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If you’re not a gamer, you may have seen a Triforce tattoo before, but not understood what it meant. The Triforce symbol is a combination of three yellow/gold triangles, which are joined so that there is an empty inverted triangle in the center.

These three triangles together, then form one large equilateral triangle. This symbol was introduced in Nintendo’s action fantasy series of video games The Legend Of Zelda where it is referred to The Triforce.

In the game, the Triforce or The Golden Power is an all powerful sacred artifact which represents the spirits of the Golden Goddesses, who created the world in which the game is set, before departing to the spirit realm.

Each of the triangles represents one of these goddesses and are named The Triforce of Power, The Triforce of Courage and The Triforce of Wisdom respectively.

When a player collects all three triforces in the game they receive The Golden Power which entitles them to be granted as many wishes as they desire, as a reward for being honorable.


Variations of The Symbol

The Hyrule Royal Family reigns throughout the game series and their crest includes the Triforce symbol together with a bird symbol that has outstretched wings. The Triforce symbol appears on top of the design, cradled by the edges of the wings on either side.

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Chunky “8-bit” style Triforce tattoo styles are also popular. This pixilated image represents the first appearance of the symbol in the very first Legend of Zelda games released in 1986.

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Meaning Behind The Triforce Symbol

The series of games that spawned this symbol have been played for many years by millions of players and because the game itself is so multifaceted many different interpretations can be made of the Triforce symbol.

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Some of the common themes related to this image are:


Many people struggle with feeling powerless and this tattoo can be used to remind a person of their inner power and perhaps remember past achievements or successes. It can also be used to represent the correct use of power, reminding the wearer of the responsibility associated with it.


Courage is much revered in the Zelda games and some people chose to have this type of tattoo to remind them that they can be brave in real life situations as well.


Wisdom and knowledge are not the same. Knowledge means that know something, but wisdom is when you know something and also know how to use the information you have.

In the game, the wisdom represented by the Triforce comes from the ancient goddesses and there are fans of the game who wish to gain wisdom outside of the game as well and this symbol may be a physical representation of that.

Fulfillment / Luck

In The Legend of Zelda a player strives to obtain all three triforces so that they can make and be granted wishes (which can be are “good” or “evil”). Most people strive in life to achieve certain goals and the idea of the Triforce may feel lucky to some.


The main playable character in the game is called Link, a young boy chosen for his swordsmanship and humble but brave nature. Players who identify with this character may choose to have this tattoo because of what he represents to them or just as an ode to this character.

Paying homage to the game

There are people who might choose the Triforce tattoo as a tribute to their favorite game, especially those who have played the game throughout their childhood.

Getting the symbol tattooed may remind them of good times and young innocence.

There are others who may feel that the game helped them manage difficult times in their life (for example recovering from serious illness or injury) by giving them something to do and goals to strive for.

These people may also choose to tattoo this symbol on them as a reminder of those times.

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Placement of the Tattoo

You may choose any area of your body for a Triforce tattoo depending on the size and what best suits your lifestyle.

Larger designs that include the Hyrule Royal Family Crest look better on the back (between the shoulders is a popular spot) as well as the upper arm and thighs.

When the Triforce is obtained in the game it appears on the hand and so many fans choose to have their tattoo in the same place. Other popular sites include the wrist, behind the ear, lower legs and the chest.

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Colors and Design

The Triforce is gold in the game so many people who get this tattoo choose a dark golden yellow ink to color it. Bold black is also a popular color and sometimes black and gold are combined in a design.

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However, these are not the only suitable colors. Many fans choose to make their Triforce tattoo more colorful and even sometimes include text in their designs – adding the words Wisdom, Courage and Power into the tattoo.

3D Triforce designs have also gained popularity and these look quite striking considering the design is quite basic. There are even fans that choose to have this tattoo done in the watercolor style, usually with the Triforce symbol outlined and color “splashed” over each of the triangles.

Sometimes three friends may each get the outline of the symbol tattooed and each person will have one triangle shaded in. When the tattoos are put together they form the Triforce and this acts as a kind of friendship style tattoo.

In Short…

Getting a Triforce tattoo is quite special. While most people you meet may not understand the significance it will be recognized immediately by other players of the game. It identifies you as belonging to a certain group of people who share your love for The Legend of Zelda.

This is a tattoo that can be worn by both men and women and if you wish to make it more personal you can add additional subjects or embellishments to the design such as a sword, script, hearts or anything that has special meaning to you.

If you are a fan and wish to express it, then a Triforce tattoo is definitely the way to do it!

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