40 Flirting Monroe Piercing Ideas – Getting It Right

Monroe piercings are a popular form of body modification which involves piercing the upper lip slightly off-center and above the lip on the left hand side. The Monroe piercing is so named because it is meant to resemble the famous beauty mark of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.

The piercing usually utilizes a size 14 through 18 gauge laborite and requires between 6 and 12 weeks to heal. Monroe piercings are also known as Angel Bites, a Beezy piercing, Anti Bites, or a Crayfish.


Risks of Monroe Piercings

The area of the lip where the hole is made typically heals quicker than a lot of other piercings and has minimal to no scarring if it is properly cared for. Shortly after the piercing is done there may be some swelling and the area needs both oral and facial care.

This type of piercing is one of the more painful piercings as there are several nerve endings in the area of the piercing and the pain can vary depending on how developed the muscles around the mouth are.

Receding gums and damaged tooth enamel can result from the back disk of the jewelry worn after the modification rubbing against gums and teeth.

It is of utmost important to clean the area around the piercing properly as failure to keep the piercing clean, especially shortly after the piercing is first done, can lead to infection and scarring.

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Cleaning the Piercing

Cleaning the area around the piercing is vital to stave off infection and to reduce scarring. Prior to getting the piercing done, it is suggested that the customer cleans out their mouth and rinses with a mouthwash to kill any bacteria which may be in the mouth.

After being pierced, it is equally important to clean the area regularly. When cleaning the piercing it is advisable to first thoroughly wash the hands and then get a cotton ball and some salt water.

Dip the cotton ball in the salt water and swab the area of the piercing while rotating the jewelry to be sure that all areas of both the pierced area and the jewelry are cleaned.

The piercing can also be cleaned using antibacterial soap and warm water. When drying the piercing after cleaning use a clean towel or tissue. There are also products which are meant to be used specifically for cleaning piercings.

One is Dr. Piercing’s Aftercare Swabs which are meant to be used two times a day for the first week after the piercing and once a day for the next three weeks. After a month it is normally safe to switch to the usual cleaning methods.

Piercing Aftercare Spray is also recommended shortly after getting any piercing. This spray uses elements found in sea water and coral reefs and not only washes away secretions around the new piercing but also increases circulation and natural healing in the mouth.

This spray is meant to be used every two to three hours for the first few days after being pierced. If all of these tips and tricks are used, especially immediately following the procedure, there is a very minimal risk of scarring or infection.

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Picking a Piercer

A key consideration before getting any piercing, including a Monroe piercing, is choosing the right place to have it done. Professional piercers are forced to live up to high standards of cleanliness and professionalism.

Ask some friends or do some research online to find the most highly recommended piercers in your area.

While this is not exactly complicated surgery, there is a greater risk of infection if you choose the wrong piercer or rely on a friend with a needle.

For this reason, it is also advisable to choose a parlor that has been around for a while rather than one that just opened and may not have been held up to much scrutiny and has not yet acquired a clientele or a reputation for being clean and professional.

Although getting a piercing is a relatively safe and easy procedure, it is important to have an experienced piercer who knows how to deal with bleeding or any complications that may arise.

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The Procedure

When arriving at the parlor for a piercing the customer will first be asked to rinse out their mouth with an antibacterial rinse to sterilize the inside of the mouth where the piercing will take place.

The outside of the lip is then sterilized with a cotton swab and alcohol to remove any bacteria that may be on the outside of the skin. The piercer then marks the spot above the lip where the piercing will be.

Next, a clamp is placed on the lip and the piercer sticks a hollow needle through the lip followed by a barbell or labret. As there are a lot of nerve endings and muscles in the area bleeding is common but the piercer should be experienced and knowledgeable enough to know how to stop it quickly.

Getting this type of piercing typically costs between 25 and 80 dollars and is a quick and relatively simple procedure.

Monroe piercings are a simple and easy way to look more glamorous or edgy depending on how it is worn. There is a wide range of jewelry that can be worn following the piercings, typically 14, 16, or 18 gauge labrets.

The jewelry can cost anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on the material. Plastic and acrylic pieces tend to be easier on the teeth and gums as they cause less damage than metal pieces when they rub up against the inside of the mouth.

There are a variety of reasons for getting a Monroe piercing, some people want to accentuate their smile by adding a piece of jewelry, some want to pay tribute to the famous actress, and some truly enjoy piercings and have found yet another way to modify their look.

Whatever reason you choose to get a Monroe piercing it is important to have as much information in front of you as possible before heading out to the piercer.

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