because apart from then being punkish they were also thought to be a sign of certain sexual orientation.

However, in the past years, all these misconceptions have been fading away, and people now accept this type of piercing as a cool body art that does not represent anything peculiar.

There are different types of this piercing, and there are also different jewelry designs that you can wear to look stylish and so having it opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities.


The Procedure

Eyebrow piercing is more sensitive than a regular ear piercing, and so the best idea is to get it from a professional piercer. And so the first step will be to search for a good parlor, and this is not a problem because there are many of them available in most localities.

Searching one online is an excellent idea because you get to read customers reviews and know the kind of service to expect. Asking peers and relatives for recommendations is also another way of ensuring that you find a good parlor and a professional piercer.

Once you choose where to go and get it and book an appointment the only other thing that you need is to tell the piercer where you want it. The safest and also the most stylish place to have it is on the corner of the brow, and you can have it on both or just one.

Your piercer will always start the procedure by cleaning the area and mark the point of entry and exist. If you have a low pain tolerance threshold, you can request the piercer to numb the area with numbing gel.

After this, the piercer should sterilize a needle and then use it to puncture the brow. However, the piercer has to pinch the skin between the entry and exit points with the fingers and pull it out to make the piercing easier.

When creating the hole, the needle should enter in one place and come out from the other because pushing it back and forth can cause some damage.

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How Painful Is It?

Piercing is painful by all definitions, but the level of the pain that you feel will always depend on your pain tolerance threshold. And so it is not always accurate to say that eyebrow piercing is very painful, or it is not because this will vary from one person to the other.

However, most individuals who have it will agree that it is not as painful as others, and it also depends on the person doing it because some artists are keen enough to ensure that their customers feel minimal pain.

The pain that you feel when plucking eyebrows is almost similar to what you will feel with this piercing, but the bruising and swelling that follow may come with a little extra pain.

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How Much will Cost?

Cost is another factor that is also not easy to determine when it comes to piercing because several factors will influence it.

For example getting your eyebrow piercing from a reputable and famous parlor will cost you more money that getting one from a regular or start up piercer.

Prices will also differ from one locality to the other but in most places you should be ready to spend between twenty and eighty dollars to get the piercing.

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Healing Time?

How you take care of this piercing is what determines the length of time it will take for it to heal. Different people may also have different healing times for their wounds depending on one’s state of health.

However, you should expect the piercing to take anything from six to 12 weeks to heal. But, you can remove the jewelry and change it after six weeks, but this is if you have not been having any issues with the piercings.

But, remember to continue caring for it even after changing the jewelry.

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Caring for the Piercing

Caring for your eyebrow piercing is vital if you want it to heal well and also within the shortest time possible. The most important thing for the aftercare is to keep the area around the piercing clean to avoid germs and bacteria as they can lead to infections.

To ensure maximum hygiene, you should clean the piercing with saline or a salt wash solution a couple of times each day.

You should be very gentle when cleaning the wound and avoid shifting the jewelry as much as possible and also make sure that the salt water or saline that you use is warm.

After cleaning the piercing, you should always use a clean disposable paper towel to dry the area. Avoid plucking and shaving the eyebrow with the piercing because this will cause it unnecessary irritation.

No matter how gentle you think the shaving or plucking will be in most cases you will always end up with at least a swelling and so avoiding them is the only way to ensure that you are on the safe side.

Another important aftercare that you should keep in mind is that makeup, creams, and lotions should not come into contact with the wound as they may cause you problems.

You can still apply them to the rest of the face, but you have to be cautious enough to ensure that they do not end up in the wound, or you do not disturb the jewelry in the process.

Your sleeping position can also give you problems, and this is more so if you like sleeping with your face down. Sleeping on the piercing will subject it to a lot of pressure, and so the wound will take a long time to heal, and the jewelry can also migrate.

Infection and Other Complications

Swelling and bruising are normal with any form of body puncturing, and an eyebrow piercing is not an exception.

For most people, the swelling will go away after a few hours but for others, it may last for a couple of days, and they might also have a little bleeding if their blood is thin.

In ordinary situations, the complications stop at the bruising and swelling but for others, things may be worse.

Infections top the list of the things that can go bad with your piercing, and the signs may include red streaks around the eyebrow and a pus-filled bump near the area.

Infections might look bad but you can manage them, and this is more so if you notice them early as you will only need to take some antibiotics. Sometimes it might also be necessary to go back to the piercer so that they can assess whether the infection did any damages to the piercing.

Migration and rejection are the other two forms of complications that you can get with this piercing. Allergic reactions and wrong placement of the jewelry are the primary causes of migrations and rejections.

The best thing to do is to have it removed immediately as this will ensure that it does not leave you with a nasty scar.

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Types of Eyebrow Piercing

Modern day piercers are very creative, and so you will often see people with various types of brow piercing.

Some look exaggerated and others very daring but in essence, there are only four main types, and it is these that people will adjust to create unique appearances.


The vertical piercing is the most common type of the four and as the name suggests it passes from the upper part of the brow to the lower section vertically.

Most people prefer to have it in the far most corner of the eye, but it is also common to see others piercing the inner area between the eyes.


This piercing is above the brow or below it, and it rests in a horizontal direction. It does not entail piercing through the eyebrow, and most people prefer it because it is easier to conceal than the vertical.

Double/multiple Piercing

As the name suggests, this type will involve having more than one piercing. They are in a horizontal pattern, and while most people will prefer to have only two, some will pierce up to five on the same eyebrow.

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Jewelry Selection

These piercings are very common nowadays, and so you can be sure that there are numerous jewelry designs that you can wear. Ordinary barbells, captive bead rings, and the curved barbells are the most common ones.

It is important to know that each will put a different amount of pressure on the piercing and the more the pressure, the more likely the jewelry will face rejection. Only buy those from materials that do not react with the skin and also go for small gauges.


An eyebrow piercing is as stylish as body art can get and so is a perfect idea for any person that wants to look trendy. It suits both men and women, and there are different types to choose from and various jewelry styles available.

However, always make sure that you get it from a professional, and you take maximum care of it during the healing phase.

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