45 Superb Sun Tattoo Designs & Meaning – Bright Symbol of The Universe

sun tattoos

One of the most unique and beautiful tattoos is the sun tattoo. These tattoos have been applied by many people and they are normally very elegant in their display. Essentially, the sun gives you the light, energy and heat. Above all, it is also an element of growth and life for most of the living things.

A number of communities have used the sun symbol in the ancient times.


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History of the sun tattoos 

The ancient communities used the symbol of the sun to signify fertility and energy. The Native Americans regarded the sun as the day’s guardian and that it had the powers to heal. The ancient design of the sun was an ordinary circle that had a point at the center.

sun tattoos

This is the design that is mostly used in astronomy and astrology. In ancient Egypt, they linked the sun with Ra, the zenith of the sun, Horus, the rising sun and Osiris, the setting sun. There are some cultures that considered the sun to be sacred and it was generally used as a holy symbol.

sun tattoos

sun tattoos

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There are some that worshipped the sun for that, they had tattoos of the sun around their bodies. Different cultures had different understanding of the sun, but it was all understood that the sun was highly holy.


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Meaning of the tattoos 

The tattoos of the sun are drawn in different designs and they have different meaning, depending on the basis or foundation of that tattoo. The sun tattoos can be drawn to symbolize endurance, rebirth, fertility and strength.

sun tattoos

sun tattoos

The style that it is drawn in will depend on the tribe. Technically, different tribes or communities have different ways of drawing the sun.

There are some, who will draw the sun and the moon together. Some cultures believe that the sun and the moon represent a man and a woman, who have been spiritually joined. 


In Christianity, the sun symbol will represent the force, life, power, rebirth, energy and strength. There are some that believe that the sun symbolizes Jesus Christ, with His different characters. Basically, they have different meaning, but all are related to the life and its well being. 

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Types of the sun tattoos 

There are are designed, in relation to different meanings. Here are the most common tattoos of the sun.

sun tattoos

sun tattoos

sun tattoos

sun tattoos

Sun and moon tattoo design. This type of tattoo will have different meanings. Nonetheless, they are mostly used to imply the unity of two opposites, like male and female. They are also used to symbolize unity, cooperation, in place of diversity and controversy.

They can also be used to represent power, life and energy. They are mostly drawn side-by-side and in a circular manner. 


Sun fish tattoos. These tattoos will take the image of an imaginary ocean fish and they are mostly meant to symbolize the Mola witch, which is round in shape. It has a unique ability to float on the ocean surface for a long time and it is believed to be sunbathing.

That is why it is called the sunfish. It can be drawn on the upper arm or on the sides of the person. 

sun tattoos

sun tattoos

sun tattoos

The rising sun tattoo. This tattoo basically implies a new beginning, or generally a new life. Mostly used when someone has taken a new turn in their life, maybe a change in the way of life and behavior.

It is mostly considered a masculine symbol and is believed to have divine and majestic powers. Some people apply the rising sun tattoo to symbolize courage, vitality and knowledge. There is the Japanese sun tattoo that is commonly applied and it is linked to their culture and is quite elegant in its display.


This tattoo is mostly used to show the automobile drifting passion, which is a common sport in Japan. It is also applied by the martial arts fans in the US. 

The tribal sun. These tattoos have been used for quite a long time and they have gradually come back. The patterns of the tribal sun will symbolize strength, power or a new life. They come with a barb wire and a bold flame design that comes from a dark circle.


The tattoo will appear that it is gradually moving and spinning. You should choose the design keenly, in order to ensure that it appears elegant and that it has the correct meaning. 

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Sun and cloud tattoos. These are also quite elegant in their appearance and they have different meanings. The Japanese sun and cloud tattoos are highly valued, with a high importance and meaning.

Despite the popular rock band, Pearl Jam, using the sun and cloud tattoos, the tattoos have other meanings. The tattoos might mean the desire of something or the pain of a lost one.

sun tattoos

Sun and stars tattoo. There are tattoos that will have three stars, with a sun. These three tattoos are mysterious and they are used in different manners. There are some that are to signify a negative meaning, while others symbolize a positive meaning.

sun tattoos

The use of a sun with stars can be used to symbolize an achievement in life and they can be used in different ways. The use of stars will range from one person or culture to another. 

There are some tattoos of the sun that will be colored, to enhance the appearance and relevance. In most cases, the tattoos will be colored, if the sun is used with other symbols like the moon, stars or clouds. It is quite important to color a tattoo of the sun, especially if you want to present the energy of that tattoo.

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In most cases, you will want to use natural colors for your tattoo, but ensure you visit a professional to design the tattoo for you. 

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Depending on the meaning of the tattoo, the color should be chosen wisely. Ensure that you understand the meaning of a particular color, in order to match it with the tattoo, in relation to the tattoo’s meaning.

Different tattoos of the sun will have varied meanings, but in most cases, the tattoos are used to show life, strength, and other positive energy in the person. They can be applied in different areas of the body, but mostly on the upper part of the hand.


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