35+ Best Supernatural Tattoo Designs — Protect Yourself from Evil

In this modern society, tattoos have become very rampant especially the supernatural tattoo because it has become quite a trending thing in style and fashion. Different people have the tattoo symbol for different reason like in remembrance of their loved ones or an adventure.

However, in this article we will be focusing on the anti–possession tattoo that is featured with a pentagon. The anti-possession supernatural tattoos that are on Sam and Dean are very popular and most people have questions on what the tattoos means.

The tattoos are to protect them from demon possession. It is featured as a pentagram or an endless knot that signifies protection to the ones that have the symbol.

The famous people known to have these tattoo symbols are Sam and Dean Winchester that have been featured in the Supernatural Series and they use it for protection. The two boys have these tattoos on their upper left arm that provide them with anti-demon possession.

The tattoo can be denied if it is destroyed (burnt). Research has it that Dean still has the tattoo but now it is inverted for turning into a demon. Dean revealed that he was planning to have the tattoo even before he was featured in the Supernatural series.


The tattoos are very popular because they are believed as to have anti–possession charms on popular stars Sam and Dean of the Supernatural series.

Their pentagon shape indicates that the tattoo offers maximum protection from demon possession and people seeking for that tend to have the symbol engraved on them. Some friends believe that these tattoos that maintain their friendships; no demons can possess them to ruin their friendships.

Fans of Sam and Dean are inspired by the process they underwent getting the tattoos to get their own symbols of the same tattoo. People that are hunted by angels or demons get this anti–possession tattoos to stop the spirits from hunting them.

Fellow castors of Dean in the “Supernatural” series have had encounters with Sam and Dean. There are a few instances that I can describe here:

  • A lady that was on a usual ride is attacked by three demons and guesses who saves her life? Sam and Dean. There are also outfits like pajamas that have the anti-obsession symbol drawn on them.

While in the pajama, the wearer is assured that no demon can attempt to obsess them since they are fully protected.

  • While on a hunt, a guy gets possessed by demons and then Dean and Sam decide to get him an anti–possession tattoo to prevent him from demon possession.
  • A lady runs her hands through Dean’s skin and his skin starts burning and blistering in hot bubbles.
  • Cas decides to get the anti-possession tattoo but Dean is worried that the Enochian Angel would not be able to spot him.
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Variations of the Anti–Possession Tattoos

These tattoos may have different meanings depending on the color, with wings or without wings. The colors maybe red, black or any of your favorite colors. Most people have the grayish color tattoos because that’s the color that is mostly used by artists.

When the tattoo is new, is seems to be dark but while it ages it begins to turn green.

The tattoos with wings look more attractive and visible and they may be preferable for people that love visible tattoos. When the anti-possession tattoo with wings is drawn on your back, it can cover the whole of your back from the shoulders up to the lower abdomen.

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Placements of the Anti–Possession Tattoos

The tattoos can be placed in various parts of the body. Men mostly place these tattoo symbols on their chests, legs, arms or at the back. Ladies like the symbols on the neck, breast, stomach and the groin area.

For people that would want the tattoos to be highly visible, they place them mostly on the arms or legs so they can be seen when they put on sleeveless top or shorts.

For them that would like to hide their tattoos maybe from parents or for fear of religious fanatics, they place the tattoo symbols on their chests or at the back.

There are people that like exposing their tattoos and this kind get the artist draw the tattoos on their exposed body parts like the neck, the face or the lower part of the arm.

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Themed Anti–Possession Tattoos

Some tattoos are colored to some specific themes that have their own different meanings. People get the themes according to their favorite colors or the meaning.

The themes may be in different colors like pink, red, blue, green and many other colors and all have an attached meaning to the anti–possession symbol. You may decide to get a theme of a sibling’s faces or names.

People have different reasons for having tattoos on their bodies. Some have them just for fun and beauty while others are seriously seeking for protection from demon possession.

Some people have been found with the anti-possession tattoo symbol yet they claim that they do not have it for protection from demons. But they have it just for beauty because they love its appearance.

However, it is believed that whether you know the meaning of the tattoo or not, it plays a role in protecting you from demons or angels.

Having the anti–evil tattoo symbols can make people think of you as devil’s agent or relate it to occult practices and so you should be ready for such comments or assumptions.

Getting a tattoo symbol on your skin could be quite painful but if you have a source of inspiration for your tattoo, it gives you courage and strength to bear the pain through the process.

Some young lady said that she felt so much pain that she almost gave up on the tattoo until she remembered of her great inspiration that was Sam and Dean and she felt no pain further.

Recapturing the process that Sam and Dean went through in acquiring the anti–possession tattoos made her forget all the pain.

If you ever wanted to have the supernatural tattoo, now you must have made your pick from the myriad of designs. What comes next is how you should care for it to keep it beautiful and representing the meaning you had for it.

As said earlier, this is a symbol associated with protection and you should take good care of it. But before that, why is it necessary to take care of your tattoo especially during the early days after you get it?

  • Make sure that the ink sinks deeper into the skin. A new symbol is not well established into the skin and it will need time. Good aftercare will give it time to reach deeper into the skin and you will have it for as long as you wish.

supernatural tattoo (15)

  • Allow it time to develop as you want. A new tattoo is not in the exact shape that you wanted. It takes time for it to acquire the ultimate shape and good care will ensure that it comes to this.
  • Avoid infections. A tattoo becomes a part of you; it is just like any other body part. It needs attention to keep it free from infections. You will not need to have it scrapped if you give it good care.
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Aftercare Tips for a Supernatural Tattoo

  • Choose a hygienic parlor: there are so many places out there where you can have your tattoo done but not all of them are worth the try. You need a place with high hygiene standards.

It is very easy to contract an infection simply because you careless chose a tattoo parlor so be careful on where you go.

  • Wear loose fitting clothes: it is not only with the supernatural kinds of tattoos but you will need loosely fitting clothes to keep your piece healthy and fresh.

The spot with your symbol tends to become sensitive and thus, you should avoid any kind of irritation that may come with tight clothes.

  • Limit exposure to sunlight: it is a norm that you will want to show off your latest piece to your friends. But that may not be a good decision since sunlight is not friendly to the ink especially if you had your symbol done recently.

Keep your tattoo covered when it is new and you will have it forever and many more summers to flaunt it.

  • Keep it clean: you will not go for swimming the few days after you have your piece done but you can have showers to keep your body and symbol clean. What you have to do is keep the tattoo away from the water flow.

You should also not scrub it and you will have it lasting for as long as you want it.

Your wish has been granted and now you know all there is about the magical supernatural symbol. You have the kind you want and what meaning is attached to it. You also know how to give it an excellent care after you have it.

Keep your tattoo vibrant and fresh and it will remain not a piece of artwork but a body part of you that you cherish.

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