35 Awesome UV Tattoo Ideas – Gorgeously Glowing Body Art

The art of tattooing is always evolving as new techniques of drawing totems continue to emerge. If you are looking for something modern and stylish, then a UV tattoo is perfect for you and it has several advantages over the traditional designs.

Instead of sticking with the old or traditional ways of drawing body art you should move with the times. The inks that artists use to draw the UV totems have been around for many decades, but their application in tattooing is very recent.

In the past, it was not thought safe for the human body because of the high phosphorous content, but the modern formula is safe, and it even has approvals from the FDA.

Although safety is always most people’s concern when it comes to this tattoo, it should not be an issue because anybody with the right information knows that the only difference with the traditional ink is the appearance.

And so you should never let these false concerns prevent you from getting these stylish body arts. Apart from them being safe they also offer you the opportunity to have any tattoo design that you want as there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to UV totems.

In fact, you can have anything that you wish inked anywhere in your body.


Why Should You Have UV Totems?

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, or you just love body art, this is enough reason to have a UV tattoo. These tattoos are trendy, and so there is nothing that will show your love for tattoos better than having them.

Introducing a black light tattoo to your traditional ones whether they are on the sleeve or the back will breathe some new life into them and make the look fascinating. And so this can be a perfect alternative to covering up a tattoo design that that did not come out as you would have wanted.

Tattoos can limit you when it comes to employment opportunities because most people in the corporate world still have a misconception about body art. Walking into an interview with full body tattoos will reduce your chances of getting hired significantly.

However, with the black light totems, this should not be a problem because they are not visible under ordinary light spectrum. Unless you are conducting the interview in a room with black light nobody will know whether you have tattoos or not.

Even if the impressive designs of UV totems do not impress you, the fact that you can conceal them should be enough reason to have one.

You do not have to cover up any of your old tattoos to get this type of totems. Some tattoo lovers with full body symbols have a lot of trouble when they want to add more images because there is no space.

However, the UV’s can help solve this problem because you can draw them over your existing ones as both will still be visible under different lighting conditions. And to top all these reasons up the black light tattoos will always make you stand out.

Nothing will attract more attention when in the club than the glow from your amazing UV totems.

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Types UV Tattoos

One of the things that make the UV tattoo very attractive is the fact that you can draw any image that you like and also have it in places such as the head where most people tend to shy away from with the traditional totems.

There is nothing complicated about this tattoo design because only the type of color that it uses is what makes it different from other body markings. However, just like with any other body art there are some specific designs that most people seem to prefer and below are a few of them.

Blacklight Tribal Pattern

If you thought the tribal patterns were already beautiful enough in black ink, you should see them as lightUV totems. This tattoo design entails drawing the traditional tribal designs on the hand, back or anywhere you want using a special UV ink.

Although their shape and the patterns that the tattoos form is similar to the traditional ones, the ink makes them very detailed, and the glow when you see them under black light is just breathtaking.

The Skeleton

It might look awkward or weird to draw the frame (skeleton) of your hand or leg as your tattoo but if you do it using special UV ink it will look fantastic.

Some people will have this design on the knuckles or just the lower hand, but some will have it go all the way to the shoulder to create a distinct sleeve design.

And if your artist is skilled enough to make it look realistic then you can be confident of a body marking that will always look exquisite.

Glowing Text

Text tattoos are perfect for people that do not like having very complicated designs on their body and instead prefer something simple but meaning full. However, some do not like having text tattoo that everybody can see and read.

And so nowadays more and more people prefer to have their totems in UV ink. The reason for this is that they do not have to draw them in private places because they can have the totems anywhere they wish and still get to dictate the people who can see them.

This ink is also perfect for naughty texts that may not look very appropriate to show off in some locations.

Heart and Stars

A heart may be an ordinary or regular tattoo image, but if you draw it as a black light tattoo, it will look magnificent. You can also use this tattoo design to add the heart shape to an existing totem to give it deep symbolism.

Stars also make beautiful black light tattoos, and some people will even have them as a constellation.

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Placement Ideas

You can only see the UV tattoo under particular lighting condition, and this is a significant advantage when it comes to placement because you can have it anywhere you wish. It is common nowadays to find people with black light tattoos on their bald head because you will hardly notice them.

However, others still prefer to have them in the usual places such as the back, chest, arm and on the legs for the big ones. While the ankles, knuckles, fingers and wrists are still the best places to draw the small black light totems.

In Short…

If you are tired of the usual or conventional body markings you should try a UV tattoo as it will make you stand out from the crowd. And contrary to what most people think these tattoos are very safe.

But, they require some special skills to draw and so you should always use the services of an experienced artist.

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