60+ Smoking Hot Weed Tattoo Ideas – Are You Ready To Support The Cause?

Weed tattoo isn’t a new thing. People from all over the world have been using the cannabis plant for medicinal and recreational purposes for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used it to treat hemorrhoids and the Greeks used it to treat bleeding.

Today it is still one of the world’s most widely used drugs. When it comes to weed you’re either a supporter or you’re not. In most countries, the plant is illegal and is classed as dangerous, however, it’s medicinal and even healing properties can’t be easily dismissed.

It has been proven to aid with anxiety, nausea, chronic pain and even diseases such as Depression and Glaucoma. In some states in America people can obtain a script for medical marijuana from their doctor if they suffer from certain conditions.

But supporters believe this isn’t good enough and they continue to advocate for weed to be legalized. These people continue to smoke or eat the plant despite it being illegal.

There is a whole subset culture of weed lovers and they are usually not afraid to flaunt their beliefs by wearing clothes with weed related pictures and messages and even getting weed tattoos! Although not all of them use the plant they all support the cause.


The Meaning Behind Weed Designs

These are a few of the meanings frequently attached to these tattoos:

Free Thinking – A marijuana themed tattoo could be associated with a person’s desire to reject generally accepted societal norms. The plant is used as a symbol of free thinking and could be used as a reminder to think for oneself.

Freedom – To many people, the weed plant, and smoking paraphernalia is a symbol of freedom. The freedom to live their lives in whatever way they see fit and make their own decisions. Getting this type of tattoo might be a reminder to continue to strive for that freedom.

Peace, Love, and Hope- In the 60’s the anti-war movement was spurred on by hippies who promoted peace. They often used weed to feel euphoric and peaceful.

Support- There are those who choose to get a tattoo like this to demonstrate their serious commitment to the cause. They, or someone they love, may have used the plant to help them and they wish to demonstrate their belief in it.

They may want to show the world that they support its legalization and that they are proud of that.

Religion – Along with the colors red, yellow, and green and the lion, the weed leaf could also be used as a spiritual tattoo to symbolize the Rastafarian faith. People from this religion believe that smoking weed or “Ganga” is the way to have a direct experience of God.

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Marijuana-Themed Tattoo Designs

420 – The 4th of April has been claimed as National Weed Day. 420 is also a code that smokers use to refer to smoking weed, especially around 4:30PM. Getting a 420 tattoo is almost always a nod to the weed lifestyle.

Leaf – The most popular marijuana tattoo is definitely the instantly recognizable leaf, although this is not actually the part of the plant that is smoked. These designs could have one or many leaves included. A trendy design is the leaf-shaped to look like the hand sign for peace.

Script – Apart from 420 there are also many other slogans or text that could be worked into a weed tattoo design. These include “Mary Jane”, “Love Weed”, “One Love”, “Spliff Life” or “High Life”. As with all script, tattoos make certain you always triple check your spelling – it’s forever!

Bob Marley – Many people believe that this famous musician was one of the greatest artists and weed promoters that ever lived. He spoke out about the positive effects and believed weed was much safer than alcohol – which is legal.

Tattoos of Bob Marley are often large, detailed and quite realistic.

Plant or buds – While some clients prefer the simple leaf others may choose to have a plant or bud tattoo instead. These can look quite striking in bold colors and when designed to be highly realistic.

Smoking paraphernalia – To have an effect weed must be heated and hence it is often smoked. Users may include subjects like pipes, joints, and bongs into their marijuana-themed tattoos.

Chemical structure – Weed enthusiasts definitely aren’t stupid and are often successful and educated individuals. A more unusual tattoo is the design with the chemical structure of Tetrahydrocannabinol (cannabis). This is a subtle tattoo – not as obvious as the leaf designs.

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Where to Place a Weed Tattoo

This type of tattoo can work well as a tiny design, especially the leaf which looks fantastic anywhere on the body. Clients commonly enjoy inking small weed leaves on their fingers and behind their ears.

Large tattoos – especially portraits and hyper-realistic tattoos look better on the back, chest, upper arm or thigh. A marijuana themed arm or leg sleeve is a daring design – reserved for die-hard fans!

When getting a tattoo like this you need to understand that not everyone will agree with your opinions about the plant and may even be prejudiced against you if they see such a tattoo. Keep this in mind when choosing your placement, especially if you work in a conservative or corporate environment.

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Colors Themes For Cannabis Tattoos

The most commonly requested color for this type of tattoo is green or plain black. However, different designs may incorporate the Rastafarian colors red, yellow and green or bright, vivid psychedelic colors – often associated with the hippy lifestyle.

In short…

Getting a tattoo is a decision that should never be taken lightly and this applies, even more, when you are considering a tattoo that is controversial. It should go without saying that you should never make decisions like this when you are under the influence of anything!

If you are able to accept that people may look down on you because of your belief, then go ahead and choose the weed tattoo that you love.

It is definitely not illegal to have a weed tattoo now, is it? Getting a tattoo like this is brave and shows a person who is not afraid to voice their opinions and beliefs. You have the freedom to choose – it’s your body and mind!


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