125+ Breathtaking Disney Tattoo Ideas – Staying in Touch with Your Childhood Fantasies

A Disney tattoo is one of those that will always remind you of your childhood. These tattoos are as breathtaking as it can get and so even if the animations from Walt Disney studios are not your thing they will still impress you.

There are also many options to choose from because in the last century or so there have been dozens of animation movies and series from Disney with hundreds of famous characters. And so if you are thinking of getting a unique body marking the Disney ones are an excellent choice.

Most people that grew up in the second half of the 20thst century love animations from Disney because it is what they would watch when growing up.

Although there were a couple of other studios in the world Disney was the industry leader and all the famous characters such as Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck was their creation.

Most kids that grew up watching these animations would often draw them in books to show their fascination with their favorite cartoon characters. And if you loved Mickey when growing up that feeling will probably not change despite the fact that you no longer watch him.

In these modern times, people will get tattoos that depict their favorite cartoons to show that they miss their childhood days or just to demonstrate that they still love these famous characters.


Symbolism and Meaning of These Tattoos

A Disney tattoo is just a cool image that reminds one of his childhood and all the fantasies about imaginary places and beings.

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And so most people will only have one without associating any deep meaning or symbolism to it as it is only meant to be a reminder of the cartoons that they used or still love watching.

These totems are better than having some scary images whose meaning you do not understand because you will hardly find any cartoon character that attracts negative perception.

For some people, their totems will hold a very symbolic meaning as it reminds them of someone special. It is common for parents to have a totem of their child’s favorite cartoon so that they can always feel their presence even after they grow up and move away from home.

For others, it can be a way to remember a child that passed on. A tattoo is a permanent marking, and so it is a very effective way of preserving memories. The symbolism or meaning of your Disney tattoo will also depend on the particular character that you have and their traits on the movie or series.

For example, Simba from the Lion King can be a symbol of perseverance and strength while having a totem of Bambi will symbolize survival or the ability to face anything and everything that life brings your way.

Ladies prefer to have tattoos of the different Disney princesses but each of them has an almost distinct character, and this is what determines what your totem will symbolize.

If you choose to have Cinderella, your symbol can mean that there is always light at the end of the tunnel despite all the hardships or that nobody or nothing can prevent you from fulfilling your destiny.

Snow White, on the other hand, is a symbol of self-preserving and resourcefulness because she overcomes many hurdles and threats to her life and ends up getting married to a mighty prince.

The story of Ariel, on the other hand, shows that one should not give up until he or she achieves what they want in life. In short, all the princesses’ stories symbolize different types of strengths and so drawing them on your body will also represent these positive attributes.

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Disney Tattoo Types

Few other body markings if at all any can give you as many options to choose from like the Disney tattoo. There are hundreds if not thousands of cartoon characters from Disney that you can draw and if you add on things like scenes and other things from the animations you have endless of options.

But, if you are looking for something that you can be confident that most people will understand or relate with you can try one of the following famous characters.

The Lion King

Everybody loves The Lion King and even if you are not a fun of animations you have probably watched it because the storyline is fantastic. The characters in this movie make perfect tattoos, and you can draw anything from Simba who is the most famous to the not so good Scar.

And if you are a real tattoo lover you can even have a sleeve themed on Lion King or have the characters as a full back tattoo.

Mickey and Minnie

Mickey Mouse is one of the most famous and oldest animations from Disney, and it has been running for several decades now. Just like with Lion King, most people love Mickey Mouse, and you will hardly find anyone that has never watched it.

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You can have his full body image as your tattoo or just the head with distinctive large ears. Some tattoo enthusiasts especially those that have a special someone in their life will have both Mickey and Minnie to symbolize that they are in love.

In most cases, people draw them on the wrist with each on a separate hand and in a kissing motion so that they look like they are kissing when you bring the hands together.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan and all his adventures are the real relics of childhood, and there is no better way to show this than having his tattoo. His image is very distinct with the sharp shoes and a unique hat, and so most artists will not have a hard time drawing.

You can also draw him in numerous ways whether he is flying away or standing in one of his great postures. If Peter Pan does not work for you, there is still the option of drawing Tinkerbelle the fairy from the same series working her magic or sprinkling some pixie dust.

101 Dalmatian

The spotted dogs and puppies from 101 Dalmatian are just too cute to resist, and so you will probably not be able to say no to their tattoo. And the best thing about having the white puppies with black dots as your tattoo is that they can also show your love for animals.

Their prints are unique, and this alone should be enough reason to convince you to have a couple of the cute puppies as your Disney tattoo.

Winnie the Pooh

The story of Winnie the Pooh bear is also a classic from Disney that has been around for many years. There are several characters in the series with Winnie the lovable bear being the main one. Although most people love to draw her, there are still other options such as the donkey (Eeyore).

Eeyore is very pessimist and always seems to be in a bad mood, and this makes it a perfect totem for a realist or someone that believes he is one.

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Piglet, another character from the series also makes an excellent tattoo, and he represents timidity and meekness, and this makes him ideal for a reserved and cautious personality.

And just like with Lion King you can also have all these characters inked on your body to show your love for the show or just to portray the personality of the different characters.

The Little Mermaid

You probably know by now that mermaids are just mythical creatures, but this was not always the case in your childhood. Little kids love mermaids, and they believe that they exist somewhere in a magical land deep in the ocean.

They may not exist in real life, but they make amazing body art as they are always beautiful. You can have a colorful image of Ariel the mermaid on your upper arm or have a cute one in 3D swimming in the ocean.


There are many princess stories from Disney, and they make up some of the most famous animations because kids just love them. These female personalities are also a symbol of hope and strength, and this means that their tattoos will be very symbolic.

You can have Jasmine, Ariel, Rapunzel, Snow White and many others or even combine several of them to create a breathtaking and stunning body art.

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Placement Ideas

A Disney tattoo is just like any other type of body art, and so you can have it anywhere you feel comfortable or where you think it will be symbolic. However, you should never overlook the type and size of the totem when choosing a placement area.

Most people prefer to have theirs in a place where they can show them off easily such as the wrist, lower leg or on the lower arm, but these locations are only suitable for small ones.

Large totems that feature numerous Disney characters will look best on the back, rib cage, thigh, chest or as a full sleeve tattoo. And if you are one of those that like to draw theirs in unique places, behind the ear, knuckles and on the belly button will work for you excellently.

In Short…

You only get to be a child once and as much as you would love to relive your childhood days you cannot turn back the hands of time. But, growing up does not mean that you should forget all the things that you use to love doing such as watching Disney animations.

And so to ensure that the memories stay with you forever, a Disney tattoo is an excellent idea. You only need to choose one or a few characters from your popular series or movies and have a professional artist draw their image anywhere you want.

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