60+ Mysterious Illuminati Tattoo Designs – Enlighten Yourself

The word “Illuminati” means enlightened in Latin and although the name has been used to describe many real and imagined secret societies, it commonly refers to the Bavarian Illuminati who were a clandestine group established in 1776.

They came together to rebel against the strict control of the church and government over people’s everyday lives and encouraged free thinking.

Today there are still people who believe that instead of being dissolved over time this group grew in numbers and gained a supreme hold over the world. Conspiracy theorists claim that the Illuminati, has many famous members, including presidents, celebrities and even religious figures.

There are organizations that claim to have a link to the original Bavarian Illuminati, although most of these cannot be authenticated.

The Illuminati are sometimes linked to Masonic practices and groups as well as Satanism although the latter is based on the belief by some conspiracy theorists that the Illuminati practice satanic worship.


Design Elements And Their Meanings

There are a multitude of symbols and images that are believed to be connected with this secret organization. The meanings also vary based on the belief system of the individual. Here we are looking at symbols and images that are often included in tattoo designs.

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The All Seeing Eye 

The singular eye is common to almost all Illuminati tattoos. It is believed as a most common symbol. The eye can be interrupted in a few ways as well; it can symbolize God or the Devil looking over the world or the secret society themselves watching over us and controlling our lives.

To some people, this eye may have a more literal meaning – such as “open your eyes to what is happening around you” or to represent that they consider themselves enlightened.

Triangle or Pyramid 

The All Seeing Eye is often placed inside or on top of a triangle or pyramid in tattoo designs (sometimes a thirteen step unfinished pyramid as seen on the dollar bill).

The triangle itself is a spiritual symbol used in both Christianity (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) and other religions. In ancient Hebrew, the number 3 was used to represent the spiritual realm.

Light Beams 

In tattoos, these light beams are represented by fine line work that radiates out from the eye and triangle – representing knowledge, power, and enlightenment.

Geometric Shapes  

In some tattoo designs, the eye and the triangle will be surrounded by other artwork and patterns, usually in geometric shapes or mandala designs.

Clocks or Compass

The clock or compass is used in Illuminati tattoos to symbolize the control and insight of God, the devil or the secret organization itself.

Time and direction are factors beyond our control and are used because there are people who believe that the Illuminati’s power is beyond the general population’s comprehension.

Pagan / Satanic Symbols 

As mentioned before, there are conspiracy theorists who believe that these organizations’ practice satanic rituals.

Thus you will sometimes see related images such as a goat’s head, snakes, the number 666 or pentagram used together in Illuminati tattoos. This may represent the individual’s beliefs.


Wise owls, sometimes with outstretched wings are a popular tattoo image. In Illuminati tattoos, they will often be seen holding the triangle or pyramid in their talons. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and insight.

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Placements of The Tattoo

Ambigram tattoos are usually placed on the outside of the forearm for best effect. Other images such as the All Seeing Eye and triangle or pyramid can work on any part of the body with most people choosing their back or chest or choosing to include these subjects into an arm or leg sleeve.

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The most extreme people prefer to wear the Illuminati symbol on the neck. All Illuminati tattoos are unisex; worn by both men and women. Usually, they are inked on that parts of the body which are easy to hide in order only special people could see it.

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Common Techniques

3D – The triangle is an excellent subject for 3D designs and the artist will often make it appear that there is depth in the shape or that the eye is “jumping” off the skin.

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Hyper-realistic – Hyper-realistic eyes are a popular subject and make striking tattoos that are sure to draw attention. Variations include eyes with tears and vivid blue or yellow coloring.

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Use of Color

The majority of these tattoo designs do not include color and are designed with fine line work in black and gray ink with shading. There are of course designs that do include color, especially in the eye, and these can look striking, especially if the artist has designed a hyper-realistic tattoo.

Of course, it is up to you how much or how little color you wish to have in your tattoo. The ambigram style lettering is almost always designed in bold black ink.

In short… 

So why would someone choose an Illuminati tattoo? They are popular not only among people who believe in the power of this secret organization, but also those who believe in non-conformity, rebelling against state power, anarchy, and ongoing enlightenment.

Other people choose these subjects because of their belief of a new world order where their lives are being controlled and monitored by this shadowy organization.

They may get these tattoos to show that they are aware of this and are against them. Others may choose it because they believe in the original Bavarian principals although this is rare.

So are those who are wearing these tattoos connected in some way with the Illuminati or are they really just admiring the meanings connected with these symbols? You decide!

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