What to Know Before Shaving Your Bikini Area

Many people think that women will only touch up their bikini area when heading to the beach. The truth is women will always ensure that their pubic area is looking up. You don’t have to run after the best bikini hair trimmers when you suddenly realize that the bikini and beach season is next. What many women seem apprehensive about is shaving the bikini line only to be left with bumps and redness. In as much as the bumps along your bikini line aren’t hurting, they can give an unpleasant and embarrassing look.

It’s true that many women will pay close attention to the bikini shaving task. There is a possibility that you can do it from your bathroom and end up with a bump and irritation free result. Mastering the art of shaving your bikini line seems intimidating. The good news is that it’s not impossible. With time and the right tools, you will confidently tackle the growth down there without risking a nick or a single bump.

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Don’t Shave Immediately

When you want to hew off the hair down there, you might be tempted to jump into the shower and proceed with your trimmer or shaver. However, it’s not the best move. Don’t shave the groin before you soften up the area and the hairs. The warm bath water will help to smooth and relax your pores. This can be done after you have finished showering to give your pubic hair time to submit to the steam. Hydrated hair is easy to cut and you will skip the irritation.

If you want a satisfying and irritation free shave around the bikini area, its advisable that you consider prepping with soothing shave oil. If you know the potential of oil to soften anybody surface, you will not hesitate. Once you apply shaving oil, you won’t have to worry about an irritating post shave moment. Oiled skin is good for razor runs, especially if you have a shaver with pads that tone down the occurrence of ingrown hair.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned bikini shaving expert, you seldom have to put up with the nasty sting from razor burns in your sensitive pubic area. You should enjoy a smooth and satisfying shave instead of feeling like your down there is on fire. There is no guarantee that your bikini shaving process will be razor-burn free. You have to take charge. If it’s proving difficult to avoid those razor burns every time you shave down there, there are some tricks you can employ.

If you have been shaving with an electric shaver long enough, you know what razor burn can do to your groin. You can rectify such by investing in a bikini hair shaver that comes with appropriate fittings and attachments. You need a trimmer that is cordless, blade-padded, water proof and with a remarkable battery performance.

Avoid Unnecessary Friction

Many people dot know when to shave to the direction of the hairs. You can shave back and forth, although you might end up causing irritation if yours is the sensitive kind of skin. Make sure that your trimmer has sharp brain to reduce tugging on the tufts. It’s wise if your shaver moves towards the lay of the hair rather than against the tide. Don’t press too hard on the skin to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs. Since you had prepped the surface, you only need to glide the razor gently along.

Trimming Is Less Risky

There are times when you don’t want to cut every hair in your bikini pad. As such, you can check whether a trimmer is the better option. With trimming, there are minimal chances that bumps and irritation will bother you. If you are using the electric shaver, you need to work with top level concentration along those hideous curves.

Change Your Razor Blade At Regular Intervals

For a superb bikini job, you need to keep changing your shavers regularly. It can never be a one-off thing. Using the same bikini shave over and over again is a disaster in the making. The moment you start to notice that your blades are getting weak in performance and efficiency; it’s time to replace your bikini trimmer/shaver. You can opt for a model that comes with adjustable heads. You need to know how to maintain the trimmer or razor for durability purposes.

It’s your call

Whereas the tips and tricks to safe bikini shaving abound, there is need to follow your customized skill. There is a lot to draw from your personal preference and you need to know what to avoid with your trimmer. Bikini shaving should be fun. It’s not something you can take to the salon, but with adequate information and a great bikini hair trimmer, you should find your way out of the bush easily.

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