40 Fabulous Snake Bites Piercing Ideas– Important Things You Should Know

Snake bites piercing is very demanding among the young generation of today and more and more young boys and girls are getting attracted to this piercing method to enhance their style and self-appearance.

There are different types of body piercing are available and some of them include labret piercing, snake bite, Monroe piercing and others. The snake bites are done on the lower lip of a person evenly separated from the center of the lip making it look like a snake bite.

This piercing term is also sometime used when two side piercing takes place such as tongue, eyebrows or cheek piercing but in general snake bites piercing directly indicates lower lip piercing.

If you are interested in piercing your lips then here we have given some important tips that you must know about this procedure. Here you will get to know about the handling methods and aftercare methods of piercing.

Following these methods will help you to get your lips pierced successfully and you will be able to show a different style to your friends and family. Let’s explore about lip piercing in detail:


Things to Know Before Snake Bites Piercing

Lip piercing is an exciting thing for many but equally, it is an important and sensitive decision which requires a lot of care.

The first thing that you have to consider before piercing is choosing a professional piercer specialist who has years of experience in lip piercing, who is trained and well recommended.

The best thing is to find a professional piercer who is Association of Professional Piercers (APP) certified. Certified piercers are well aware of the methods of piercing and they will pierce following safety guidelines ensuring no risk or side effects after the piercing procedure.

The second important thing that you have to consider is choosing the right jewellery for piercing. The lip is a sensitive part of our body and the skin of different person respond differently to metals. You have to choose such metal which is suitable for your skin.

If the metal is not suitable for your skin then it can lead to infection to the pierced place. As you will live with lip piercing for at least few years or rest of your days, it is important for you to consider the above things to make it a safe process for you.

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Aftercare Tips

As mentioned earlier that snake bites piercing needs a lot of care during and after the procedure. The lip is a very sensitive part of our body and if the pierced place is not maintained properly then an infection may occur at the place.

You need to take a good care of your lips until it heals properly. You can follow the given steps:

Keeping the area clean is the first thing that you have to always keep in mind. Clean your hands before touching the place and guide others to wash their hands before touching your pierced spot.

You have to clean the place with antibacterial soap with lukewarm water every day to keep the area clean and infection free.

After piercing your lips, you may also see crusty developing around the spot and if it does, you have to clean the area with warm water at least two times a day.

If you face any kind of problem after piercing then consult with professionals or with doctors to take proper medication. Swelling, tenderness and itching are some common things that many people suffer after piercing.

Professionals recommend taking Vitamin B or zincking supplements for a better, safe and quick healing procedure.

Brush your teeth with medicated toothpaste and use soft bristled toothbrush to ensure the pierced place is safe.

You can also try rinsing your mouth with salt water to speed up the healing procedure.

Rotate the piercing metal to ensure that it is not stuck on the place and rotate the metal at least two times a day.

It is recommended to not smoke, eat or drink after few hours of piercing.

You also have to avoid swimming until the spot is healed properly.

These are some steps that you should follow as an aftercare process of lip piercing to make your piercing successful.

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The Cost of Snake Bites Piercing

The cost of lip piercing varies from place to place but lip piercing can cost approximately $80 to $120. The cost also includes the cost of the jewellery. If you are looking for a cheap place for lip piercing then you can search on the internet to find a place that offers cheap piercing.

Apart from cost, you also have to consider the quality of the shop to ensure a safety procedure. Many stores offer low price for the procedure but they offer a bad quality piercing which may lead to infection later.

The best thing is to find a local store where the piercers are APP certified. APP certified professionals may ask a bit higher price compared to non-professional piercers but this way you will be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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Is There Any Risk Associated with Lip Piercing?

It is a common question of many people that whether there is any risk associated with this procedure or not. As the procedure includes piercing then the pain factor is absolutely present here and it is one kind of risk to everyone because no one loves to feel pain.

On the other hand, the procedure needs at least 2-6 months to heal properly and until it gets healed you cannot lead a normal life. As mentioned in our aftercare section that you have to maintain the aftercare procedures to heal the spot as early as possible.

Swelling, infection, allergic reaction, and itching etc. may also occur in some cases after piercing. To avoid any kind of risk you need to take proper care of the spot and consult with professional in case of any serious injury or problems.

These are few important details about lip piercing that everyone should know before taking the decision. If you can do small efforts then you can successfully do lip piercing anytime and anywhere you want.

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