60 Best Septum Piercing Ideas – Jewelry and FAQS

One of the main benefits that come with septum piercings, as well as the beautiful jewelry you can wear in them, is the fact that they are not permanent. Unlike tattoos, these piercings will leave a trace in case you decide to stop wearing the ring.

However, this does not mean that you should get this piercing on a whim, or when you are bored or drunk. Like other piercings, it will require respect and care to ensure that it does not get infected.

Still, septums are quite hip and will prove you with unique opportunities to accessorize your face and add a bit of edge to your look. What is more, you can go classic, outrageous, small, or big with them. Additionally, this is one type of piercing that you can easily hide from your parents, boss and just about anyone else you wouldn’t want to see it.

Read on to learn more about piercing your septum:


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About Septum Piecings

With septums, the piercing will go through your nasal septum, the section that separates the right and left nostrils. The piercing needle will be pushed through the thin segment of flesh close to the front of the nose and past the cartilage.

This section is referred to as the sweet spot or the columella. However, since some people don’t have this sweet spot, the piercing might go through the cartilage although this process is quite painful. As mentioned above, this type of piercing is well concealed.

The other terms used to refer to this piercing include:

– Bull ring piercing

– Jungle piercing

– Nose piercing

– Septril

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Pros and Cons

– It is easy to conceal

– Migrations are rare and rejections impossible

– The piercing will heal fast

– It comes with easy care

– It is suitable for most people

– There’s a wide range of jewelry options available


– However, this piercing is irritating especially when you have flu or a runny nose

– It might never stay aligned

– You might get septum stench when the smell of the dead skin cells builds up

– As it heals, you might bump your nose

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Piercing Rules

That said, this kind of piercing is better than a nostril piercing because it is less common. If you are looking for something unique, therefore, you should consider getting one.

Consider the following rules about septum piercings:


  1. Incision

For starters, although the piercing is easy to do, you might also mess it up easily. Even when the piercer uses clamps, the needle might fail to go through at a level angle. This means that your piercing might come out looking wonky and crooked.

At times, you might have to get it done a couple of times (2 to 3) before it straightens up. Therefore, you should be prepared for this if you want yours to come out looking perfect.

  1. Location

The site of the piercing should be towards your nose front but high up close to the tip. If you get it pierced too low, this might bring up issues in the future.

In the same way, not everyone has a sweet spot. Therefore, if you are interested in getting this kind of piercing, it will have to be pushed through your cartilage which, as you can imagine, is quite painful.


  1. Healing

If you allow the piercing to heal while flipped up, the hole might curve upside done. This might make you feel uncomfortable when you wear jewelry after the piercing has healed.

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  1. Getting It Done

As far as possible, only get yours done at a professional piercing studio. In many cases, you will have to fix an appointment with the experts. Before the piercing is made, you might also be required to sign a consent form in case anything goes wrong.

The professionals will also show you an indicator strip to prove that the needles and clamps have been sterilized properly. If they fail to do this, insist on it to protect yourself from contracting nasty infections.


  1. Piercing Process

In many cases, the piercing will begin with a proper cleaning of the nose. The piercer will clean your nose using powerful antiseptic solutions before clamping it. After that, they will use a needle to pierce through the sweet spot.

Then, they will remove the clamp and push a temporary piece of jewelry through the hole. At this point, your piercer will clean all traces of blood and mucus before threading a ball through on the jewelry.

Although getting such a piercing might be painful, it should be over in a minute or two if you get an expert to do it.


  1. Aftercare

After your septum is pierced, you might notice a buildup of mucus and white secretion inside your nose. This is quite natural and you should not be scared about it. In fact, it is a sign that your body is healing naturally from the piercing.

However, if the secretion turns green or yellow, you might want to get the piercing checked. This is an indication of an infection and needs immediate medical attention. Similarly, you might get pus and a lump on the septum, which also requires treatment.

Still, you should never remove the jewelry even if the septum piercing is infected. This is the only way you are going to keep the hole/incision open. The jewelry will also allow the infection to drain out. If you remove it, the hole might close up, and an abscess will form.

In normal circumstances, clean the piercing with some salty water at home. To do this, mix some sea salt with water in a glass. Then, soak cotton balls with this solution and press them against the septum – one at a time.

Repeat this process for 5 to 6 minutes twice a day with the jewelry out of your nose. After that, wash your hands thoroughly and put the jewelry back into the piercing.

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Jewelry Ideas

Infinity and gold rings are huge trends for septum piercings. Although some enthusiasts use surgical steel, you might want to get an infinity ring instead. Not only does it look timeless, but it also comes with an endless circle that will make your nose look even better.

You could also go for gold jewelry, especially in different decorative designs (think elaborate flowers and other patterns). When all is said and done, your choice of jewelry will depend on your preferences.

Remember, these kinds of piercings are quite versatile and interchangeable (unlike tattoos). Therefore, you do not have to stick to a particular style.

That said, there are several main jewelry types that you can wear in a septum piercing. These include but are not limited to:


  1. a) Captive Bead Rings (CBRs)

Captive bead rings look like circular barbells. However, they have two endings with a single ball popping between the ring’s ends. These types of rings are exceptional because they are not threaded. However, you might feel some pain trying to get the bead in through your piercing.

  1. b) Circular Barbells

Incorrectly referred to as horseshoe rings, circular barbells have a bar in a 3/4 circle shape with two balls/endings/spikes screwing at each end. You should only go for internally threaded barbells because the externally threaded options might tear through your piercing.

  1. c) Clickers

Clickers are quite gaudy if that is your preference. They are shaped into straight rods with a hinge to hold a full bottom. The rod then latches on the other side. If you would like such jewelry, you should allow your piercing to heal using a straight barbell inside.

However, you should note that clickers might end up pinching your nose. They are also quite difficult to remove/unhinge.

  1. d) Retainers

Retainers flip up into the nostrils. This means that they are shaped such that they will grasp inside the nose to ensure that the jewelry does not fall (which sometimes happens with circular barbells).

Retainers are also available in the staple-shaped and a curvier shape, depending on what you what.

  1. e) Others

Other options include:

– Segment rings

– Curved barbells

– Pinchers

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FAQ Section

Q: Do Septum Piercings Hurt?

A: Sitting through this type of piercing isn’t all that difficult to do. If you go to an expert piercer, they will pass the needle through the soft, thin piece of skin located close to the tip of the nose right between the cartilage and the rigid and thick skin below.

You might, however, find the sensation strange. Similarly, your eyes might water and make you feel like sneezing. However, the piercing shouldn’t be painful.

Q: Can I Conceal the Piercing?

A: This facial piercing is one of the easiest to hide. In case you get a septum retainer, all you have to do is flip it back inside the nostrils, and no one will see it. However, the jewelry might be visible when people who are shorter than you look directly into your nose.

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So, there you have it – the ultimate guide to septum piercings. As you look for this kind of piercing, be smart about your decision. This means that you should know what you are getting into by doing your research.

As always, only get a trained expert to do the piercing. Only an expert piercer will know what they are doing. To narrow down the options, ensure that you read as many online reviews as you can find. Also, ensure that they have sterilized the equipment they will use.


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