65+ Classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoos – A Way To Preserve the Magic

They have some of the most recognizable faces in the world and their fan base includes kids of all ages – we’re talking of course about the lovable Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been together a long time, almost 90 years, in fact, as they were first introduced by the famous Walt Disney in 1928.

These lovable mice characters have appeared in comics, movies, cartoons and on millions of items of merchandise since and their popularity has never waned. That’s not something you can say about many fictional cartoon figures!

Disney fans who are also tattoo fans love to combine their favorites into Disney tattoos and the most popular of these are the Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoos.


Tattoo Designs

Mickey Mouse 

Since his first appearance Mickey has always been drawn in much the same way. His distinguishing feature is, of course, his round head with two round ears on top (which stay the same no matter what profile he appears in).

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo 67
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo 66
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo 65

The silhouette of the ears and head are just as recognizable as Mickey himself and are used as the Official Disney Mascot. Mickey is even able to boast a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

His best friends include Goofy and Donald Duck and he has a dog named Pluto. He usually wears short white gloves and red clothing; most commonly a pair of red shorts.

Minnie Mouse 

Mickey’s girlfriend Minnie Mouse is a star in her own right. Her basic appearance is similar to Mickey’s and her dress style is very pretty and feminine.

She’s usually depicted in either a pink or red flapper dress (on occasion orange as well) with a matching bow between her ears. Her shoes are visually oversized high heel pumps that clatter as she walks.

Outlines and Silhouettes 

The outline of their profile (circle with two circles on either side) is a popular design for Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoos. Some clients will only want the simple outline but others may add a bow to the outline to represent Minnie or chose to have the outlines filled in to form silhouettes.


Mickey and Minnie are often inked together standing on their toes with their hands bashfully behind their backs leaning in and kissing each other either on the nose or lips.

Sometimes they will be placed in different areas of the body (e.g. one on either hand) so that they “kiss” when brought together.

With Text 

Phases from Disney movies like “Once Upon a Time” and words such as “Believe” are often seen together with Mickey and Minnie in classic cursive Disney fonts.

Gloved hands

Two white-gloved hands together forming a heart shape is a classic Mickey and Minnie mouse tattoo. One of the hands will sometimes have a pink or red bow attached.


An early rendering of Mickey and Minnie are sometimes used as subjects for classic and old-school style techniques. These tattoos are seen in black and white with shading which is very effective in portraying the traditional characters out of the 30’s and 40’s.

In old-school tattoos, the mice are depicted in limited colors with bold outlines. In these tattoos, Minnie is usually seen striking demure poses while Mickey’s poses are more active, often with arms outstretched.


The outline of the famous head and ear is now being filled with the intricate patterns of mandalas as these have become trendier in recent times. These are occasionally filled with colors but are mostly designed in black and white for better effect.


Because of the artistic origins of these figures, it can look quite striking to include watercolor tattoo elements into Mickey and Minnie tattoos.

This watercolor could be used as a backdrop to the characters or to fill in a bold outline. Smudged rainbow colors look particularly interesting like this.

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Meanings of Mouse Tattoo

Clients may choose to have a Mickey or Minnie Mouse tattoo simply because they love Disney and these two famous characters or because these lovable mice have specific meaning attached to them such as:

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  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo 63
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo 64

Fun-Loving and Outgoing

Cartoons are meant to be fun, to help entertain children and relieve tension for adults. They are a way for us to forget the real world for a while.

Mickey and Minnie are quite outgoing Disney figures always smiling and looking for adventure and some clients may identify with these features and in turn decide to include them in their tattoo designs.


Most children grew up watching cartoons and loving all things Disney so these tattoos definitely symbolize childhood and innocence. For girls, a Minnie Mouse tattoo may define their own personality – shy and demure.

True Love

Mickey and Minnie are a symbol of true love and romance to millions – they have been together for almost a century and are still going strong. When used together in tattoos they often carry this message.

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Placement Ideas

Couples occasionally choose Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs as couple’s tattoos. Often the man will get a picture or outline or Mickey and the woman will have Minnie. They are usually placed in the same area of the body for both people.

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo 59
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo 60
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo 61

Big Disney designs which incorporate Mickey and Minnie Mouse can look amazing, especially as full back pieces or arm and leg sleeves, however, most of these tattoos are usually small to medium.

This means they work well for first timers and they can be placed just about anywhere on the body. Tiny designs are often used on or behind the ears and on the fingers while medium size designs look great on the upper arms, thighs and shoulders.

Often when a client has both Mickey and Minnie they will have one opposite another – such one each ankle or one on each thigh.

In Short…

Females are more likely to choose Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoos simply because classic cartoon characters are not desirable masculine subjects. That is not to say that men cannot wear this design – they are unisex.

These tattoos are timeless, recognizable and carry wholesome meanings and memories which are what makes a tattoo special. Disney lovers wouldn’t feel complete without their own Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoo!

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