60+ Best All Seeing Eye Tattoo Designs — A Mystery on Your Skin

here is a divided opinion on the meaning of the All Seeing Eye tattoo. Some believe it stands for omniscience while other quarters argue that it means evil influence. Both schools of thought true.

They say that such tattoos still protect from evil forces, but you can protect your loved ones with an evil eye ring, which will also be a great gift.

Originally, it was all about powerful being and religious values but that has now come down to satanic acts that sacrifice humanity and do other vices. Well, it comes down to the standpoint you want to see it now that is never clear what you should believe to be the true meaning.

There is no doubt that this tattoo is shunned in some societies for it is an association with evil. You would not blame such societies since they do not know much about this ancient tattoo. Understanding the continuum of arguments surrounding this subject, this article will shed light on the truth about it.

If not completely to put the debate to rest but rather to give it a more valid approach and you will not have the tattoo for the sake of it.

It is good to sound a word of caution in that there is no definite way to get the meaning of this symbol. What will be done here is to integrate different opinions and beliefs and then from there you can find the meaning you feel is right.

That does not mean that this is not an authoritative article but it is rather honest to give an objective view to all other opinions about the same.


Tracing Back the Meaning of the Tattoo

The most rampant symbol ever to grace the world is the McDonald’s golden arches. After this one comes the eye of providence popularly known as the All Seeing Eye said to be God’s (at least this goes back to the true meaning of it).

In the later years, there have been lots of controversies associating this symbol with affiliations such the New World Order and Illuminati. For the majority of the American population, this is the sign they usually find at the back of the dollar.

But is this all there is to know about this sign? Probably not but let’s see all that you may have missed.

Coincidentally, this tattoo is associated with a myriad of stuff and some are just empty drum noise buying into its popularity. Some of the famous associations of this sign include Christianity, Illuminati and health.

So it is a really hassle to find the precise meaning unless we could find the originator of this idea. But this still will not solve the mystery since meanings evolve from the original ideas to suit other new meaning as it is necessitated by change in time and occasion.

The Egyptians are the first people to have ever used the symbol. Theirs was the eye of Horus that they believed it provided good health and protection.

Whether that was a true belief or just laid-back thinking you would not know because it is no longer holds water since the ancient society has been swallowed into modernity.

Conscious reporter opines that the sign is supposed to be a powerful abstruse representation that has come to be misunderstood and other time misused. I would concur with this premise since I have seen the depth to which the misuse can go.

There is so much emphasis that it is all about religion that this piece was designed. There is also a feeling that the elite in the society has taken advantage of the hullabaloo and now comes the association with Illuminati and New World Order.

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What Those Who Have the Tattoo Say About Its Meaning

To get it right with the information I have here, I took the time with those who have the tattoo (plenty of people have it and they do not know what it means!). And for your information, it can be done from different parts of the body such as hand, tummy, chest, neck and virtually anywhere you want it.

  • All Seeing Eye Tattoo 61
  • All Seeing Eye Tattoo 60
  • All Seeing Eye Tattoo 62

Still the size varies from small to large and the choice is down to how you want it to be. Some said that they simply liked the designed and they thought, “why not have it on my skin?” Others confided that it was of curiosity that they did it.

The other lot wanted it for the aesthetic values it adds to their body and this seems to be the major reason why many people have it. Those simple reasons must tell how much deviation that the meaning of tattoo has gone through and it will be even vaguer in the coming years.

Many generations to come will not even remember the original meaning and all they will have are the popular lies that would have found favor then.

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Are We Losing the Real Meaning of the Most Prestigious Sign?

Many ancient artworks have been eroded by time and it seems that tattoos have not been saved. What I know and what credible sources believe in is that the tattoo was associated with a high power and being like God.

But you know that is now a tale you cannot believe anymore after seeing the associations made to it in the modern world. It would be right to say that evil has taken better of the good that was once associated with the sign.

  • All Seeing Eye Tattoo 57
  • All Seeing Eye Tattoo 58
  • All Seeing Eye Tattoo 59

Instead of the power, love, and helpful message that was the representation of the symbol; it is now popular with the Illuminati and the elite greed who desire to control the world.

It will go in history as one of the most famous tattoo and symbolization that would have been used to make the world a better place but instead has been the train that has been used to spread rumors and fears in the world.

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What Is the Truth in All These Allegations?

The most obvious truth is that the all-eye symbol is a very good choice of a tattoo. It simply reflects your personal aesthetic attributes and probably general belief about something let’s say about religion.

The world will never be satisfied with the many versions you may have about the meaning of the providence eye. The debate will also keep on going but what really matters is your personal interpretation of the tattoo.

  • All Seeing Eye Tattoo 55
  • All Seeing Eye Tattoo 54
  • All Seeing Eye Tattoo 56

I know you cannot still say what the All Seeing Eye tattoo stand for even after reading keenly the first part of this article.

As stated earlier, this article is a truth-finding mission by drawing facts and experiences in trying to solve the mystery in the meaning of the renowned tattoo now that you know its true meaning has been flawed for whatever reasons someone found benefiting.

The meaning lies in symbolism and different societies used it to refer to varying connotations and they all came to the same conclusion: superpower being.

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Symbolism in All Seeing Eye Symbol

As you have seen in the first phase of this article, as the years go by the implication of the All Seeing Eye sign has been blurred over the years. But there is still a way to find the true meaning that was intended for this glorious symbol before evil and greed got better of it.

Let’s take a tour and see what is the attached meaning the symbol by different societies:

  • Asia and the Middle East: Hamsa or Hamesh are the versions of the Asian eye symbol. It is in the right-hand palm and it is known to protect people against harm. This holds true to the original meaning of the sign that it is attached to a high and powerful being.
  • Ancient Greece: to them the sun was like a god and it was described as the eternal eye that has no limitation when it comes to its sight. Once more their reference to religion and the belief in a super being is seen in a totally different society.
  • India: this is one of the richest ancient art sources in the history of mankind. Over 3,000 years ago, Sanskrit text made reference to some kind of a heavenly eye that never closed. Shiva is a Hindu god that has 3 eyes one of which is considered as the provider of knowledge.
  • Egyptians: they had the eyes of Osiris and Ra both of which represented the unseen eye of God in healing, protection and sustaining life.

So, do you think that it was just a coincidence that these far-apart societies had similar symbols representing similar meanings? No, it would not be. Now you have your answer to what is the true meaning of the legendary tattoo.

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I know you still have the liberty to believe what you want about the providence eye. For you, it may be about the beauty or the need to fit in a society that values tattoos. But that does not take away the original meaning intended for this symbol.

All the ancient cultures, that have been huge contributors to the evolution of the sign, have confirmed the religious meaning attached to the All Seeing Eye. So as much as the Illuminati and the elites try to sway you from knowing the truth you now have leverage against their rumors and fears.

If your wish has been to have this tattoo on you, go ahead and have but this time you will know the true meaning but not fall into the bandwagon half-truths.

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