55+ Energizing Chakra Tattoo Designs – Using Tattoos to Focus Your Energy Centers

A chakra tattoo is one of those that modern tattoo enthusiast will prefer to add to other body markings to give them a deeper meaning and symbolism. Instead of going for the traditional totems nowadays people prefer to have the chakras because of their spiritual and uplifting and fulfillment.

The seven primary chakras have been there for centuries, and people use them to focus on some attributes of the spirit, mind, and body. And this means that they are a perfect body marking for any individual that wants something beautiful and meaningful.


Origin of the Chakra Symbols

There are many theories and stories when it comes to the source of the chakra tattoo, and this is because of the conflicting accounts of the history of the seven main chakras.

However, there are a few chronicles that most people seem to agree on, and they are also what most historians will reference when writing about chakras.

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One of them indicates that the chakras originated from India in the period between 1500 and 500 BC. And this is according to some old Indian texts that are called the Vedas.

There is also evidence of their existence from this early period in other texts such as the Shandillya Upanishad and Yoga-Shikka Upanishad.

According to historians and Chakra scholar the knowledge on the chakras was not written and for many years the Aryan people would pass it down through their oral tradition until some new age authors gave the chakras some symbols and published them

The other account shows that the seven chakras originate from East Africa and more specifically in what is the present-day Tanzania. According to some scholars, Mount Meru in Tanzania is a sacred mountain that represents life’s journey from the bottom to the top.

This mountain also appears in Indian and Egyptian mythology, and this shows its significance when it comes to the chakras.

When the chakras got their symbols, the seven mains ones stood out and so people would draw them in their body for spiritual and physical energy and this tradition has been there for centuries.

The only thing that makes the modern day tattoos different is the fact that they have various colors and realistic images, and this makes them more attractive than the ancient ones.

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What Do These Tattoos Symbolize?

The meaning of your chakra tattoo will depend on which of the seven you have because each one of them has a distinct meaning and symbolism. However, you can also have all or just combine the ones that you want to bring out your particular meaning.

The Crown chakra is at the bottom of the seven, and its symbol is a lotus flower that has four petals, and this shows a strong foundation. And so if you have a tattoo with the Crown it will mean or symbolize material security, grounding and also get rid of any fears.

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The Sacral Chakra is also a lotus flower but you should draw it with six petals, and orange is its color. If you have the Sacral inked on your body this will mean that you want something that will relief tension, give you sexual creativity and augment your relationship.

Solar Plexus is the third chakra that you can have, and it is a yellow lotus flower with ten petals, and it will symbolize sensitivity, personal power, and clearing of anger. Heart chakra comes after Solar Plexus, and it can be in pink or a soft green shade.

The Heart chakra is a lotus with 12 petals and if you have it will symbolize harmony, love, protection, and connection.

The throat chakra is the fifth, and it is blue lotus with sixteen petals and just like the others, it is very symbolic. People will get the tattoo to represent ideal resolutions, proper judgment, and higher communication.

The sixth is Third Eye chakra and to draw it you should have an indigo lotus with two large petals on the sides. This chakra tattoo means insight, spiritual connectedness, clearing grief, and imagination.

And finally the seventh one is the Crown chakra, and it is very special because it is violet in color and it is a lotus with a thousand petals. Crown Chakra is a symbol of pure being, perception without any confines and divine connectedness.

When getting these tattoos, you can have all of them or a few that have the meaning that you want to portray and also adjust their appearance by using different colors.

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Design Ideas for Chakra Tattoos

Whereas some people will prefer to have the chakras as they are and in their original colors some tattoos enthusiast will spice them up a little bit. To do this, you can combine the chakra with other tattoo symbols to give it more meaning or draw it in an attractive style.

One of the most common designs entails having some wings on the sides of the chakras, and this not only makes them look extra cute but also adds a spiritual or religious element to the tattoo.

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Another favorite design entails drawing a colorful Cobra with the chakras within it. Both the Cobra and the seven chakras have a lot of significance in Indian societies and so having it will give your tattoo an element of spirituality.

3D tattooing also offers you another adorable variation to your tattoos, and the best thing about them is that they are modern, trendy and also realistic. If you have a skilled artist, then the 3D design will be perfect for you as it will make your symbols look fantastic.

There are also other variations that entail drawing the tattoos in a tribal pattern. Tribal tattoos will always look gorgeous, and they are also easy to create for most artists because they are quite common, and so they make perfect chakra symbols.

You can also add one or a few of the chakra symbols to other designs such as the All-Seeing Eye and the Infinity symbol.

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Best Places to Have Your Chakra Symbols

A tattoo is very personal, and so you can have it in any location that you wish but just like with other genres the chakras have specific places where they look fantastic.

The most common placement area is the back, and this is because it provides you with enough space to draw all seven in their ascending order. Legs and hands also make perfect placement areas for these totems, and this is also because of the availability of space.

Some people will also have some small symbols wrapping around the wrist to form a distinct design.

A chakra tattoo is not just an attractive image, but it also has spiritual and religious symbolism that makes it an excellent body marking.

And so if you want something that will not only look beautiful on you but also help you focus on the various energies of the mind then these tattoos are an excellent choice.

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