75 Marvelous Fish Hook Tattoo Ideas – Hooking Yourself with Ink Worth Designs

A fish hook tattoo is one of those simple body markings that have been around for centuries. The hook is a fisherman’s favorite thing in the world because he cannot be able to catch any fish without it. And so most would have a symbol of it on their body to show just how important it was to them.

Some also believed that having the image of a hook on your body was good luck, and it would help you catch a lot of fish. Its popularity spread across the board, and even non-fishermen would have it due to its deep meaning and also because it looks cool, see more fish hook tattoo ideas on


Meaning of these Tattoos

Every tattoo has a meaning and although most people will only have something that they think looks cool it is always important to understand what it means. A fish hook tattoo can have numerous meanings, and this will depend on the type that you have and also why one has it.

The most common meaning that people associate with this totem is good luck, and this is because it has the characteristics of an anchor which is another favorite fisherman’s tattoo. It can also mean salvation for some people, but this will depend on how you draw it.

Other common meanings of this tattoo include safe travel and strength. In the old days, fishermen would not only have the hook symbol for good luck, but there was also a common belief that it would help them travel safely through treacherous sea water.

And so nowadays most people believe that it will protect them when journeying even if not on the sea. A hook is typically of sturdy metal, and so you can also have it as a sign of strength.

For other people, it can also mean prosperity and abundance or refusal to sink or fail despite all the challenges that life brings your way.

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Types of Fish Hook Totems

A hook might look like something very simple, but there are many ways that you can draw it on a tattoo and also combine with other symbols to make your body marking look unique.

However, the most common way of classifying them is according to the origin of the design and for this, you can have Hawaiian, Maori, and Samoan fish hook symbols. Although these different types can have various meanings, most people will have them to mean strength and good luck.

Some other types of these tattoos include the fish hook heart that is just a hook and a red heart. Most people will use this type to show that their heart belongs to someone, or they love their spouse a lot.

Other common, variations of the fish hook tattoo entail drawing it in a tribal pattern, a hook with bait (a warm) wrapping around it, dead fish hook, 3D hook and also one with a phrase.

Tattoos do not have to be complicated to look stylish and attractive because something simple like a fish hook will still look fantastic on you.

It might be a small and straightforward symbol but it has a deep meaning and everyone looking at it will be fascinated by its symbolism.

And so it is a good idea to have one, and this is more so given the fact that you will not have to withstand a lot of pain when getting it.

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