110+ Charming Floral Tattoo Designs – Merging Creativity and Beauty

A flower is one of the most majestic creations of nature, and this is what makes a floral tattoo an excellent choice. Flowers are exquisite, and the fragrance that they produce soothes the soul, and that is why they are a prominent feature in different occasion ranging from weddings to burial.

They also have religious symbolism, for example, the lotus flower holds a special place in the Hindu religion. Hindus have a sacred lotus that they refer to us the “Padma” that they associate with their deities Brahma and Vishnu.

And so they are among the earliest people to draw flower tattoos in their bodies as a symbol of their religious beliefs.


Meanings and Symbolic Significance

In general, a floral tattoo will mean growth, birth, unity, togetherness, and love. However, things like the type of flower, its design and the reason why you have it can also determine what it means. And so before you get any flower totem it is important to understand its symbolic significance.

Most of the symbolism that people associate with flowers have their origins in the Victorian Era where each flower that you gave someone would have a very distinct meaning, and so people were very keen with their choices.

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The rose is by far the most popular flower when it comes to tattoos, and this is not only because of its beautiful colors and design but also due to its symbolism. It is an eternal symbol of love beauty and hope, but the color and design that you choose to draw will also determine what it means.

For example, a rose with thorns may symbolize pain, thoughtlessness, and loss. A lotus is also a very popular flower and for some people, it has religious symbolism. Apart from this, the lotus also symbolizes knowledge, enlightenment, and purity.

Just like the beautiful lotus flower a lily will also symbolize spiritual enlightenment and purity. However, the meaning will also vary from one culture to the other because a lily was a symbol of fertility in ancient Egypt and Divine Feminine in Greek culture.

The type that you draw also determines what it will mean because the orange one stands for hatred while the tiger lily is a symbol of prosperity. A cherry blossom is another favorite flower that people like to have as a tattoo, and it has its body art origins from the Japanese culture.

The cherry blossom is a symbol of transience given the fact that it only blooms for a short time, and this can symbolize the temporary or short nature of things like beauty and life. In some cultures, the cherry blossom can also be a symbol of love and femininity.

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Types of Flower Tattoos

There are endless options when it comes to choosing a floral tattoo, and this is because of the many flower types available. And so for most people choosing this kind of tattoo entails selecting their favorite flower, the design to draw it and also the color.

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However, there is way much more to these symbols than this, and so you still have many other options than just choosing your favorite flower.

The tribal flower tattoo design is an example of one such design that you can go with for a unique totem. It is very popular with men, and it entails drawing your flower in a tribal pattern to make it look more attractive and unique.

This tattoo design looks best in black ink, but you can still have it in colors if you prefer to have a bright totem. You can also have a floral body marking in 3D to make it look realistic.

3D flower designs are perfect for ladies that love flowers and would like to have a real looking image of one so that they can show it off.

There are also some other designs that entail drawing your flowers using watercolors and they are also perfect for people who love bright and colorful body markings. Some other styles will also involve having the flowers on a tree to symbolize that their beauty originates from something.

Adding some butterflies or birds to your flower is also an excellent idea when you want to give them a feminine touch. There is also an option of combining you flower with other objects such as skulls, daggers, crosses and many other things to give it a deeper symbolism.

Having a quote or phrase with your flower totem is also a fantastic idea.

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Best Placement Ideas

A floral tattoo is not restrictive when it comes to placement area, and so you can have it in almost any place that you wish and so where you put it will depend on personal preferences. However, the design of your tattoo and its size will also influence its placement.

Women love flowers and so they are more likely to have them than men and most will prefer to have them on their thigh, sleeve, wrist, forearm and also on the ankle. Men, on the other hand, are more conservative when it comes to flower tattoo.

And although they also have them in the places mentioned above most prefer to have them on the back and chest because they can easily conceal them if they want. It is also not uncommon to find people having some small flowers on their fingers.

In Short…

The culture of giving ladies flowers as a sign of affection has been there for centuries, and this is the reason why most people will associate then with femininity. Men have always been using the beauty of flowers and their breathtaking fragrance to show ladies what they feel for them.

It is from this symbolic gesture that women started having some flowers on their bodies to commemorate important events such as weddings.

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Although the early floral body markings were not permanent, as they were only for a particular event, the tradition transformed gradually to a point where some ladies wanted to have permanent flower totems on their bodies.

In recent times men have also embraced floral designs as part of their body art as the notion that they are feminine slowly goes away.

The beauty and symbolism of a floral tattoo make it one of the best body markings for both men and woman. With the hundreds of designs available, it is one of the most versatile tattoos that you can have on your body.

And if you factor in the fact that you can combine it with any other totem then you can be confident that flowers will always give you an excellent symbol.

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