90+ Charming Feminine Tattoo Designs – Dainty, Fun and Ladylike

Women want to feel pretty and feminine and those who love tattoos want their artwork to reflect the same thing. But the question is – what makes a feminine tattoo design?

There are three components to a womanly design. These are subject matter, placement, and color. For example, a woman and a man may both choose to have a similar tattoo, but to make hers more feminine the woman may add girly touches and pretty colors to hers.

While the man may choose to have his tattoo on his chest the woman may choose a more demure area such as her lower back.

Today we are looking at girly tattoo subjects including images from nature as well as mandalas, fantasy designs and tattoos with spiritual meaning. We’ll also explore placements and colors often chosen by women.


Feminine Designs and Their Meanings

Botanical Trend

Trees and leaves– Women often choose trees (with or without leaves and/or flowers) as tattoo subjects. This may be because the tree is often used as a symbol for Mother Nature and represents the circle of life and growth/development.

Flowers – This list wouldn’t be complete without flowers. Bright colorful blossoms are commonly selected as feminine tattoo designs. Most types of flowers have a specific meaning attached to them, but they are generally regarded as a totem of beauty and growth.

Popular examples include roses, daisies, sunflowers, lotus, and cherry blossom to name a few.

Other – Seashells are often included in ladies tattoos – they represent protection and symbolize the power of the ocean, which is ruled by the moon, an intrinsically feminine subject.

Feathers are also fashionable design choices as some people believe that they represent spiritual power.


There are some animals that are distinctly masculine like wolves, lions, and dragons and then there are others that have a softer, more womanly feel.

The most prominent of these are birds such as the dove, sparrow, hummingbird, peacock and bird of paradise which are dainty and colorful and symbolize freedom.

Other animals like the seahorses, cats and kittens, fish (mostly tropical fish with bright colors), tigers, mice and foxes are also sought after feminine designs.

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Delicate, multihued butterflies are almost always chosen by women and represent transformation and beauty. Dragonflies are also popular– they have deep spiritual interpretations, including strength, joy, adaptability and transformation.

Other insects that may be chosen by women are bees and ants (usually part of nature scene designs).


Geometrical tattoos are designed and decorated with lines and shapes. Circles, squares, and triangles all have various meanings, but these patterns are generally said to represent the complexity of nature as well as interconnection and unity.

The flower of life and mandala designs are both popular feminine choices.

Lace designs

Lace tattoos are almost exclusively worn by women due to the history and use of lace fabric. Black, red and white lace tattoos are pretty, intricate and sexy and represent not only femininity, but also sensuality, innocence, luxury, and power.

Designs often include flowers, bows, chandeliers, and butterflies.

Religious and Spiritual

Crosses – For many religious ladies the cross is a symbol of their connection with God and is a design heavy with significance. These range from small, simple designs up to large tattoos often decorated with other feminine subjects like birds, butterflies, and vines.

Other – Other items with spiritual meaning, such as the symbol for trinity and the symbol for the sacred Hindu word Om are popular among female tattoo lovers.

They also love dream catcher tattoos complete with feathers and gems to represent a spiritual journey as well as protection.

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Space and constellations

Astrology – Astrology is the belief that the way in which celestial bodies move has an impact on the world and the lives of human beings. There are twelve constellations and each person falls under one of these based on the date of their birth.

Designs of these constellations represented by dots and lines (and sometimes the picture of the house, for example, a scorpion for Scorpio) are regularly sought after by women.

Stars – Many women choose a star (or group of stars) for their tattoo. These pretty shapes may represent direction (guiding the way), strength and luck i.e. “wish upon a star”. These designs radiate innocence.

Universe – Highly colorful and awe-inspiring tattoos of the cosmos are fast becoming a firm favorite among females. To the client, they may be symbolic of infinity and the mystery of life.


Fantasy style tattoos that include pictures of cartoon characters and mythical creatures like pixies and fairies are much more likely to be chosen by women than men.

This is due to their childlike and innocent associations. Common subjects include Tinkerbell, unicorns, mermaids, Minnie Mouse and the Cheshire cat.

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Feminine Tattoo Design Placements

It is not only the subject matter that makes a tattoo feminine but there are also certain placements that have a girly association.

These include behind the ears, the thighs, the ankles and feet and, most commonly, the lower back. Having matching tattoos on the wrists, ankles or feet is also quite trendy.

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Women enjoy using pretty and vibrant colors for their tattoos such as pinks, yellows, purples, blues. Nowadays pastels gain popularity and don’t forget about all the black and white minimalistic designs.

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Women love to celebrate being women and rejoice at their place in the world as carers and nurturers. There is no better way to do that than by choosing a feminine tattoo design, one with the right combination of womanly elements and colors.

These images are sometimes soft and gentle but can also be strong – representing determination and courage – the two things that every woman wants the world to know about her.

From a tiny tattoo on the wrist to a full sleeve full of butterflies, birds and flowers, there is a tattoo to celebrate everything feminine!

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