40 Dashing Dimple Piercing Ideas – Sensual and Sexy Looks

You may have never heard of a dimple piercing before and you may be wondering exactly what this is? A dimple piercing is a perforation through (or into) the skin made with the purpose of inserting jewelry to imitate or enhance dimples. Dimples are considered very sexy, especially amongst women.

Dimple piercings mostly refer to the cheek, but there is also a variation where the skin of the lower back is pierced (known as a Venus piercing). These are usually done in pairs with one on either side.

Body and facial piercing has been around for centuries. It’s been used by many cultures, often as a right of passage to show that someone is brave or courageous or deserving of their social status.

In the neo-punk era following the 1970’s more and more types of piercings have been created and have become mainstream. Cheek and lower back piercings fall into this contemporary group.

These piercings can be done with one of two techniques – either a regular piercing with holes on either side or as a micro-dermal implant (one hole piercing). The benefits of a micro-dermal are that it is less likely to become infected and it’s more comfortable to wear because there is no jewelry inside the mouth.

The downsides are that this method is more likely to leave a scar (although some people don’t mind) and it cannot be removed easily – most times it will require the help of your artist.


Cheek Piercing

Cheek dimples are usually done in pairs with one in either cheek. Your artist will pierce the skin with a 14G hollow needle before inserting the starter jewelry. Beforehand they will carefully measure and mark the area, making sure to get it as symmetrical as possible.

The jewelry that is used is mostly barbells – quite long to begin with to account for swelling. These can be changed for shorter jewelry later once it has healed.

Changing the jewelry the first time needs to be done by your artist and it’s a good idea to get a shorter barbell as it will prevent accidental biting on the metal.

Sometimes a flat backed stud is used, which is more comfortable, but there is a risk that the tissue can grow over the flat surface inside the cheek – making it very difficult to remove.

So how painful is it? Well, many say that it feels like a hard pinch, but the good news is that by the time they do the second one your body has already released natural painkilling enzymes so it will be less painful.

The healing will be a bit sore – especially the first few weeks as there is a lot of movement in this area with talking and eating etc.

Cheek piercings will take from about six months up to a year to heal completely. During that time you need to clean the area religiously as it can get infected if not looked after. Be sure not to drink alcohol or use an alcohol-based mouthwash during this time and be careful when eating or drinking.

If you opt for a micro-dermal implant it will heal in a slighter shorter time – usually around four months.

This type of cheek perforation can leave scars, but some people (especially those without natural dimples) don’t see this as a downside because the scars look like dimples and are not disfiguring at all. Variations on the cheek piercing include the one-sided piercing.

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Lower Back Piercing

Like with the cheeks, back dimple piercing starts with the artist carefully measuring the best spot for the back dimples. They will then stretch the skin using a clamp and push the needle through before inserting the jewelry. Once healed most girls like to insert colorful jewelry with a diamante or sparkling finish.

This type of piercing looks awesome with low rise jeans and short tops, or with bikinis.

How painful this piercing is depends very much on your own pain threshold and sensitivity. This is a part of the body rich with nerve ends coming from the spinal cord so expect to feel a stinging sensation at the puncture site.

This type of piercing can be healed in as little as six weeks, but could take up to four months, depending from person to person. Because of the unusual location of this piercing, it is at a high risk of infection so be sure to clean it daily and check it with a mirror.

If you are unhappy with something doing the healing process speak to your artist. Also be careful not to catch it on your clothing or wear clothing too tight over the site.

A variation on the back piercing is a double back dimple piercing where two piercings are placed on either side of the lower back – either next to or on top of each other.

In Short…

If you have back or cheek dimples and want to accentuate them, then this kind of body art could look great on you. And if you don’t have natural dimples – this is a gorgeous way to get them!

Not only will the jewelry mimic dimples but if you wear them in your cheeks and decide to take them out you will be left with scars that look exactly like dimples.

You should never get a piercing on a whim or get a piercing that is going to make daily life difficult for you. That’s why you should always do research and speak to your artist beforehand to make sure you know all the pros and cons before you begin.

Knowing what to expect will definitely make the process a lot easier.

Remember that after the piercing comes the most important part – healing. If you want to be able to wear fashionable jewelry, then the area will need to be completely healed first.

Make sure to follow the artist’s instructions and use products that they recommend. Remember, you should never play with new piercings or turn the jewelry.

This type of body art is very attractive and will add a lot of character to a girls look. If you are interested in these and think they are just what you need then talk to your artist about dimple piercings.

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