85+ Rousing Family Tattoo Ideas – Using Art to Honor Your Loved Ones

A family tattoo is one of the best ways to honor and show the people close to you what they mean to you. This type of totem is all about your family and so you can draw anything that you want or what you think best represents your family.

The family is the most important thing in many people’s life, and the deep love you feel for them is the fuel that keeps you running and the reason why you work hard to succeed.

And so with a tattoo that reminds you of these special people, you will always have something to encourage you to keep pushing one despite all the challenges and hurdles that life might bring your way.

These tattoos are not a new concept, and it is accurate to say that humankind has been drawing them for almost as long as he has been intelligent.

Most of the earliest cave paintings are a representation of communities and families, and this shows that this bond has existed for almost as long as humanity. In some ancient societies, body markings were one way of identifying people from individual communities and clans.

This practice is still there in some Amazon jungle tribes and also in some communities in Africa. Although the modern day tattoos are very different from what people would have in the ancient times, they still draw their inspiration from the early totems.

And so it is accurate to say that the culture of painting family emblems has been evolving for thousands of years.


Family Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

Although tattoos can mean anything that the wearer wants the meaning and symbolism behind a family tattoo is very specific. For most people, having this totem is a way to honor the people that matter most in your life or are very close to your heart.

The tattoos are also a sign of love for a spouse, child or parents. Some people will also have them to show their love for a friend that they consider to be as close as their biological family.

With these totems, you also have a permanent reminder and memory of your loved ones, and so you will always keep them in mind regardless of where you are.

These body markings can also be for remembering someone that passed on. Most people will have a tattoo of their family member that died.

Although this may also mean that they will love them forever, some will use it to ensure that they will never forget them or to show others that they are still mourning their loss. These tattoos can also be a sign of devotion to someone such as a spouse.

A tattoo is a permanent body marking and so having one that represents someone is a sign that you are devoted to them, and you are committed to being with them for eternity.

Some totems will also aim at telling the history of a person and where he or she comes from, and the family tree is a perfect example of this.

The family tree can also be a sign of respect and homage to the ancestors. Some family totems will also have religious or cultural symbols, and so people will use them to show their ethnic heritage and religious belief.

A good example of this is those that include the flag of one’s native country or cross which is one of the most common religious symbols.

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Design Ideas

A family tattoo is very personal, and so you can have anything that you feel represents your loved ones. To others, it might not look like a family body marking, but this does not matter provided you as the wearer knows what is symbolizes and like how it looks.

However, just like all other types of body art, some designs are loved more than others, and the following are some of them.

  • Family Tattoo 80
  • Family Tattoo 81

Family Phrase/Quote

Phrases and quotes are very common tattoos, and this is because they enable one to express their feeling in a few words. A phrase is an excellent choice for your family totem because you can express what you feel about those close to you.

You can have anything from a simple “I Will Love You Forever” to longer and personalized phrases.


Names are another favorite type of family body marking, and people will draw it in different designs to honor the special people in their life. Whereas some will want to write the names of their family members, others are comfortable with a simple “Dad” or “Mom.

” It is also common for people to add a date below the name and it can be the day that the family member was born or when they passed on.

Images of Loved Ones

If you are ready to withstand some extra pain to honor your family you can get their image inked on your body. This tattoo is very beautiful, and this is more so if your artist can capture the exact image that you want, or you draw it in 3D.

Family Tree

An intricate and detailed image of a family tree is also an excellent choice when it comes to this genre of body art. It is also very symbolic, and you can use it to represent as many people as you want by giving the tree many branches.

  • Family Tattoo 76
  • Family Tattoo 77
  • Family Tattoo 78

There are still many other options to choose from, and they include things like hearts, roses, the infinity sign and also a key and locket.

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Best Placement Areas

The best place to have your family totem is somewhere that you can see it when you want. The wrist, leg, lower arm and even chest are perfect for this as you will not have to strain or use a mirror to view the image.

However, some people will be more concerned with how the totem looks and its size than being able to see it. If you are in this category that values the appearance of the symbol over anything else then the back, upper arm, rib cage and the ankle will also be perfect placement locations.

  • Family Tattoo 83
  • Family Tattoo 84

In Short…

You will meet many people in life, but none can ever replace your family. Your family is the reason why you are who you are, and so you should always honor and love them.

There is no better way of doing this than having a beautiful and symbolic family tattoo inked somewhere on your body.

  • Family Tattoo 86
  • Family Tattoo 85
  • Family Tattoo 87

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