70+ Charming Garter Tattoo Designs – Using a Totem to Keep in Touch with Your Feminism

The garter tattoo is a relatively new concept, but the garter has been around for centuries. In the past, the garter belt was an essential part of a woman’s clothing and most would use it hold their stockings in place because unlike the modern ones they did not have elastic.

And so with the invention of materials with elastic, their popularity died down significantly. However, some ladies still wear them as they are very alluring and in Europe and the Americas they are an important part of wedding ceremonies.

Sexual appeal and the allure of the garter is still there but instead of wearing them, modern ladies prefer to have a permanent one on their bodies in the form of a tattoo.

This body marking is one of the most popular with women, and it is available in different designs that range from simple ones to elaborate and more realistic garter images. And so any woman that is looking to have something feminine the garter belt is a perfect choice.


Origin of this Tattoo

It is very hard to determine when ladies started inking the garter on their body because there are no accurate historical records on most tattoo types. However, it is correct to say that it is a relatively new concept.

But, the garter has always been around and although it is not as popular as it was in the 16th or 17th century some ladies still wear it and it also features prominently in most weddings.

The fascination with this piece of clothing is what has brought about this new form of body art that entails drawing it on the thigh.

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One of the most notable mentions of the garter in history was during the reign of British King, Edward III. Edward once picked the garter of his mistress that had fallen in front of a big crowd and made a witty comment about it.

From that day onwards it was an icon of sophistication not only in Britain but also across all the neighboring societies and cultures. And so, even ladies that did not think much of it had some motivation to try it out.

The garter is a sophisticated, beautiful and also a functional piece of clothing and up to date people still associate it with femininity, and this is why it is now one of the trendiest female tattoos.

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What Does the Tattoo Mean?

Unlike most other body markings it is hard to give a garter tattoo a different meaning from the traditional ones because it is a very particular symbol regardless of how you draw it.

The most common or what most people accept as the primary meaning of this tattoo is feminism. A garter is a clothing item for ladies and so people consider it a sign of femininity and fertility.

It is also a symbol of courage and inventiveness because a few centuries ago women would use it to hide their small pistol and cash.

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This tattoo can also be a symbol of mystery because only a very close person can see a woman’s garter. And so this means that any man who gets to see is very lucky because the woman has welcomed him to his heart.

Some ladies will also have this tattoo as a sign of the seductiveness of a woman. In most cases, women draw it on the thigh which is one of the body parts that a woman would use to seduce a man.

For others, it is a symbol of luck or good fortune, and this comes from the fact that people believe that the man who catches the garter in a wedding is very lucky, and he will be the next one to wed.

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Types and Variations of the Tattoo

The garter tattoo comes in many designs, but it still maintains its main characteristic which is wrapping around the thing in a belt-like design. Different types of this tattoo also entail combining it with other things such as a small gun, roses, and ribbons to give it a deep meaning.

And so if you are thinking of having one below are some of the most common types of this tattoo.

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Simple Garter

The simple design is the most common variation of this body marking, and it entails drawing a simple one that wraps around the thigh. Although most people will have it in black ink, others will give it some color to brighten it up.

The patterns in the lace will also depend on the skills of your artist because some are capable of drawing very intricate designs.

Garter with Derringer

In the days when this clothing item was a widespread most ladies would strap a small gun (Derringer) in it for protection. The derringer was very common, and some people would even refer to it as a woman’s gun.

And so it is not surprising that this small gun is part of this tattoo in modern days, but some ladies often replace it with a tattoo machine.

Garter and Ribbon

A traditional garter has a ribbon as this is what women use to hold it in place and so most would also add it to their tattoo to make it more realistic. However, it is not just a plain old ribbon, but it is a cute one that ties into a bow.

The ribbon is also very colorful, and ladies will also add a butterfly and some jewelry to this design to make it look adorable.

3D Garter

Most tattoo designs have a 3D variation as it gives enthusiasts the opportunity to wear a realistic looking body marking. For the garter tattoo the 3D makes it look fantastic, and if you have a skilled artist, it will be very hard for most people to tell that it is not a real garter.

It is also common for most ladies to add the derringer to their 3D tattoo.

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Where Should You Have It?

This tattoo is very specific when it comes to the placement area because it is a representation of a clothing item for a particular part of the body. And so the best place to have it is on the thigh, but you still have the freedom to choose how high or low you want it.

However, the unspoken rule is that it should always be above the knee if you want it to retain its meaning. In some rare instances, some ladies will also have it wrapping around their upper arm.

A garter tattoo is one of the best body markings that you can use to symbolize feminism. It might not be trendy or functional to wear one but having a permanent mark of one inked on your body will give you all its beauty and symbolism.

However, make sure that you choose a cool design and also use the services of a skilled tattoo artist.

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