125+ Stunning Arm Tattoos For Women – Meaningful Feminine Designs


There was a time when ladies with tattoos were frowned upon, even when they were mainstream for men. Luckily, we live in a time where this is no longer the case and tats are a common form of self-expression for women.

Arm tattoos for women may be lovely and cute as well as aggressive. A woman can choose any area of her body for her design, like getting a garter tattoo on her thigh, but most prefer the back, feet or arms. Today we will look at arm tattoos for women as well as different designs and techniques to consider.

Women generally have smaller bodies than men and they tend to choose smaller, more feminine designs. They may choose to rather have a few small or even micro designs where men would rather opt for larger pieces.

Ladies are also less likely to have aggressive designs and generally opt for a tattoo that has special meaning to them.


Designs and Meanings of Different Arm Tattoos For Women

In this article, we have joined the design and meaning section together because there are many popular arm tattoo designs for women and each of them have different meanings. This list is hardly complete as there are so many subjects and themes to choose from if you find any design interesting, you can select a recommended tattoo artist whu use the best wireless tattoo machine to help you get such an arm tattoo.

We have tried to cover the most requested and sought after designs.

Butterflies and Dragonflies – The butterfly is an immensely popular design for women and a little series of colorful butterflies along the arm speaks to a woman’s desire for freedom and change.

Dragonflies are also interesting and meaningful tattoo subjects which are thought to symbolize joy, strength, and bravery. Both butterflies and dragonflies are excellent subjects for hyper-realistic or 3D pieces.

Birds and Feathers – Different birds have different symbolism attached to them but generally a bird tattoo represents a spiritual person. Swallows are a hot choice at the moment and represent peace, femininity, and safety.

Other birds often chosen by women for arm tattoos are hummingbirds, peacocks, parrots, owls, and doves. Girls also like feather designs– feathers are believed by some tribes to hold spiritual power.

Sailor Jerry Tattoos – These old school tattoo designs are rooted in American Serviceman history and include all types of sea and sailor related images such as anchors, ships, swallows, hearts, stars, compasses, and turtles.

These designs usually have thick outlines and are colored in reds and yellows. Once only worn by men this type of tattoo is definitely on trend right now for both sexes.

Hearts – Great as micro tattoos or in a group, hearts can be simple outlines or filled in with colors. Often hearts will be added into a design by female clients.

Infinity symbol (with or without words)- Infinity symbols on the inside of the wrist or outer arms are a beautiful choice for female pieces and you can individualize your design by adding a name or word into the loops.

  • Arm Tattoo 124
  • Arm Tattoo 122
  • Arm Tattoo 123

BandsArmband tattoos around the wrist, lower or upper arm make gorgeous pieces and women love them because they look so ornamental. These designs can range from simple solid lines to intricate patterns.

Arrows – The arrow is a hipster tattoo design which symbolizes grace and elegance and looks great as a medium size design on the outer arm.

Sleeves – Female tattoo fans could decide to go for a full or half sleeve arm tattoo on one or both of their arms. You could design your own with a mixture of pictures and images that you love or choose a theme such as galaxy, steampunk, Sailor Jerry, biomechanical or nature.

Dreamcatchers – Dreamcatchers are beautiful subjects for feminine tattoos and are often designed with beads and feathers. The dream catcher is meant to capture bad energies ensuring peaceful sleep – something perfect to keep close to you.

Flowers – Flowers are a symbol of femininity and growth and will always be a firm favorite among women. Roses are often included in arm tattoos – mainly in reds and pinks. Other flowers that are requested are daisies, lotus, cherry blossoms, hibiscus, and lily.

Flowers are a great way to add color to a design and every flower has individual meaning – e.g. roses are a totem of hope, new beginnings and balance.

  • Arm Tattoo 121
  • Arm Tattoo 119

Fairies – Fairies, either alone or in a nature scene, make gorgeous feminine tattoos. These mythical creatures represent desires, innocence, and mischief. There are many designs to choose from and these can also make a striking Gothic tattoo for girls who don’t want anything too “girly”.

Cartoon – Ladies are more likely to get funny or cute tattoos and cartoon characters encompass both. This type of tattoo says you are fun loving! There are so many designs to choose from but Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, Tweety Bird and Winnie the Pooh are all worth looking into.

Animals – Women also commonly request animals for their arm tattoos – usually as a medium size design for the upper arm. These animals usually have traits they identify with.

The most commonly requested animals include owls (knowledge), foxes (cunning, adaptive), cats (mystery, intelligence), tigers (energy, passion), wolves (protection) and Koi fish (luck).

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Different Arm Tattoo Placements

The most popular placement choice for women’s arm tattoos is the inside wrist. Just remember that this area is over a joint and is exposed to a lot of movement so may need more touchups than other arm tattoos.

Other placements you could consider for medium size pieces are the outer lower arm and the upper arm. More unusual placements are the inner bicep, the elbow crease and above the back of the elbow.

In Short…

While men sometimes get colorful designs, women are more likely to choose color tattoos over simple black pieces. That’s awesome because nowadays inks come in so amazing shades that you’ll find it hard to choose!

There are also a number of different techniques to consider – ask your artist about hyper-realistic pieces, 3D designs, watercolor and abstract tattoos if you want something that will set you apart.

The arm is a great place to get a tattoo for several reasons. Firstly, it’s easy to display and makes a nice accessory, especially with dresses or sleeveless dresses.

Secondly, it’s easy to cover up with sleeves or a lightweight sweater if you need to – for work or other reasons. Thirdly, (and perhaps most importantly) it’s easy for YOU to admire your beautiful artwork and to remember what it means to you!

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