75+ Cute Snowflake Tattoo Ideas – Express Your Individuality With These Icy Little Marvels

Even those of us who don’t like feeling chilly in cold weather cannot deny the beauty of snow. A soft white blanket draped over the outside world.

The idea of snow brings happy images to mind like children throwing snowballs or building snowmen and adults walking romantically beneath a shower of frozen flakes. The splendor of snow is revealed not only in its bright white color, but also within the shape of individual snowflakes.

These tiny complex marvels are created when drops of water freeze inside a supercooled cloud and form ice crystals in a six-sided star shape. No two snowflakes will ever be the same, which is amazing to consider.

Perhaps that is why the snowflake is fast becoming a must have tattoo, suitable for men and women. Snowflakes are also associated with the Christian holiday, Christmas, which occurs in winter in Europe, Canada, and Northern America.


Snowflake Tattoo 62Snowflake Tattoo Designs To Consider

You may think that there could not be many different designs for the snowflake tattoo but you would be wrong. There are quite a few variations so it is definitely possible to have a design as unique as the snowflake! Here are a few ideas:

  • Snowflake Tattoo 68
  • Snowflake Tattoo 67
  • Snowflake Tattoo 66

Statement – This is usually just one flake. There is a wide range of variations for the single snowflake – including thick and thin lines, simple or intricate designs and of course, size and color.

In a Group – Snowflakes look lovely in a group and often this design will include flakes of different sizes and sometimes slightly different designs as well (for example a large flake surrounded by smaller ones).

In some tattoo designs tiny dots are added in-between to represent smaller snowflakes.

Combined with Other Subjects – Snowflakes can easily be mixed with other winter subjects like cute snowmen or bare trees or other designs such as stars, birds, fairies, butterflies or quotes/sayings.

Negative space – A negative space tattoo is one that looks like a template was placed on the skin and the color was applied everywhere except within the design.

This is a design that is commonly increasing popular and it works really well for this type of tattoo. This usually looks better as a medium size tattoo.

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Meanings Associated With A Snowflake Tattoo

This is a wonderful subject to choose as a tattoo as it has various special meanings attached to it. Let’s look at some of the most common themes:

Unique/Individual – Just like the snowflakes each person on earth is unique. This type of tattoo is a representation of a person’s individuality and could be used as a reminder of their singularity and their life purpose.

Fragility – Although they are very beautiful the delicate ice shapes do not last long once they have fallen to earth. This could be a symbol of how fleeting life can be and that we should treasure every moment that we have.

Graceful – A single snowflake falls gently from the sky and many view the movement as elegant and graceful. Tattoo lovers may get a tattoo such as this to represent the gracefulness found in nature and perhaps as a reminder to act this way in life.

Transformation and Rebirth – Once the snowflake has landed, it will soon begin to melt back into its liquid form. For this reason, some people see it as a symbol of transformation and rebirth – as the water will travel through the same cycle again and again.

Serenity/Peace – Clients will often choose a snowflake tattoo after they have overcome a difficult situation in their life. It symbolizes peace – as it falls quietly to the ground without disturbing anything around it.

A tattoo such as this could be used a totem for inner peace and serenity.

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Placements For Snowflake Designs

This tattoo works extremely well as a small design which is great news if you are getting your first tattoo or you want a meaningful design that is also easy to hide. Snowflakes in a group also make a good small to medium tattoo design.

  • Snowflake Tattoo 76
  • Snowflake Tattoo 74
  • Snowflake Tattoo 77

You could consider any of the following areas for your tattoo; inner wrist, ankle, top of foot, shoulder blade, nape of neck (easy to hide under long hair!), lower back, hip, tummy, rib cage (side), behind the ear, shoulder blade, forearm, or thigh.

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Colors To Consider For Your Tattoo

This type of tattoo can work well in solid black – especially as an outline or statement piece, but before you decide on black take some time to consider other colors as well.

You could have a black outline which is filled in with color – winter hues work particularly well – think purples, dark greens, and icy blues.

White ink should also be considered – not only does it fit in perfectly with the subject and winter theme, but it is also trendy and slightly more subtle that other colors.

  • Snowflake Tattoo 75
  • Snowflake Tattoo 73
  • Snowflake Tattoo 72
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Special Techniques To Ask Your Artist About

You want a tattoo that is unique – everyone does – so why not chat to your tattoo artist about a 3D snowflake tattoo? The artist will usually line the design with white ink to make it pop – this can look really eye-catching!

In Short…

Snowflakes will always fascinate us and they are truly a marvel of nature. It is incredible to think that something so beautiful is created naturally.

To capture this image in a tattoo design not only shows love for the natural world, but also has special meanings like grace, peace, individuality, and transformation.

These icy images can be turned into singular tattoo designs as there is a wide range of techniques and styles to choose from. For the first time tattoo client a snowflake is a stunning starter tattoo and because it works well even as a tiny design it can be secreted away without any fuss.

There is also a range of colors to choose from so consider adding in some blues and even silver to make yours stand out. This is a classic design which will always be there to remind you how unique and special you are!

  • Snowflake Tattoo 71
  • Snowflake Tattoo 70
  • Snowflake Tattoo 69

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