45 Appealing Wedding Tattoo Designs – The True Testimony of Love

Wedding tattoos are a symbol of loyalty and love, and they are one of the oldest types of tattoo. They range from simple things such as a symbol or letter representing your better half names to other more elaborate designs.

For most couples, the wedding totem that they choose to have does not matter much because the meaning and the reason for having it is the most important thing. However, these tattoos are a commitment that you will spend the rest of your life with someone.

And so it is always advisable to think before you get one because it will be a permanent reminder of a particular person, unlike other body markings.


History of Wedding Symbolism

People have been using body art to show their love and commitment to others for centuries. In fact, these tattoo types are some of the oldest forms of body art.

In some early civilizations, there were no rings to indicate that two people were married, and so body markings are what most of these societies would use.

Although there were various body markings in these cultures, there were some specific ones that a couple would get at their wedding as a sign of their union.

Some of these practices are still there in some cultures such as the Hindu where married ladies wear a bright red dot on their forehead to show that they are married.

In these early societies and cultures the wedding totems or body markings were all the same for different couples and so for most, it was just preserving tradition and culture, and there was nothing special about them.

However, over the years these tattoos have evolved tremendously and nowadays each couple will have something special that will always remind them of their union. The modern designs of these tattoos are quite elaborate, and one can rightfully credit their origin to celebrity couples.

Many married celebrity couples and those in the dating phase have matching tattoos and so it has become the norm for most people to get inked once they get married.

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Meaning of Wedding Totems

Wedding tattoos can mean anything that the couple agrees on. However, the union between the two people is the most common symbolism that people will associate with this tattoo.

A tattoo being a permanent body marking symbolizes your better half, and shows that you will be together forever. A wedding or marriage is what affirms this relationship.

These tattoos are also a symbol of love because marriage is the union that shows that two people are in love and wish to spend the rest of their lives together.

These tattoos also mean infinity and commitment. When you take the marriage vows one of the things that you promise is that the two of you will spend your entire life together.

Although this does not always happen, the tattoos can also mean that the union will last forever, and this is the reason why some couples will have matching infinity symbols. It is not easy to decide to get inked the name of a person or something that represents him or her.

And so this means that you are committed to that person and so your tattoo will always be a reminder of this and also your vows to love and to be faithful to your partner.

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Wedding Tattoo Ideas

There are limitless options to choose from when it comes to wedding symbols. The only thing that may restrict you is your innovativeness, but this should also not be a problem because a simple online search will give you more than enough ideas.

However, whatever you choose should work for both of you and so consultation is essential. It is also important to make sure that the tattoo has some symbolism or means something to you or your union.

The wedding ring is one of the most common types of wedding tattoos. Most couples love it because it is a simple image that they can have on their finger or anywhere else, and it is very symbolic despite its simplicity.

You can have a simple ring design with two lines with some beautiful patterns or color in between or other more elaborate or complicated designs. Some inventive ring tattoos will also entail drawing half of the circle and then your partner having the other half.

There are also other designs that have sugar skulls and some beautiful tribal patterns.

Other popular tattoos in this genre will entail having the first letter of your partner’s name on your finger or the full name also on the fingers or the wrist depending on the size that you want.

The infinity sign is also another common tattoo for married people, and most will prefer to have it as a small image on the finger.

Another inventive design entails the man drawing the Kings of heart and the woman having a Queen of hearts to symbolize their different roles in the union.

The options are endless because you can also have other things such as Mickey and Minnie, matching anchors, a small phrase such as “till death”, key and locket and many others.

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Best Placement Areas

Wedding tattoos have no restrictions when it comes to placement area, and you can have them in any place that you wish or where you agree with your partner. However, certain types such as the ring tattoo are ideal to have on the fingers.

However, there is no restriction to the finger that you should have it because this will depend on the tattoo design and also what message you want it to portray.

The wrist is also a good place to have a letter or the name of your better half because you will always see it and hence remind yourself of your commitment.

Some couples will also prefer to have some matching hearts or the locks and key tattoos on the chest next to their heart to show that you have a person that is very dear to you.

The back of the shoulders is also a perfect placement area for these tattoos but for most people only the woman will have it here while the man has his on the chest.

Other couples will also prefer to have theirs at the nape of the neck whiles the ankles or the lower back are the perfect placement areas for others.

There is no better way to show a person that you are committed to spending the rest of your life with them than having some matching wedding tattoos.

And the good thing is that the options are endless when it comes to choosing a design, and you can also place them in almost any part of the body that you want.

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