50 Marvelous Dr. Woo Tattoo Designs – Fine Body Art from a Legend

It is hard to find any modern fashion and body art forum that does not mention a Dr. Woo Tattoo. Brian Woo or Dr. Woo, as most people refer to him as, is currently one of the most sought after tattoo artists, and he sometimes has a waiting list that is one year long.

And with the many tattoo artists available in the world such a long waiting list shows that there is something special about him. What makes things even more interesting is the fact that he has only been tattooing for eight years and two of those were as an apprentice.

His unique style and creativity are what makes him a very famous artist and you will find both celebrities and ordinary people queuing up at Shamrock Social Club with the hope of getting one of his tattoos.


About Dr. Woo

Dr. Woo has always had an interest in tattoos, but he admits that he never saw himself becoming a tattooist.

When he was around 13 or 14 years, he would experiment with stick-and-poking with his friends, and this is one of the things that inculcated the passion and love for tattoos in him. At 15 Brian Woo had his first totem which was a very straightforward and basic dragon.

For the following decade or so he did not think much about tattoos and just like most other art and fashion enthusiasts he tried out different things including fashion buying and designing.

It was in 2008 that Woo launched his tattooing career when he was lucky to get an invitation to apprentice for the famous Mark Mahoney of the LA’s Shamrock Social Club.

Mark, currently 57 is a legendary figure in the tattooing world having tattooed several celebrities over the years including Tupac.

In the first couple of years Woo spent most of his time learning from the master as his apprentice and over the last few years, he has established himself as a professional artist by coming up with a distinct style that thousands of people across the globe associate with him.

Woo is married and when his not inking someone he loves to spend his free time with wife Jayme and son Lyon McQueen.

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What is His Tattooing Style?

Every Dr. Woo tattoo has an almost distinct design, but the style that he uses to draw them is all the same. Just like most other tattoo artists in the world he has gone through several phases of transformation as he was learning.

And thousands of tattoos later he is now a master of his trade and this as a result of learning from one of the most famous tattoo artists of all times.

Every tattoo that Dr. Woo inks is quite distinct, but they all have something in common, and this is what people use to identify his work.

However, his tattoos did not always look like they do today because when he was starting out, he would prefer to stick to the convention or traditional bold American Style.

Just like most other famous artists, he began with the traditional American tattoo style but over the years he has come up with his distinct style.

His style entails drawing body markings with fine line and black and gray ink. Dr. Woo rarely uses color as he instead focuses on building the texture of the image to make it unique and beautiful.

Although he still uses colors in some of his tattoos, it is very rare because most of his customers will not ask him for colorful totems as they prefer to have them in his original designs.

Woo also prefers to draw on the spot tattoos where the customer will say what they want, and the artist will draw it.

Although his totems may look complicated, he just portrays ordinary things such as animals and then spices them up with fine lines and geometric shapes and in unique places such as on the rib cage.

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Dr. Woo Tattoo Examples

Eight years in the industry is a long time, and this is more given the fact that Dr. Woo always has a long waiting list. Over the years he has inked hundreds of people, and the fact that he has more than a million followers on Instagram shows the high demand for his work.

It is impossible to classify his works into types and the most accurate way to showcases his style is through some of his famous drawings. Below are some of his works that should explain just how talented he is.

Constellation Cat

The constellation animals are probably the most famous Dr. Woo tattoo. They are also some of his oldest and one of those that one can rightfully credit for his immense fame.

This tattoo has a simple black ink outline of a cat, but he uses his famous fine lines and circles to make the body extra detailed and intricate. Woo also has the same tattoo designs for other animals such as the wolf, bear, and even the camel.

Owl with Magnetic Fields

Animals form an important theme in Dr. Woo’s tattoos, and they are probably one of the things that he draws most. However, his animals look different from others because of his attention to details and the fine lines that he adds to the design.

The owl with magnetic fields and some elegant geometric lines is one example of his animal totems.

Elephant Head and Mandala

Elephants are majestic and extraordinary animals and having a tattoo of one is very symbolic. Woo knows how to draw them better than most other artists. In this design, he depicts the head of an elephant with an impressive mandala design as the background.

The image is not only detailed but it is also stunning, and it proves that black and gray will always be the best colors to use for all body markings.

Intricate Arrow Work

There is a reason why celebrities like Drake and Cara Delevingne have tattoos from Dr. Woo, and it is most likely the fact that he can transform basic things like the arrow into a sophisticated image.

He does this by giving it some intricate geometric shapes and lines and having it in his usual black and gray ink. Sometimes he will also add an eagle as part of the shaft of the arrow to make it detailed like in this tattoo.

Getting a Dr. Woo tattoo is an excellent choice for any tattoo lover that wants something trendy and from one of the most famous artists. His body markings are intricate and unique, and you can be confident that you will not see anyone else with the same totem.

The only shortcoming is that you will probably have to book an appointment and wait for a couple of months due to his long waiting list but anyone that has one of his tattoos will tell you it is worth the wait.

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