80 Cute Matching Tattoo Ideas for Couples — Together Forever

Matching tattoos for couples are a modern way to show someone how you feel about them. Love is a beautiful thing, and it is what defines humanity and so when you have this feeling towards someone whether you are married or dating you should always show it off.

A tattoo is a permanent mark, and so it will show your better half that you want what you have to last forever. Apart from this, the matching totems are also exquisite and so even if you just love inking your body they are also a good idea.

However, when getting inked it is important to choose something that you know what it means, and both of you will be comfortable having. Once you figure this out, there are unlimited options to choose from, and you can even come up with your unique design.

Getting inked by a pro is also important since an armature can totally ruin the message or image you want to portray and this being a permanent mark it will be a total disaster.


How to Choose the MatchingTattoos

There are many options to choose from when it comes to matching totems for married or dating couples. However, you just cannot go for any random one since most of them have a deep meaning behind them.

A couple of kind words on your wrists or cute matching birds have a hidden meaning behind them, and so you should know how to choose the right for you and your loved one.

There are no specific parameters that will dictate what you can have and what you cannot get since it will all depend on your relationship but the following important things will guide you to get the right ones.

  • Relationship:

The type of relationship that you have with your partner will determine the type that you get. Unlike others, the matching tattoos are a symbol of your relationship, and so they should describe it. Married couple will have a different symbol compared to those that have only been dating for a couple of months.

For example, a key and locket will be more appropriate for married couples since they have already committed to spending the rest of their lives together. On the other hand, a pair of cute matching birds will do just fine for those that are in the dating phase.

  • Your Partners Preferences:

Does your partner like tattoos? Not everyone would like to get inked, but most will be willing to compromise. However, even if they are willing to compromise for you, it will be unfair to have them get a big image or something very sophisticated.

And so before choosing what to have, it is important to consult or, at least, determine your spouse’s opinion on getting inked.

  • Placement:

The place you intend to get inked will also dictate the right image or words for you. If you want matching wrist tattoos, then you have to go for smaller ones as they look best in this location. However, if you want to get inked on your back or chest, then you can choose bigger ones as you have enough space.

  • Consider the Type:

Although there are many types of tattoos that you can get, you can classify them into three broad types. These three categories are matching words or numbers, images and a combination on both.

You can have a couple of words or sentences professing your love for each other, an image to show the same or a combination of words and symbols.

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Why You Should Get Matching Tattoos

  • They are an eternal symbol of your love. With these totems, you will always remember your better half no matter where you are or how long you stay apart from each other.

The tattoos will help you get through stressful situations as you will always remember that there is someone who loves and cares for you somewhere.

  • Apart from the message that they carry this matching images or words are also cool. Rather than just have the usual markings you can get more creative and get matching ones and look more stylish.
  • It is a show of commitment since it is a permanent mark. Nothing else will better demonstrate that you are committed to your spouse than a permanent mark since if you choose to get one, you will probably never be able to get rid of it.

And so unless you are committed to the person you wouldn’t go to the extent of getting inked.

  • They are trendy and give meaning to your body markings. Matching symbols are on trend and so if you are a tattoo enthusiast, they will help you keep up with the times.

And the fact that they have some meaning also contributes to making sure that you do not just get images on your body that mean nothing to you.

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Cute Matching Tattoos that You Can Have

Tattoos are very personal, and so your preferences and that of your partner’s is what will determine what is cute for you. What will look beautiful for you may not be cool to others. And this is mainly because different people have different things that they want to represent with their body markings.

However, some will always look cute for most couples and the following are a few examples.

# 1 Key and Locket

A key and locket are one of the most famous tattoos, and it also makes an incredible one for a couple who want matching symbols. With these totems, one of the partners gets a locket on the wrist, lower back or any other place that you may wish while the other gets a key.

It symbolizes that one has the key to the heart of his or her partner.

# 2 Mickey and Minnie

If you like cartoons or simple images, then Mickey and Minnie will work well for you and your partner. You can have these cute love birds on the wrist with the man getting Mickey and the lady Minnie.

To make them more attractive you can draw them in a way that when you put your wrists together, the two will look like they are kissing.

# 3 Cute Little Birds

Two cute little birds also make perfect tattoos, and they also have a profound symbolic meaning. Each one of you can have a little bird perching on a tree. However, for these markings to look good, you have to choose your birds carefully because not all look cute.

Also, make sure you know what your birds of choice symbolize because others are a sign of bad luck.

# 4 Matching Infinity Signs

The infinity sign is very common as it is easy to draw but the message that it holds is very symbolic for a couple. Having matching infinity symbols on your fingers or wrist shows that you love infinite and will last forever.

# 5 King and Queen

Card symbols also make great tattoos and if you are madly in love with your spouse you can have the king and queens of heart to show this. Although most people prefer to have them as finger markings, you can have yours anywhere you feel comfortable with or where you think it will be more symbolic.

# 6 Matching Sleeves

If you and your partners are into tattoos and don’t mind getting a lot of ink on your body then matching sleeves will also work well for you. You can have the sleeves in any pattern that you like and also include some words to show your love. It is also not a bad idea to add the image of your love to the sleeve.

# 7 Puzzle Pieces

The love of your life is the puzzle piece that is missing to make your life complete, and you can show this with a tattoo. Here the couples get matching puzzle pieces that can join to complete one big piece. You can have the pieces as simple symbols or have them as colorful as they would be in a game of puzzles.

# 8 Anchor and Wheel

An anchor and wheel are some of the most important components of a ship as it cannot operate without any of them. Since the two always go together, so does two people in love, and so one of you can have an anchor while the other can have a wheel.

These matching markings show that there is an inseparable bond between the two of you.

# 9 Arrow and Heart

The arrow and heart are one of the most if not the most common symbol used to show that two people are in love. It is also very cute, and you can have it as a matching tattoo by having one of you get the arrow and the other person a heart on the fingers or wrist.

Although they work pretty fine as mere symbols adding some color will also spice them up.

# 10 Pinky Promise

A pinky promise is a cute way of telling your partner that you will love them forever. It is also a good idea to have it inked on you so that you can always remember your commitment. For this tattoo, both of you get the word “promise” inked on the pinky finger to make it more symbolic.

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The Best Placement Areas for These Tattoos

Matching tattoos for couples are just like any other, and so you have the freedom to have yours in a place that you find most comfortable. You can have them in the same location with your partner, or each one of you can have it in the place that they like.

However, the following are the best places for you and your partner to have these symbols of love.

  • Fingers:

The fingers are one of the favorite places to have matching tattoos especially the small ones like Infinity sign and king and queens of hearts. Although finger totems may be small, they will still be very visible, and you get to see them almost throughout.

It also means that you will always be reminded of your love every time you look at your fingers.

  • Wrist:

The wrists also make a perfect placement location especially if both of you have the symbols inked on your wrist. Although the space is also small, you can have a bigger image or words than on the fingers, and they are still very visible.

  • Upper Arm:

For couples wishing to have larger images the upper arm is a perfect placement location. And the good thing is that if things go south in your relationship, it will be easier to conceal your markings if you cannot get rid of them.

  • Thigh and Ankle:

If you prefer to get inked in a private place then you can have it on the thigh. However, this will only work best for the lady as most men do not like having ink on the legs. The ankle will work well for both, and it can be a good placement area especially for small ones.

  • Lower Back:

The lower back makes a unique placement area for all totems, and the matching ones are not an exception. It will look beautiful when on the beach together with matching lower back tattoos and you can be sure that you will turn heads everywhere you go.

And the good thing is that with the lower back, you can choose when to show off your markings and when not to reveal them.

Matching Tattoo Ideas for Couples_

Matching Tattoo Ideas for Couples_

  • Sleeve:

A sleeve also makes an ideal placement area for these tattoos and depending on how much the two of you like getting inked you can have a full, half or even a quarter sleeve.

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Think Before Getting the Matching Tattoos

It is always advisable to think first and take enough time before deciding to get inked. It will even be more important when you want to get matching tattoos. Love is a beautiful thing but it will not always last forever and at the onset you cannot know for how long you are going to be together.

It would be so unfortunate to get some kind words or an image portraying your love for someone and then a couple of weeks or months the relationship comes to an end.

Apart from having a permanent mark that you cannot get rid of you will always have a reminder of what you went through with the person. And so as amazing as matching tattoos may be you should be sure that you are willing to have a reminder of the individual permanently inked on you.

You should also ensure that you think carefully and come up with words or images that will be comfortable for both of you to have on the body. Unlike with other types, you cannot make the decision to get matching one alone as you are not the only one who will be getting inked.

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