105+ Stunning Medusa Tattoo Designs & Meaning— Eerie and Captivating

Medusa tattoo is an interesting inking inspired by ancient mythology. Basically, Medusa is a character in the Greek mythology. She is a mythical creature and the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto. The face of this creature is more like a monster while several venomous snakes make her hair.

Any person unlucky enough to stare at the face of this creature would turn into stone. This creature is a powerful emblem and also an inspiration for several forms of art, movies, books and video games.

Her image is used as an emblem of Sicily flag and in Czech Republic, the image of the mythical creature appears in the coat of arms of the Dohalice village.


The Meaning of Medusa Tattoos

Medusa is a mythical creature of the Ancient Greek myth characterized by head of snakes and fatal gaze. The image of this gorgon is meant to terrify, turning the onlookers into stone. Among three sisters, she is the only mortal gorgon and therefore the only fallible.

Medusa can be depicted as a horrifying hag or as a beautiful maiden depending on the image’s aimed tone. The myth of Medusa is tragic – a woman born of the gods but later cast into mortality and also cursed as a hideous snake haired woman.

Eventually she was beheaded but remained an iconic protection figure and female wisdom.

There are many relics from the Ancient Greece which depict this image of a snake-haired Medusa as a representation of protection. Ritually, people used this image on weaponry, armor, doorways and entrances mainly to ward away evil.

The Medusa’s Face grimace petrifies evil spirits in their tracks therefore keeping the people who brandish this image safe. As a protection symbol, the gorgon also symbolizes some other aspect of mother goddess particularly as the child of Gala – the creator.

In modern sense, the image of this mythical creature may be used as a warning to keep other people at a distance. The dark tones enhance the creatures’ hideous features and present its visage as a dreadful monster.

The snakes around Medusa’s head are usually depicted as coiled and always ready to strike therefore emphasizing her power.

On the contrary, you can portray Medusa as a fair faced woman – mortal woman. Some versions of the Medusa myth tell her rape by Poseidon which eventually transformed her into the horrifying monster.

Eventually, her beheading lead to the birth of Pegasus and Chrysador (a giant holding a huge sword) which is a lesser known Greek figure. The representation depicts Medusa as a fertility symbol even though her body produces offspring after her beheading.

The death of this creature turns to be a regeneration process which connects her with Gala.

Medusa tattoos are visually striking and are deeply symbolic. At the end, the inking symbolizes exactly what you want it to represent. The tattoo may represent:

  • Evil
  • Feminine power
  • Magic
  • Personality
  • Lifecycle
  • Rebirth
  • Envy
  • Death
  • Jealousy
  • Transformation and
  • Freedom

Snakes on the gorgons head symbolize life’s natural cycle – representing death and rebirth. People depicted Medusa as a creature with wings which represented freedom.

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Designs of Medusa Inkings

This inking is ideal for anyone looking for a tattoo different from the most common ones. Moreover, there are several ways of depicting the creature. The legendary Medusa has an outrageous face and therefore there are tats which give her a monster’s face.

  • Medusa Tattoo 107
  • Medusa Tattoo 106
  • Medusa Tattoo 105

But however, there are some people who choose to give her an angel’s face. Therefore, if you are not ready for an evil face, you will have an option to select another face.

Realistically, the face may be cartoonish, drawn in black or color ink. You should also take your time to view the different designs your tattooist will provide you with before deciding on one. This will provide you with a general idea of what is already available for the tattoo design.

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Common Types of Medusa Tattoos

For a long time, tattooists have experimented with Medusa’s image and have created brilliant tattoo pieces. The following are some of these tattoos:

  • Upper Arm Medusa Tattoo

A tattooist can place a Medusa inking on the upper arm using black ink as the main color. What should stand out in such a tattoo are the scarlet ruby ornaments and the blood red eyes. Your tattooist can also infuse the inking with generous glamour.

  • Medusa Tattoo 102
  • Medusa Tattoo 103
  • Medusa Tattoo 104

Such tattoo can effectively cover the center of your back. When inscribed on a strategic body part, the tattoo art will appear better.

  • Weeping Medusa Tattoo design

Since Medusa is a tragical character of the Greek mythology, women who wish to share the tragedy and the sorrow of this creature’s life can get an inking of weeping Medusa on their body.

White eyes in a Medusa’s head tattoo symbolize the creature’s magical power. This is one of the commonest tattoo designs in the market.

  • Full Figure Medusa Inking designs

A full Medusa’s figure with bewitching look in the eyes is one of the art full designs you will get in the market. The tattoo design is also popular and tattooists will mostly place it on the side of your body. It’s a women’s inking design.

  • Medusa Tattoos with a Sword and Shield

Perseus, a Greek hero, used Medusa’s head to save the life of her mother from Sea Monster’s – kraken – laws. Therefore, a Medusa’s head with a shield or in a shield and criss-cross swords tattoos symbolize protection from danger and evil.

A Medusa head featuring a fierce look – with an open mouth with sharp teeth – is one of the common tattoos that you will easily get in the market.

  • 3D Medusa Tattoo Designs

Another common Medusa tattood design involves usage of the realisting 3D pictures inked on your skin.

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Aftercare Recommendations

To prevent any infections on your tattoo, you should observe some care procedures. Some of these procedures are:

  • Remembering to clean your hands before you touch the tattoo.
  • Immediately you get home, you should remove the bandage within two – four hours after getting the tattoo and you should never re-bandage.
    • Medusa Tattoo 100
    • Medusa Tattoo 99
    • Medusa Tattoo 101
  • Remember to clean your tattoo with a good anti bacterial liquid soap. You should do this gently and you should avoid using a wash cloth or anything similar that can exfoliate the tattoo. Use your hands only.
  • After cleaning your tat, you should gently part it dry using a clean cloth /a paper towel. Never rub or even use any fabric with a rough surface.
  • In the first to three to four days you should rub a small quantity of ointment on the tattoo. Use anything that you know you aren’t allergic to it and always clean your hands well before touching the inking.

Don’t place your fingers’ back into the ointment so that it won’t be shiny or greasy (you should use the thinnest amount as possible). Avoid using petroleum, Bag Balm or petroleum. Wash the tattoo, dry and apply the ointment 3 to five times in a day as needed.

  • During the first night, remember that you should wrap the tat in a saran wrap to help prevent it from sticking to your sheets. Avoid using any pads or cloth bandages as the fibers may adhere to the open tattoo and even affect the healing process.
  • Wear clean and soft clothing (avoid things that are irritating or abrasive) over the tattoo for around 2 weeks after the piercing. If the tat is on your foot, you should go barefoot but in case you must wear shoes then, you must wrap the clean cotton socks before you put on the shoes.
  • After the fourth day, the tattoo may start to peel. This is normal and you should not pick the skin. Start using a mild unscented lotion and which is free from perfumes or dyes.
  • Use the lotion for at least two weeks, 1-2 times per day.
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Medusa Head Tattoo Placement

Whether you are intending to get the first Medusa head tattoo or the fifth one, you may be wondering on its placement. To identify where to ink the new tattoo, there are some things that you should consider.

Correct tattoo placement is important since the right spot will definitely make your tattoo appear the best and also enhance your physique in an attractive way. For example an inking with curvature will appear best on a larger prominent part of your body such as the arms, legs or the side of your thigh.

On the other hand, a small tattoo may be lost if placed on such body parts. When placing the tattoo, the scale of the design should be your first consideration.

The visibility of your Medusa head tattoo is another important consideration. Because the inking is be permanent, you will have to think seriously about it.

If you are looking for a design that you will easily hide, possibly the back of your neck and in case you have longer hair at your lower back, the hips or your upper thighs will be a great consideration.

But if visibility is not a concern and you would like to show off your body art, then you can place it on the upper chest, wrists, arms, face and even on your hands. However, you should bear in mind that placing an inking on such body parts can highly affect your career.

You should also consider how you want the tattoo to be visible to yourself. A stunning tat placed on your back won’t be appreciated and you will hardly see it. If your desire is to see the tattoo on a daily basis, then you should place it where you will see it much easily.

The size of the tattoo design also matters when you are deciding on the tattoo placement. If you want to include more details, then the tattoo will be large.

To have the best inking, you should work with your artist from the selection process to the placement and when selecting the other aspects to include in the tattoo. By working with your tattooist, you will get the best tattoo that you will be proud of when displaying to your friends.

  • Medusa Tattoo 98
  • Medusa Tattoo 97
  • Medusa Tattoo 96

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