25 Graphic Barcode Tattoo Meanings – Placement Ideas (2020)

 barcode tattoos

The idea of increasing efficiency and worker productivity was born in the early 1950’s and one of the methods devised to achieve this was the use of barcodes. Barcodes is simply a system of inventory control that uses an optical scanner to read a series of vertical lines drawn or printed on a product.

The series of vertical lines on a product used in the bar-coding system are the idea behind the barcode tattoos. Over the years, this tattoos have gained significant popularity, and you are now more likely to see a person a barcode as part of his or her tattoos.

 barcode tattoos

Different people get these types of tattoos for different purposes, and so they hold varying meanings.

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 barcode tattoos

 barcode tattoos

The most common meaning associated with these tattoos is individuality. As the human population continues to grow at an alarming rate it is now very difficult for a person to be noticed as an individual.

With all the technological advancement and progress in the society, it is very difficult to be identified as an individual, and so some people will use this tattoos to represent their individuality.

Just like a barcode is associated with an individual product so will this tattoo be associated with the particular person who has it.

This tattoo is also sometimes meant to be ironical. The tattoos can be used to warn people that if we are not careful as a species we risk becoming a product ourselves.

Nowadays it’s all about products and making money and so there is a feeling that humanity is losing the essential traits and characteristics that make him human. A barcode can also be used a sign of protest against a culture where everyone wears the same clothes or listens to the same music.

In this case, the tattoo is meant to help one stand out from the rest.

 barcode tattoos

 barcode tattoos

The barcode is also often used to symbolize protest against corporate manufacturers and corporate greed. This group of people feels that this tattoo protests against the big corporate of the world that are only concerned with making money and care little about the humans that they market their products to. Other people will get these tattoos as a statement of art and for those who understand the tattoo it has all the characteristics of a quality work of art.

Placement Ideas

With barcodes, there are no restrictions as to where you can place them as you can draw yours anywhere you like especially given the fact that some are temporary. However, the following locations are the most common places to have these tattoos.

 barcode tattoos

 barcode tattoos

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 barcode tattoos

  • Back of the Neck:

This is the most common place that people prefer to have their barcodes. In fact, most tattoo artists will recommend the back of the neck when you ask them for a barcode tattoo placement idea.

  • Wrist:

The wrist can make a good placement area for your barcode especially if you want a smaller tattoo. What makes the wrist an ideal place to have your tattoo is its shape. With a good artist, you can have a barcode that fits perfects on your wrist. The wrist also ensures maximum visibility for your tattoo.

  • The Back:

If you are thinking of getting a huge barcode tattoo then the back would form a perfect placement area. Most people believe that barcodes only look good when drawn as small tattoos, but this is not necessarily true. You can also have a mammoth barcode on your back, and it will still look great.

 barcode tattoos

 barcode tattoos

  • Palm:

Most people do not like experimenting with palm tattoos, but this is not to say that they are not beautiful. With a barcode on your palm, you can hide or show it any time you wish with little effort. However, palm tattoos are a little bit tricky, and so they should be done by a skilled artist.

  • Forehead:

As weird as it might sound the forehead is one of the most common places to draw barcodes. However, before having your on the forehead make sure that you are entirely sure that you want to have it there as this decision will not be reversible.

 barcode tattoos

 barcode tattoos

 barcode tattoos

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Types of barcode tattoos

This is an innovative design and style for this tattoos, and it includes the birth date of the individual, a loved one, a child or anyone else important in the person’s life. Different combinations can be used for example 2-12-1980 depending on personal preference and the style of the tattoo artist.

  • Zip Code Symbol:

The Zip code tattoo is a unique design, and one can use any number special to them on their tattoo. Unlike the birth date tattoo, the Zip Code one does not restrict you to any format since you can have the numbers drawn in any way that makes sense to you.

The popularity of this tattoo has been on the rise in the past few years, and it is probably one of the most if not the most widespread barcode symbol.

 barcode tattoos

 barcode tattoos

 barcode tattoos

  • Rainbow barcode:

If you have a thing for colorful tattoos then the rainbow barcode is exactly what you should consider getting. This tattoo combines many colors, and you can have as many colors as you wish, but a good idea would be to have the rainbow colors.

Besides from looking colorful this tattoo is also very fashionable and trendy.

  • Descriptive barcode:

Just like the name suggests this tattoo describes a particular person or a product in one word. This tattoo is a way of identifying one’s individuality or something that they value in life. Besides from this the one word can also be used as a code or to symbolize a secret message.

 barcode tattoos

 barcode tattoos

 barcode tattoos

  • UPC barcode:

This is the standard barcode used for different types of items except books and movie CDs. Just like the actual barcode this tattoo consists of 12 digits and it can be scanned and identified with any product that uses the UPC barcode.

  • Mark of the Beast:

This symbolizes the devil as taken from the Book of Revelation in the Bible. However, regardless of what it represents it is very popular.

People have the barcode on their head and also get “666” written below it. For most people, this is just for fun, and so it does not symbolize their devotion to the devil or anything close to that.

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