70+ Dashing Deadpool Tattoo Designs – Redefining Deadpool with Ink

A Deadpool tattoo is one of those images that anyone looking at it will want to have a second glance because it is unique and it also depicts a fascinating character. Comic book lovers have been reading about him for many years, but it is only in February 2016 that he got a movie.

However, even before he was on the big screen he was still a huge fascination and whether you loved him or not it was hard to say no to his image. Drawing of comic heroes and villains as part of body art has been around for many years.

However, it is accurate to say that the popularity of these totems increased tremendously in the latter half of the 20th century when comics were very popular not only with kids but people of different ages.

With these types of tattoos, it is almost impossible to know when people first inked them, and so you can only try to estimate.

The character of Deadpool made the first appearance in a comic in 1991, and so one can be confident that people were drawing his image as early as the 90’s although he was not as popular as he is today.

The advancements in tattooing technology witnessed in the last couple of decades can also be credited with the increase in popularity of the Deadpool tattoo because one can now draw him in limitless ways.


What Does this Tattoo Mean?

Comic character tattoos are just for fun, and most people will only have them because they love what it depicts. However, what most do not know is that each character’s image will have various meanings, and this will mostly come from how he behaves in the comic or movie.

Personality and other traits can also influence what your villain or superhero tattoo will mean and so it is important to understand all this before getting inked.

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Deadpool is an unpredictable person, and this has always been so ever since he came into the scene in the 90’s. In fact, he is so unpredictable that there has always been a debate on whether he is a hero, anti-hero or villain.

And so this means that having his image anywhere on your body can also symbolize that you are an unpredictable person, or you just believe that nobody can predict your next cause of action.

He is also mentally unstable as a result of the experiments he went through and so this fact can also give some meaning to your tattoo.

Although no one would want to symbolize that he or she is mentally unstable having this tattoo can show that you have some mental struggles that you are trying to overcome.

The primary power that Deadpool possess is the ability to heal very fast by regenerating his dead tissues at a rate that is quicker than any other living thing.

And so having a Deadpool tattoo can also symbolize resilience or the ability to overcome any difficult situation in life quickly and also come out stronger than you were before. It can also mean that you are a conqueror because no amount of pain or injury can be able to bring you down.

Other common meanings that one can associate with this tattoo include strength, healing, and love of comics.

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Design Variations

The current level of creativity when it comes to tattooing is awe-inspiring, and it means that you can draw any tattoo in endless ways.

And so you can have a comic character like Deadpool in many designs and the creativity and skills of your artist are probably the only things that may restrict you. However, just like with all other tattoo designs there are a few variations that most people seem to prefer.

The following five are some of these tattoo designs.

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Deadpool Logo 

Some people will always prefer keeping things simple when it comes to tattooing, but this does not mean that they cannot have a stylish and meaningful body marking.

For the Deadpool totem, the simplest design variation entails drawing his logo which is just the round red head with two large black eyes. It is a very straightforward tattoo design but just like with any other type you can still spice it up to make it look impressive.

3D Designs

A photorealistic representation of this famous anti-hero is also very common with modern tattoo enthusiasts. Having him in 3D can give one a very appealing body marking, and this is more so if the artist is very skilled and experienced.

You can have a 3D image of the popular character from the comic or the real human image from the movie.

Deadpool in Action

Modern day tattoos give you the opportunity to incorporate some action into your body marking. The tattoo artists of the 21st century are very skilled, and they use advanced machines that give them the ability to draw anything that you want.

It is very common to see people with a Deadpool tattoo that depicts him in action, and he can either be wielding swords or a gun. This design is perfect for his die hard fans because it enables them to see him in action anytime they feel like it.

Comic Deadpool

The comic depiction of Deadpool in a tattoo is fascinating, and it is the type of tattoo design that will always start a conversation anywhere you go. This design entails drawing a page or a small part of it with the speech bubbles and replacing the words with something exciting or naughty.

Baby Deadpool

It is very rare for any comic book to depict this character as a baby, but this does not stop people from imagining how he would look like as a toddler. And so this is the reason why it is very common to see a design variation that entails drawing him as a baby.

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Placement Ideas

Placement area for your Deadpool tattoo is a matter of personal choice, and it will also depend on the design and size of the image that you want to draw. If it is a huge totem, the back will be the best place to have it, but it can also make an excellent sleeve or leg tattoo.

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You can also have some medium size ones on the upper arm or thigh for ladies. And just like with any other body marking, the small ones will look best on the ankle, wrist, at the back of the hand or even on the fingers.

In short…

If you are a comic lover or just love Deadpool then having his tattoo is an excellent idea. It also has several meanings, and so it will not just be a cool image. However, you should choose a good design and also use a skilled artist to draw it so that it can depict the actual character in detail.

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