How to become a good tattoo master while studying in college

So if you are reading this, then you are already interested in inking some skin while still in college. There are some great ways to get into the trade as I have done the same and will tell you of some of my pitfalls.

An art degree is not compulsory

If you are one of the lucky ones to be studying art then sure go ahead and try a new canvas. I say this with caution as there a lot of basic tuition that needs to be taken onboard first. But if you are like the rest of us and studying something unrelated, then there are some other benefits. I happened to be studying music, but this was great to find inspiration and also potential clients. You will also see your creativity through something in time, but first, it takes a lot of practice. Some of the best tattoo artists I’ve met did not go to art college and just had basic training. I would seriously advise against practicing on one of your mates as a low-quality tattoo is permanent, and they might not like it when you finish college. Until you have had enough training, I wouldn’t even practice on yourself. I made the unfortunate mistake of tattooing a few friends and myself at a party and ended with a mustache on my finger, which I still have today! So be warned make sure you are of a right mind when working.

Be focused

First, you need to learn the basics of being a tattoo artist, and there are a few different ways to do it. I took a part-time apprenticeship that taught me everything I needed to get up and to run. This gives you hands-on experience and working closely with professionals always helps. This is great if you can spare the time and only took me about six months to complete.

One of the best tips I picked up to get extra spare time was getting a professional essay writer to finish off annoying assignments. This is great as they can do any topic and any deadline and with student-friendly prices. Another tip is to ask your art department if they have any contacts that can help. I had an art teacher at my Uni that helped me find local tattoo parlors that needed staff and would take on inexperienced graduates. I could make some money and gain experience without paying out for any equipment of my own.

Build a portfolio to express you

Even before you start tattooing anyone, you should collect all your drawings and sketches to show off your creative side. Remember this will be your CV when applying to prospective tattoo shops or employers. When you do finally put ink to skin take photos of the masterpieces to stick into the portfolio make sure you ask permission from the customer and explain why you are taking the photo. There are some cool online guides to help get shape your portfolio the best possible.

License to thrill

Check if you need a license in your state or country and how often it has to be updated. Depending on where you live this can involve some really important training. I remember going on a course that was part of getting a license that detailed how to avoid blood-borne diseases and different types. It was really interesting and not had to cover this much before. There also can be a possibility of taking an exam or even a minimum amount of tattoos or hours worked before you allowed to work legally. Be sure to check all the requirements before starting work.

Continued education

Once you are up and running and bringing a little bit of happiness to the people, it is essential to keep your skills up to date. I would recommend going to visit conventions and seminars to see what’s happening in the art world around you. Always look for inspiration where possible. Check out different classes for various techniques it doesn’t matter if you don’t use them very often, but it can all help develop yourself as an artist. Have fun and experiment then you will find your style!

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