How to Use Your iPhone as a Powerful Document Scanner

No more bulky scanners – technology is the new king! With an iPhone or iPad, you have all you need to scan documents with ease. Whether it be a manual, a cookie recipe from Grandma, or something else entirely – your iOS device has got you covered. Not only can these devices get rid of that stack of paper on your desk but they also help send scanned docs and even sign them too; making collaboration easier than ever before. So next time there’s something you need to digitize fast – don’t worry about dusting off old machinery when modern tech provides so many comfortable solutions at hand to scan documents!


How to Scan Documents with iPhone Notes?

Scanning a document has never been easier with your iOS device! Just make sure you have at least an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running on the latest version of Apple’s operating system (iOS 13), and get ready to go.

  1. Position the paper onto any flat surface and ensure that it contrasts well against its background to guarantee high-quality scans each time.
  2. Then open up the Notes app, create a new note – hit the camera icon for scanning documents!
  3. When all is set hold up your phone over in line with whatever needs scanned – give it a few seconds for turning yellow before automatically performing its scan function multiple times until satisfied
  4. Use circles in corners as adjustments if necessary.
  5. Once completed just tap the ‘Keep Scans’ button…voila!

With Notes on your iOS device, you can quickly and easily take scans of documents – just Retake them if it’s not to your liking or Save them for later. You have plenty of options for accessing the final product: share with text and/or scan; send by email; rename them in Files; even print out! And once they’re saved in Files, uploading to a website is no problem either. Plus, link scanned files directly into any task manager app such as Taskheat so organization is never an issue. Don’t overlook this convenient scanning feature today!

Scan Documents on iPhone via PDF Scanner App

Despite the presence of built-in iPhone features, there are many more functional solutions on the App Store. With them, the iPhone scan document is at a fairly high resolution, but the processing functions are an order of magnitude better. For example, if you use the download link and install the PDF Scanner App, you can put a password on your scanner. You can also convert pictures to PDF in seconds, it doesn’t have to be text. If you want, you can convert PDF to Word for free in a trial version. To make a PDF from the photo, you only need to launch the camera in the application, fix the document, and in a moment you already have it. it’s not hard to figure out how to convert a PDF to Word. The application has a text recognition function, you just need to run it. Plus, the application can effectively recognize speech. This scanner app is more reliable, functional, and convenient than the standard iPhone features.

Scan Documents on iPhone With the Files App

You don’t need to rely solely on the Notes app for scanning with your iPhone or iPad. The Files app is also up for the job – just make sure you place your document against a flat, contrasting surface and let it do its work in producing an amazing high-quality scan!

  1. Unlock the hidden features of your iPhone by tapping Browse at the bottom right.
  2. Here you can find a vast selection of Locations to store that important document, such as On My iPhone or iCloud Drive!
  3. With just three more taps on Files – Scan documents – suddenly your camera is ready for action.
  4. Make sure to get it perfectly framed within in the blue square and tap away; with one click all that data will be stored safely and securely!


Scanning photos or documents can be quick and easy, but it’s important to get the perfect shot. With Gemini, you’ll have options at your fingertips that help you preview scans and even edit them with customizable filters – from colors to black & white! Naming each document is also just a tap away- so don’t forget before saving it for all eternity. And if some of those files turn out too similar? No worries – dual scanning mode has got you covered; sort through duplicates easily while leaving room for more meaningful memories in between. Start scanning effortlessly today with Gemini!


Scanning documents on iPhone is quick and easy, but it’s important to choose the right app for the job. The built-in Notes app is great for basic scans, while other solutions such as PDF Scanner App provides more advanced features and tools for getting the perfect scan. Make sure to explore your options and find what works best for you. The more tools available, the more flexible you can approach the task and find the perfect way for you personally.

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