70+ Stunning Ocean Tattoo Ideas – Show Your Love for the Sea with a Cute Totem

Water covers More than 71% of the earth’s surface, and a majority of it is ocean water. This fact alone shows that having and ocean tattoo is very symbolic because it represents something mighty.

The ocean is vast and mysterious because even with all the technologies present in the world people are only able to explore only a small percentage of it. In fact, there is a common notion that humankind knows more about the moon than the ocean.

People have been drawing symbols that represent the ocean and everything that is in it for thousands of years. In the ancient world, there was a common belief that the oceans had no end.

Although this notion has been proved to be inaccurate over the years, the size of the oceans is still puzzling, and this is why it makes fascinating body art.

Everything about the sea from the plant life to the creatures that leave in it is just lovable, and so there are endless things that you can draw on your body. And so these types of tattoos are an excellent choice for anyone looking for something beautiful and versatile.


Ocean Tattoo Symbolism and Meanings

Water is life and without it, no plant or animals can exist in this world. The oceans hold more than 90% of all the water on earth, and this also means that the five oceans support most of the life in this planet.

And so having this tattoo can symbolize life or your respect for all forms of life and the water that supports it.

An ocean totem can also be a symbol of mystery because people know little about these waters, and so there are probably hundreds if not thousands of animals and plants whose discovery is yet to happen.

Having an ocean body marking can symbolize something infinite or very immense like love. You can have this tattoo to show that you have unending love for someone or soothing that is as vast as the oceans and would wish for it to last forever.

Some people will also use these tattoos to raise awareness so that people can conserve the oceans and all the life in them. And this is because several species and plants face extinction and in most cases this is because of human interference through overfishing and pollution.

Having a beautiful tattoo of the ocean can help spread the awareness and start the conversation on the need to conserve the oceans.

The type of tattoo that you have will also dictate the symbolism or meaning. For example, if you have some dolphins swimming in the sea your tattoo can symbolize intelligence, friendship, harmony and gentleness which are some of the things that people associate with the animal.

A shark, on the other hand, will be a symbol of protection and fearlessness while a whale can represent might, strong family bond, and devotion.

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Design Ideas

There are many ways that you can draw an ocean tattoo, and this is because you can have everything from the waves to the plants and animals. This versatility is what makes this one of the most popular tattoo types.

Here are some ideas on the designs that you can have to show your love for the oceans.

Ocean Plant Life

There are thousands of plant species in the oceans, and there are even more that are yet to be discovered, and so if you prefer to have them as your tattoo, the options are endless.

The good thing about ocean plants is that most of them are very colorful, and they grow in unique shapes, and this makes them an excellent choice for your tattoo.

Apart from giving the plants some color, you should also have them looking realistic if you want this tattoo design to look fantastic.


You do not have to be a surfer to get a wave symbol because it is just breathtaking and hence suitable for everyone. Waves are easier to draw than they look and so you should not shy away from them, and they are perfect for portraying the immense power of the ocean.

All you need to do is to give the waves a blue hue to depict the actual nature of the sea.

  • Ocean Tattoo 63
  • Ocean Tattoo 62
  • Ocean Tattoo 61

Ocean Animals

The creatures of the sea make breathtaking tattoo images, and this is why they are some of the most famous totems with people of all ages.

Some people will prefer to draw a simple image of sharks, whales, and other ocean creatures while others prefer complicated 3D design with animals swimming in the blue water.

Animal tattoos are excellent when you want something detailed that will always remind you of your love for the ocean no matter where you are.

  • Ocean Tattoo 64
  • Ocean Tattoo 65
  • Ocean Tattoo 66

Ocean Landscape

The five oceans are home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. These scenes include deep valleys and some fantastic mountain ranges that stretch for hundreds of kilometers. The beautiful view of the ocean can also make an excellent ocean tattoo design.

You can have the totem in a simple design with the water around the mountain or valley or add in some plants and animals to create a realistic representation of the ocean.


Mermaids are mythical creatures that have always fascinated people. These creatures may not exist, but they are part of many conspiracy theories and tales. The mythical beings make excellent tattoos as they are very charming creatures.

And so if you want something mythical that represents the ocean but does not make it look obvious then a mermaid will be ideal.

  • Ocean Tattoo 68
  • Ocean Tattoo 69
  • Ocean Tattoo 67
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Placement Ideas

Your sea body marking will never restrict you when it comes to placement because you can have it anywhere you want. The availability of endless design variations is what makes these tattoos excellent for any body part.

While some people will prefer to have a 3D ocean totem with some sharks and plants as their full sleeve tattoo, others prefer a small wave on the wrist or upper arm. Thighs, back of the neck, behind the ear, and the back also make excellent placement locations.

However, just like with other tattoo genres, the type and size of the image and also your personal preferences are what will determine where to have the tattoo.

In Short…

An ocean tattoo might not make you understand the mysteries of this vast body of water, but it will look stylish on your body. It also has some symbolic meaning and plenty of designs to choose from, and this makes it an excellent choice for your body art.

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