55 Inspiring In Memory Tattoo Ideas – Keep Your Loved Ones Close

The in memory tattoos are the type of body marking that people will get in remembrance of someone or something dear to them. It can be an event that changed ones like in one way or the other or someone dear that passed on.

For instance, these tattoos can represent the period that you had to cope with a disease such as cancer or when you went to war to fight for your country.

But for most people, it will be a reminder or someone close that is no longer with them.

Although most will have these tattoos in memory of a sad event others will get this body marking to symbolize something good that they went through and would want to remember it forever.


Significance of Memorial Tattoos

As the name suggests, in memory tattoos are attributed to a deceased person who is very close to one’s heart, and it can be a parent, spouse, child, close friend or even a pet.

And so having this tattoo means that the person holds a very special place in your heart and although they may no longer be around you will never forget them.

Most individuals with this body marking will have it as a sign or bereavement, but there are many other reasons that you can have one because juts like most other tattoo types they can have numerous meanings and symbolism.

The tradition of having these tattoo dates back to the mid-20th century where soldiers would have them in memory of their colleagues that fall in battle. It was a tradition with American soldiers, but it slowly caught trend with other armies.

Soon the tradition was a global trend as tattoo enthusiasts carried it all over the world as an expression of a loved one that passed on due to unfortunate events in life.

Apart from being a sign of bereavement, these tattoos can help one feel the presence of that person by having their memory, birthday or name as part of your body.

Some tattoo lovers will also combine these tattoos with other symbols to give them a deeper meaning.

Angel wings are one of the most frequent additions to this body marking, and most people will have them to show that although that person is not alive, he or she is with the angels watching from above and protecting them.

Others will also have the image of the Virgin Mary as a symbol of a deceased mother and a prayer or a quote from the Bible to give the tattoos some spiritual or religious significance.

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Types of In Memory Totems

Unlike other genres, in memory tattoos are very personal because they represent someone or something very dear and close to your heart, and so the design that you choose is very significant.

However, you will not have any trouble finding something unique because just like most other tattoos there are many types and variations available. Here are some of the most common ones that are also what a majority of tattoo lovers prefer to have.

Angel Memorial

Angel tattoos are not just adorable but they are also very symbolic, and this is what makes them a perfect addition for the in memory tattoos.

The angel can signify that the person that you are commemorating is in heaven with angels or that he or she is watching over you and will guide and protect you in trying times. This variation of the tattoo is popular with people that are religious or believe in the afterlife.

Cross Memorial

A cross is a universal religious symbol, and it also makes an excellent choice when it comes to these body markings. It is common to see people have a crown and below or above it the name of the person that they want to commemorate.

Adding the cross to your tattoos will reiterate your faith in God and also show your respect and love for that person or something that is no longer with you.

Text and Name

Text such as the name of the individual is the most popular variation of these tattoos. You can have the initials of the names or have the full name of the persons including any nicknames. It is a very straightforward design, but you can spice it by using a beautiful font.

But, in some unique designs, some people will make the tattoo artist replicate the handwriting of the individual that they are commemorating. One can also have other texts such as “I Love You” or “Rest in Peace” added to the name to make it more significant.


Some people will prefer to have the portrait of the individual that they are commemorating inked somewhere on their body so that they will not only feel their presence but also see their image.

A portrait is an elaborate body marking, and so it is vital to ensure that you get it from an experienced artist to make sure that it portrays the actual image of the person that you want. You can also have the portrait in 3D to make it look realistic.

Dates and Phrases/Quotes

Dates and phrases also offer you another alternative when it comes to memorial tattoos. You can have the day that the person passed on or their birth date or even both depending on your preferences.

For this tattoo, you can also add some other significant images such as a flower, stars, a heart and also have a quote or phrase with a meaningful message.

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Placement Ideas

The placement of these tattoos is a matter of personal choice, and so you can have it anywhere you want. It will depend on whether you want the world to know what that person means to you or whether you prefer to keep it private.

However, most people prefer to have them on the wrist, shoulder, forearm and upper back. The type that you choose to go with also determines the best place to have it. For example, if you want to have a large portrait the back will be an ideal location because it offers you enough space.

You cannot tell when that special someone in your life will pass one, but even when they are gone, you should always keep them in mind.

In memory tattoos are a permanent reminder of someone close to your heart and so they are a good idea when you want something that will ensure that you never forget that person.

And with the many types available you can be confident of finding a design that also looks adorable on your body.

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