TOP 10 Professional Tattoo Kits – Best Machines & Guns & Starters in 2017


A wide choice of the best professional tattoo kits, which enable you to start a tattooing career easily, is the best evidence that the world of tattooing has greatly changed with time. It is not anymore what it used to be in the ages of our grandfathers.

It may have started out as primitive practice but has now turned into one of the most prestigious niches where you can make lots of money if you take it seriously. It has become better, more complicated and tattoo lovers are getting bolder decisions with their everyday pieces.

The artistic and aesthetic aspects of a piece lie in having the best tattoo kits. Preferences vary but every good eye can tell the difference between a good kit and a poor one. From extensive research and review on customer satisfaction, this article has come up with top 10 best lists of tattoo kits.

These are the most popular tattoo sets of tools for any design one wishes for.


Grinder Tattoo Kit

Asked about the best tattoo kits for sale, you would not forget that Pirates Face is one of the pioneers of this modern art. They know the game and when they make a piece then you can trust it to give you the best results.

Since its inception, many talented tattooists have found it useful and you can’t blame them for sticking with it for all these years. You can only tell its quality once you have hands on it so go ahead and make the purchase today.

Grinder Tattoo Kit has all that is missing in other kits and this is a buying decision that you will live to cherish in your lifetime.


Unrivaled qualitiesa

It is never easy to determine the quality of a product before you have the chance to try it. But when it comes to Grinder tattoo kit, you do not need a hands-on confirmation to ascertain the quality of this piece. Its excellent qualities put it ahead over any other brand you may think of buying:

  • Comes with a 240-page guideline:

It is both a beginner as well as a professional tattoo kit. It will get you started on any easy note and you can grow to become the best in the industry. For the professionals, it is never a bad thing to learn a new trick. The guidelines are updated to the new trends and preferences of the modern tattoo lovers.

  • Comes with a 6-month warranty:

On its power and the mechanical parts, you get 6 months of orientation. If it spoils within this time frame then you are entitled to a new one.

  • 7-botttle of radiant tattoo ink:

This is an update from the previous versions. It comes with more colors and takes the art to the next level. Here is the best quality that you will find missing in most kits.

  • Comes in the complete package:

It is a full package with needles, grips, gloves, cases, ink cups and power supply. You will not need any extra supply from anywhere else. You are ready to go and bring the best to your practice.

  • A 4-tattoo machine gun:

This gives it coil count of 10 and you know this is a true performer. For what you are paying, this is worth more in terms of what service it will give to you.

Why it is a must buy

  • Designed into simplicity:

You will not need any guidance to its use; it is a ready-to-use device even for the novice artist.

  • Reliable power supply:

What you should look in your machine is its power supply. There are those that promise long service only to crush in a few days. Grinder kit is the real deal and you will love its rugged power supply.

  • The most radiant colors:

Tattoos stand out on the basis of their color and the details. Here you have 7 types of colors for your use. Your preferences are covered in this piece.

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Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder Complete Tattoo Kit with Accessories

Pirate Face Tattoo Kits are an excellent starting point for new tattoo artists and great for professionals on the go. This tattoo kit was put together with the professional tattoo artist in mind. The ...

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I purchased this Grinder kit for a nephew who needed something to get started with and was really impressed by the quality and quantity of stuff you get for the money in this kit. After a few weeks with this kit while showing my nephew the basics, I feel like it's time I left an actually useful review for those thinking of purchasing this kit.1. Tattoo Machines - Grade: AThese machines are GREAT to get started with. We've had no problems with them and they are more powerful than I had expected - true 10 coil machines. Out of the box, you need to tune these machines, but once you've done that they are good to go. They are not dedicated liners or shaders so you can tune them as you need it. The machines are lightweight (about 5-6oz) and easy to handle for a beginner. This is also great for someone experienced since it allows you to be lighthanded. I loved these machines so much, I kept one of the 4 for myself.2. Power Supply - Grade BIt's a standard power supply - nothing fancy. It does the job and puts out the amount of power needed for the tattoo machines to run smoothly. I like the LCD display over analog because it's easier to read. It comes paired with a standard foot pedal and clip cord too. None of these components are very fancy, but they work. When my nephew gets better at this, I'll probably upgrade this power supply to something better and he can keep this set as a backup.3. Ink - Grade: B-You get a lot of 1/2oz bottles of ink in this kit. The ink quality isn't great, but it's decent. It's not too thin and it lays well, although it is not as dark as higher quality inks. You get what you pay for though, since truly good ink is like $4-5 for a 1/2 oz bottle.Read more ›
June 18, 2012
The inks are decent. havent tried them all and they're not exactly the best but they work! I find the black to work the best (go figure).the power supply and pedal is different then shown in the picture but dont fear, the one i received in the kit seems to be a newer model and is working fine.all the guns are working perfectly fine with my tuning.i find the practice skin and the transfer paper COMPLETELY useless .. the transfer paper would barely transfer.. not to mention the transfer paper was bent in half to fit in the kit.The DVD is pretty much useless. it was just a burned disc? and all it had was basic tattoo images that you could easily look up on google. (wow guys).everything seemed to be cramped into the kit but it was all there.. theres this foam like thing thats suppose to hold your stuff in an orderly fasion but nothing fit in it so i have no use for it so i just threw it out.The book will teach you alot! and is worth it considering the book cost around 50$ here on amazon.but its definitely worth the price and would recommend this kit. Nothing has burnt out. some things i would recommend getting:- new ink (starbrite, skin candy, or the ink Kat Von D uses.. forgive me for i have forgotten the name of the brand. haha)-new tips (monster point/monster steel)-needles (monster point)-all your sanitary equipment ( green soap, gloves, brush set, etc)-transfer paper (spirit transfer paper)-if you want to be legit about it then get Stencil Magic Transfer Solution-and possibly/most likely a new power supplyjust my recommendations. good luck to you all and again.. this kit is definitely worth the 100$.
February 17, 2012
I started with this kit 3 years ago.I work in a shop now.This kit will get you familiar with tattooing.Upgrade everything once you're familiar.You won't get the highest quality buying in kits.
March 12, 2015
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6-Gun Tattoo Machine Kit

If top-end products are your liking then you can never get that met better than with this revolution kit. Built into a case-like design, the machine is portable and you can have it under lock and key.

The manufacturers, Gun Kit, have been in the industry for quite a number of years and they know how to bring the best in a single piece that is intended to take the market by a storm. 6-Gun Tattoo Machine Kit is a compacted piece that is easy to travel with.

Today, it is the best internet buy deal that you should have closed yesterday.


Outstanding features

  • Professionalized power supply:

It is designed to take on power ranging from 110v to 220v. It comes with a plug that will work with your country’s power hardware codes. 

  • 6-gun kit:

You have powerful service of 6 guns that are designed to different sizes. You will not miss that curve or detail that your client wants on their tattoo. It is versatile and you can thank the designer for having such an accurate foresight. 

  • A case with a key:

It is contained in a high-quality case that can be locked and leave your machine safe when you do not want to use it. It is an antique finish with steel and bronze shed on the external framework. 

  • Modernity presented in every way:

There is never a thing you won’t like about this kit. It comes in a 10 wrap coil and can be set to do both a shader and liner. 

  • Runs on low temperature:

You would not want a kit that will compromise on your client’s comfort. That is why this is the perfect machine you should be buying. It runs in low temperature leaving a lasting impression on you artwork. Customers will like your work and you know what that means to your business.

There is everything that you ask for in a modern professional tattoo kit. It is designed with the artist and clients’ needs in mind. It is startling that you have not yet made the move to make the purchase today. This is the turnaround step you need to make and you are the talk of the town for your excellent tattoos.

What an easy way to bring more business with a worthy investment that will serve you for many years to come.

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6 Gun Tattoo Machine Kit Tattoo Gun Kit By JRFOTO S-T06 Tattoo...

You are buying one brand new high quality 6 gun tattoo machine kit. Comes package in high quality carrying case with keys. Very compact for easy storage one of the best deal on internet. Items ...

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Item model number


I added this to my wishlist at the beginning of the year. I had recently had all of my equipment stolen in a home robbery and was basically going to have to re-buy everything, which was going to be very EXPENSIVE. I saw this and figured for the price I could get the machines and if they ran crappy, I could rebuild them myself. Well I never purchased this but my dad bought it for me for Christmas. I brought it home and was actually shocked about everything it came with. Then I plugged in the machines to the power supply (not the greatest PS either but it does work) and started tuning them (with a tube and needle inserted) and was even more shocked to find out they all run VERY VERY WELL, TOTALLY SMOOTH, and I barely had to adjust any of them...there was only 1 that ran so so.So needless to say, I am totally pleased. Typically, you cannot buy a quality tattoo machine for less than $150 and many run as high as $500. These machines run just as well as the ones I had stolen (and had purchased individually for a lot of money). For the price of this "kit" you are getting 6 very nice running WHO CARES ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE IN IT. LOL, seriously.1. Yes it's a crappy little foot switch and power supply, so what - - get a nice one, those aren't expensive.2. DON'T USE THAT INK! That is not good ink, do yourself and the recipient a favor, THROW IT AWAY. Go get some quality ink.3. Don't use the metal tubes, grips, and tips unless you get an must have a way to sterilize your equipment. Use disposable tubes available through Technical Tattoo Supply (.com), they don't ask questions because they want people to be safe.Ok that's it - - this product receives a much deserved three snaps in Z formation. It rocks.Take care, happy (safe) tattooing!!
December 26, 2012
If you're a starting tattoo artist this is an amazing kit to use.The ink is a no go get new ink it fades quick and does not go bold at all.The Machines are real nice and smooth running. I do recommend you get a new foot pedal tho.Everything in this kit was intact and running its a great kit i hope all that buy it use it the moment i got it i went off and did 35-50 tattoos already and nothing has gone bad on me at all i love this kit and the company there amazing hope you all have great time with this kit.put an image of the ink used in the kit and its already fading.
November 15, 2014
I bought this for my girlfriend. She was tattooing herself that night. =pIt turned out to be a very decent machine. Runs well, tattoos well.. But be warned, the different machines are for different aspects of tattooing. For example, one is for shading, one is for regular lines, and so on. But for its cost and convenience, it was a fine purchase. I've never done a tattoo, never planned to, but I did one with this machine and it was an exhilarating experience. I recommend this for most beginners, if not all.
April 16, 2011
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Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun

Professional best tattoo kits are not just made to do the basic job; they do more than what you paid for them. Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun is a full-kit collection that you should use to give some competitive edge to your artwok. For the starters, it will be easy to learn on the job and finally learn the threads.


About the kit

The quality of this piece is not in any doubt. What it promises on paper is what you get (a rare attribute to be found on most machines). It is touted as the best deal in the market for shading and lining. Build with its own casing and key, it will always be safe when you are not using it. But what makes it such a prominent product in the market today?

The features will tell you the entire story of what is in this package that you so much want and you should have bought it long time ago:

Competitive features

Among the tattooing guns in the market today, here is the king of the niche. Prominent features with the user’s convenience in mind; here is what makes it such a top best buy:

  • Comes in full accessories:

Once you buy this machine, you are ready to go. There is nothing missing here and you do not need any extra needle from elsewhere.

  • 2 10-wrap coil guns:

You have the power that you would need for shading and lining. You can make every work as phenomenal as you wish and finally you are welcome to masterpieces of tattoos.

  • Packed with instruction DVD and a demo skin:

It is understandable that you would need once in a while to get your guidelines right with every piece you are drawing. Even pros need to make such references to keep abreast with the latest ideas. The DVD has all you need to know thanks to its genius in details.

The demo skin is for your practice to make sure that once on the real thing you would not miss a single line or curve.

  • Assured power supply:

Lots of tattooing machines do not come with the assurance of long-lasting power supply mechanism. They only last for a short while and you will need a new supply. This machine comes with a guarantee of keeping you powered for long.

It is a feature you will not find in many of the other top sellers and that is why you should have your hand on it as soon as today.

  • High-quality tattooing inks:

How well would you love a set 7 popular colors that make top preferences for those who love the impressive marks on their bodies? You have your hands on them now and the rest is getting the needles and get your job done. 

This is a good buy for the kind of money it is asking for. A strong machine, passable ink and needles cut out for this job. However, it would not be for you if you are a novice. First there are no beginners’ instructions and you know you cannot begin at the top.

However, for apprentice practice then this is what you would need.

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Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun Complete Power Supply Needles 7 Inks By...

You are buying one brand new high quality tattoo machine kit. Comes package in high quality carrying case with keys. Very compact for easy storage one of the best deal on internet. Items included in ...

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Item model number


Comes with pretty much everything you'd need to open up your own little parlor. It does lock so you can keep your kids out of it, however it's just your basic 'little girls diary' type of lock and key, just a tad bigger. I included a picture but the picture does not show every little item that came with it. I'm happy to say there's nothing missing though because that usually happens to me quite often.
June 29, 2016
Amazing starter machine. I wouldn't buy this if you want to do human tattoos. The ink it supplied isn't high quality for human skin. The machine itself is not perfect the needle jumps around if you have the power supply up too high and if you have your rubber bands slightly too tight, the whole machine will just stop doing anything. But like I said as long as your aren't working on people all that is fine and manageable. This is a great practice machine for learning techniques and mechanics behind tattooing. I completed my first ever tattoo on the fake skin they supplied with the kit about 2 hours after opening the box!
October 29, 2016
First, I need to say that it's a good buy for the money. If you're reasonably familiar with tattoo equipment, this would be a smart purchase. Good machines, good needles, passable ink. However, for the tattoo novice, this isn't the kit to buy (I bought it for an apprentice to practice with). To begin, it doesn't come with any instructions. If you haven't used a tattoo machine in the past or haven't been showed how to use one, you will be pulling your hair out trying to look up the assembly instructions somewhere online. And what help you'll get is minimal at best, my apprentice called me at two in the morning hollering with frustration over it. Also, the DVD that's included in the kit it grainy, sometimes difficult to hear over the terrible background music, and not the least bit helpful. There's a fantastic "how to tattoo" series on ehow that I'd reccomend in place of the DVD for the novice, but nothing is going to help a newbie like a hands-on apprenticeship. So, overall, I'd reccomend this kit to beginners who have a general idea of what they're doing, what the parts of the machine are, things like that. For people who are trying to be self-taught, please just read up and do some studying, get an apprenticeship, then hop online and order this. 🙂
October 7, 2010
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Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4

Being in this niche for 14 years is not such a short time. That is the number of years that Dragonhawk has been making tattooing technologies. If that is not something worth grabbing your attention then the real product definitely will.

They have been branded as one of the best suppliers of tattoo accessories and they are too careful to keep their name flying high. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 machine is upgraded to the latest features and there is no way you will not fall in love with it on the first sight.


About Dragonhawk Kit 4

Developed by one of the most iconic companies in this field, this is a must-purchase piece. It has all contemporary features that you would look for in a 21st-century tattooing creation.

Professionals have their wishes taken care of since this is an advanced piece designed to bring aesthetics and details in your art. It is a safe, convenient and hands-on machine that will revolutionize your practice. No wonder it has won the hearts of many professionals from all corners of the world.

Impressive features

The details in every feature make this a machine cut from a different cloth. And if you would wish to be a witness to its greatness, have a look at the features that comes endowed with it:

  • Top quality Dragonhawk patented power supply system:

When it comes down to the power supply, this is a serious machine that has its own specific power supply system. It has proven to be of the best quality feature that is rarely common in other brands.

  • Glistering ink varieties and their cups:

You are ushered to one of the widest varieties of ink collections. It has 20 bottles of immortal ink and you know that once a tattoo is made it can only last for eternity. You have 100 ink cups and your job can never get easier than it gets around here. 

  • A full set package:

You have all that a professional tattooist needs. A single set of adjusting tools, machine gun grips, a practice skin, and additional attachments are all at your service. 

  • 50 pack of defined quality needles:

Your set is never complete without the needles. Here you get 50 of them and their quality is unmatchable.

  • 4-piece dragon honor tattoo machine:

This is dedicated to lining and shading both of which are crucial to making your art look great. You do not have to try so hard to get a thing right when the machine can intelligently offer assistance. 

For both the accomplished and amateur artists, here is a piece that will complement your level of skills. You can go as far as your skills’ prowess but that is not your limits with this machine by your side. More than 20 countries around the world are importing this product.

It has earned an acclamation to be a global bestseller and you know that you are making the right kind of decision with such a purchase.

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Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Standard Tunings Tattoo Machine Guns Power Supply...

#productDescription .aplus-3p {width: 970px} .aplus-3p ul {overflow: hidden;} .aplus-3p ul li {list-style-position: inside;} #productDescription .aplus-3p table {border-collapse: collapse !important; ...

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First off let me say I have I used the needles and also the inks with this package. I can only vouch for my own experience.Some of the best tattoos I have seen have come from prison and that was using threading needles and ballpoint pen ink in less than desirable and sanitary conditions. I paid $62.99 for this kit and I would pay that for a dummy machine just to learn how to disassemble and reassemble the parts. But this is an actual working machine with everything you'd need and than some to produce actual tattoos.#1 If you do not know how to assemble a machine you may burn your power supply out. There is a lot of fine tuning needed to get your machine working right, so Youtube as many videos as you can BEFORE you flip the switches and than wonder why you burned your supply out running 10 amps when your rubber bands are clenching the needle so tight it can barely move.#2 If you are worried about the needles in this kit I suggest you do what I did and field sterilize them. Rubbing alcohol and the flame from a lighter are a simple but effective way to get the needles in satisfactory condition for my own peace of mind. (I have sterilized needles like this many times in the military- but hey what do I know?)#3 If you have sensitive skin or plan to use these inks on sensitive skin I suggest you look for other ink options. I did not have any problems using them but I used them all the same so I could give an honest review (I have my own supply of inks that I use on a routine basis)Again, this is just ink, and who knows what's in it, trust me when I say they use worse compounds in traditional ethnic tattooing. If you are that afraid of poisoning yourself you should probably just not buy this kit at all.Read more ›
March 26, 2016
First off let me say I have I used the needles and also the inks with this package. I can only vouch for my own experience.Some of the best tattoos I have seen have come from prison and that was using threading needles and ballpoint pen ink in less than desirable and sanitary conditions. I paid $62.99 for this kit and I would pay that for a dummy machine just to learn how to disassemble and reassemble the parts. But this is an actual working machine with everything you'd need and than some to produce actual tattoos.#1 If you do not know how to assemble a machine you may burn your power supply out. There is a lot of fine tuning needed to get your machine working right, so Youtube as many videos as you can BEFORE you flip the switches and than wonder why you burned your supply out running 10 amps when your rubber bands are clenching the needle so tight it can barely move.#2 If you are worried about the needles in this kit I suggest you do what I did and field sterilize them. Rubbing alcohol and the flame from a lighter are a simple but effective way to get the needles in satisfactory condition for my own peace of mind. (I have sterilized needles like this many times in the military- but hey what do I know?)#3 If you have sensitive skin or plan to use these inks on sensitive skin I suggest you look for other ink options. I did not have any problems using them but I used them all the same so I could give an honest review (I have my own supply of inks that I use on a routine basis)Again, this is just ink, and who knows what's in it, trust me when I say they use worse compounds in traditional ethnic tattooing. If you are that afraid of poisoning yourself you should probably just not buy this kit at all. I received this kit free for my honest and unbiased opinion
July 14, 2016
Awesome set, with the exception of the DVD which didn't work for me either. Only complaint is that the transfer paper was crushed under the other items so it's unusable.
June 10, 2014
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Fancier ST-02 Machine Tattoo Gun Kit 4

New in the market, Fancier’s ST-02 Machine Tattoo Gun Kit 4 is a top quality and one of the best tattoo kits that points into the future of tattooing (well, it is a piece from the past but can match the performance in the latest inventions).

From the physical package to the details in every piece it is created to be a champion. It is the best bet for beginners since it comes with a comprehensive instructions video that will give them a vivid direction of a start.


About the machine

It comes with a super quality binding casing that would be the first thing to catch your eye. It is a compacted machine that will not be a bother for storage.

It has the full package and it is designed to run on low temperature that you will like especially when you have to work under inconsistent power supply situations. It is widely gaining popularity and you would attribute that to its high-performance capability.

The futuristic features are eye-catching, and for those who know what to look for in tattooing tools then this will be a fair bargain.

Attractive features

From the external appearance to the smallest, part this is a genius kit that will rule the market for many years to come. But it would be advisable that you acquaint yourself with what you are buying and here are the outstanding features:

  • Tutorial video for novices:

Beginners may already have the talent but knowing where to start may be a big hurdle. But not with this machine that has a video tutorial. It is created in easy guidelines empowered by pictures. Easy to follow and you will be a master of the art.

  • 10 perfect wrap coils:

These are the make or break of a great tattooing piece. They can be set for both shader and liner. It is flexible and you know you have what others may wish to have in their hands. 

  • Can work in low power supply:

It comes with the option to work under power options between 110v-220v. Most countries power codes range between these figures and you can have it anywhere. It is an international brand that will give you an edge with your work and you will lead the competition for great tattoos

  • 2 rare quality empaistic grips:

You will not have trouble with your grips’ needs. At your dedicated service are 2 great quality empaistic grips that are never common in other kits. 

  • 7 bottles collection of radiant tattoo inks:

You know how important it is to your work to get the right kind of ink. It seems this kit understood how important your ink is and that is why it comes with a variety that will leave your arts oozing in quality. 

  • Excellent quality carrying case:

For those who get jobs far away from their establishments will find this a big welcome. When you carry your machine you need to be sure that it is safe and protected. This kit comes with steel casing coated with a shiny finish of bronze. It is such a magnificent look on your tool of trade.

If yours is to get the best tools in the market today, here is the ticket to such greatness and quality. Make the choice today and add an impetus to your work.

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Fancier Studio (S-T02) 4 Gun Tattoo Machine Gun Kit with Case

You are buying one brand new high quality 4 gun tattoo machine kit. Comes package in high quality carrying case with keys. Very compact for easy storage one of the best deal on internet. Items ...

Available: In stock
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Item model number


the kit is amazing i got it a few weeks ago and already got 3 tats. me and a buddy messed around with it and we both like it. i got a few people interested in this same kit. the machines work perfectly it comes with plenty of needles and supplies. the ink is a bit small for how much use you can get out of it but thats not really a big problem. the only thing i found wrong was that as a beginner its a little confusing when you first open the box. with all the tubes and the different grips i wasnt entirely sure what i was looking at the first time. if you mess around with everything you can eventually figure it out on your own. the tool kit has some extra grommets in them and tightening screws for in the grips. the extra tubes are for in the bigger purple grips and the other 2 things that have the small tightening rings are for holding the grips in place on the guns. if you look at the other 2 guns in the kit you can find out how they go onto the guns. i hope with this review i can help some other noobie avoid annoying frustrations on getting started. dont rely on the video either. i havent watched the whole thing but the first 3 scenes are crap and the practice skins are nothing like real skin. youre better off practicing on fruit or somewhere on your own body where it wont be seen and you can just fix it later. thats what i did and im already good enough to go back after they heal and fix what i already did. i know it was a long review but thanks for reading
April 26, 2011
I am a licensed tattoo artist in new Orleans and I was very pleased with this kit. All the machines worked great producing great tattoos but the ink that came with it is poo. It will go on great but it's a bit too watery and it turns light light grey after it peels. I had found myself having to buy more ink. I recommend this kit and also moms or skin candy tattoo ink
May 4, 2013
this kit is well worth the money. the contact screw locking nut is plastic on the machines but other than that its good to go.
February 3, 2011
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Complete Tattoo Kit 2

Whether you will try avoiding them, you will definitely keep buying these Kit 2 sets. References from those who have used them will make you defy the odds and buy the versatile Complete Tattoo Kit 2.

You may get the tattooist talk badly of those who would be saying you are buying cheap stuff but what matters is getting your desired results. Tune them safe, best and you will keep getting desirable work that will win over many clients.


About the kit

It is with no doubt to say this is a great tattooist kit 2 machine present in the market today. Yes, it would not be so if there was any other machine that comes at a competitive price and yet does the work to enviable perfection. It has all that would make you a great artist for both a starter and a pro.

Customer reviews speak volumes about the great features of this piece and you know that you are walking into a world of certainties if you buy it:

Outstanding features

If you want a testimony to the quality of this tattooing kit then the features won’t lie. They are tailored to suit all tattooing preferences and every day will be a worth adventure as you learn something new:

  • Dual-10 coil gun tattoo:

For both lining and shading, you have 2 high quality 10 coil gun tattoo that will give their all to underline your artistic hand. The latest technologies have 4 wrap coils but this piece is still at par with them.

  • Stainless tattoo machine grips:

The grips would be affected by elements such as moisture but not here since they come in high-quality stainless steel. 

  • Cleaning set:

Leaving your tools to get greasy and dirty will affect its performance. This is why this piece comes with cleaning paraphernalia such as brushes, disposable brushes, and special detergents. You can do the cleaning by yourself and leave the tools as good as new. 

  • High-quality Power supply set:

Power supply is an attribute you should never ignore when buying your tattooing piece. This one would run in power ranging from 110v to 230v. The power plug will outstand long hours of use. There are different cords and you can use the one that appeals to your needs. 

  • 50 size varieties of top quality needles:

You never have a complete set without the needles. Here you have 50 of them in different sizes. They are built to last long and you would not need a new set for quite some time. 

Here is the answer you have always wanted to get started. It comes with easy guidelines for the beginners and advanced tactics if you are already in the professional rank. It would be the best purchase decision you are making in a while and your customer flow will be a testimony to your high performance.

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Professional Tattoo Kit 4

Professional or not, this is the kind of a machine you should have had your hands on long time ago. It is the king of tattoos as you will find out in its performance. Convenient, faster and all-features included, Professional Tattoo Kit 4 is the deal of a lifetime.

But what is in this piece that is never in any another machine? Well, see all for yourself and make it your revolutionary tool to refine your work of art and be the judge whether this is not one of the best tattoo kits made in the history of the machine.


Product description

It comes with a super nice casing holding all its contents in one secure place. Everything is great to get you started but you may need to take care of some accessories before you get busy with what you do.

It may be advisable if you would get more varieties of needles, an extra pack of transfer paper, and a flash’ book of artwork. Everything else is in great shape and perfect working condition. There are 4 guns build in sturdy size and ready to begin a job the moment you buy them.

There are arrays of colors to use and how-to guidelines in a disc and this come in handy for a beginner who wishes to get to greatness is a short while. The supply you get once you purchase this piece can go for as many as 20 tattoos before you think of getting any more of them.

The black ink is doubled in quantity and what a great value for the amount you are paying for this!

Prominent features

  • Digital power supply set:

The machine will be operated within the range of 110v and 220. The output will be ranging between 2Vdc and 20Vdc. A very efficient foot power switch makes things easier at your hands as you concentrate with getting it right with the right shades and lines.

The insulated power offers excellent conductivity and flexibility with your tattoo gun

  • A reliable cleaning set:

You have packs of ointment and 2 pairs of disposable gloves. Your cleaning needs are all taken care of and you can rest easy knowing that you have this one covered for you. 

  • Intensive guidelines for both pros and starters:

The set makes it easy for those with experience and those on their early years in the practice. It comes with a leather-like sheet with dragon and tiger patterns for practice. This is also accompanied with a tutoring cd that gives the tips and deeper insights into becoming a great artist.

  • Gas sterilized needles:

safety, convenience and comfort at all times are attributes that should come with what you buy as part of your tattooing setup. The needles in this machine are sterilized with gas and you do not have the fears for unsafe practice. 

  • 4 powerful 10 wrap coils:

For the shading and lining creativity, here is an answer that will never disappoint. You need this to up your game and win more clients to your side.

  • Aluminum casing with 2 keys:

For the jobs you will need to travel, you have your machine secure. The casing is strong and will withstand any physical pressure. 

To give your tattooing career a boost here is a free ticket to such greatness. Make the purchase today and join the ranks of the most successful practitioners in this lucrative niche.

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Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns Power Supply Disposable Needles Inks (Double...

This Is a Top Quality Customized Tattoo Kit, all items in package are selected base on suggestions of experienced artists. All basics you need to start your tattooing hobby are included. Tattoo ...

Available: In stock
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Shipping Weight

8.4 pounds



I think for the money ,this is the nices kit,i every seen,its got useble ink,the ink in the kit is mid grade ink,and I love and collect skull tattoo machines,and I happen not to have these two in my collection, they are fair machines in price and quality, but if you tune them and do a little spring and a-bar changing ,you got a good machine ,just a little heavy, but the ones I've bought work great out of the box with a little tuning or changing out front springs no biggy,they are mainly for looks in my collection,and I love the craving grips you get with them,but with this kit you get the brass grips to match then and they sell on most web sites for around 6 or7 dollars ,not including shipping,then you got them liners shaders machines and all kinds of suplies a back up power supply or full time power box I got a power supply like this one and its on the money and works better than some of them expensive ones. people look all this stuff up, shipping and handling,you and see how much you save on supplies,the boxes are around 25.00 plus s and handling,that almost half of what the kit cost, I know I shop the internet every day.this is a good buy and a its no doult about it. I finally got my kit, and like I said ,it was going to be a good deal for the money, love them skull machines, I switched out the springs and a - bar on all them and tuned them and the skull are a little loud and the little cheap ones would be good backup machines, and the skulls surprised me with a metal thumb screw and a skull top cap.hell I didn't even get metal thumb scwews with my top of the line machines ,I was impressed, I've been tattooing three yrs ,everyday almost ,and the kit s quality surprised had nice hard nipples ,so they don't give when lining, with a little help from pliers.Read more ›
April 16, 2013
Decent product for the price. Inks are very watery so I ordered different ones. The tips don't fit in any of the machines properly which was very frustrating. The stainless steel ones don't fit at all! No directions came with this kit. I would also order different needles as they look a little misshapen. The practice skins are totally useless as they are too rubbery. Good for a starter kit if you have done proper research on tattooing and tattoo machine equipment. Despite the flaws with this kit, I am still satisfied as I read previous reviews and wasn't expecting it to be perfect.
June 9, 2015
One thing I didn't like about this kit being a beginner is that there should be a little more practice skins in it, maybe more than 2 pair of gloves that didn't fit, the iron sakura ink it came in was OK for practice skin, there are no directions on anything, the 2 skull machines are pretty heavy after 30 to 45 minutes, there's more to it but you get the idea.
July 7, 2015
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Fancier ER02 Tattoo Machine Gun Kit

Once you get your package you would be like, “all this for only $75!” Yes, that’s right, you are getting so much for so little when you decide to buy the Fancier ER02 Tattoo Machine Gun Kit. The guns will give you a good work if you know how to give them the precise dimensions.

It is just the way they say it is on paper: a greater performer, strong with the grips and build to last for long. It is a worth buy and you should not wait for this greatness to pass you and keep stalling your breakthrough into tattooing professionalism.

Dövme Setleri

About Fancier’s ER02 tattoo kit

You can tell that you are buying a top-end product from the external appearance of this machine. A shiny aluminum framework with great accessories packed in is all yours at one of the most competitive prices in the market.

With a reliable power supply, arrays of inks, multiple sized tattoo needles, and other key features; you have a machine you would be proud of thanks to its incomparable features:

The genius in features

  • Packaged in a high-quality casing with 2 keys:

You would not be more assured of your machine’s safety anywhere else than in the casing that comes with this piece. It is stout in the framework and attractive on the coating. Lock and only open it when you want to use. 

  • Separate power supply set:

You have probably heard those who said their tattoo machine guns power supply never lasted a week. It can get as bad as this and that is why you have to be sure you are buying a piece that comes with the guarantee of a long-lasting power supply.

Fancier’s pieces, this included, come with the promise of longevity and your power supply set is to no exception. It is created to be compatible with global standards and no matter where you plan to use it, it will be compatible. 

  • 1 set of adjusters and other crucial adjustments:

To fine tune your tools, you need adjustors. Here you have valuable set that will have each part at its best working condition. You will never have to put up with an under par performance just because you could not adjust a certain aspect.

  • 50 pre-made and sterilized tattoo needles:

An array of needle sizes and they are sterilized to keep your work safe. A tattooist knows what it is like to have the best quality needles at their side. Work is made easier on your part.

If you have had a bad experience with your past purchases, here is a kit that will get rid of those disappointments and once more restore trust in your talent. Buy it today and get your practice into a new level of expertise.

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Tattoo Machine Gun Kit By Fancier ER02 Tattoo Kit

You are buying one brand new high quality tattoo machine kit. Comes package in high quality carrying case with keys. Very compact for easy storage one of the best deal on internet. Items included in ...

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I just got this kit today i got it in two day shipping with amazon prime which was great. When I first got the kit I thought 'All this for 75$'. This same kit would cost three hundred bucks where I live. Ok so first off the Guns work very good,one worked better than the other. The power supply works very well but the foot pedal works but skips on and off so it kinda sucks but it gets better the more you use it. the disposable tips suck they let the needle bounce around to much so it makes a large splatter so just use the metal one it comes with, there pretty good, minimal splatter. the dvd is mad poor quality but its not bad to watch just shows how to set the gun up and you see him give a tattoo. The Inks are not the best there kinda poor actually i used the so called "Green" on a smaller tat today and it looks more turquoise than green but im not complaining it actually looks better than i thought since i blended some colors into it but back to topic the the overall is great. the case it comes in is high quality, the flaws are the foot pedal, the disposable tips, the inks, of course the practice skin and last is that the guns are a bit on the heavy side if your doing a tat like over 45 min long then the weight of the gun starts to get annoying. so thats the flaws i have experienced. before i forget the needles it comes with, there are a lot and in many sizes which if i go to the store the same box goes for around 40 bucks. there's my review I hoped it helped, i sure wish i would have read the other reviews, it may have changed my mind about buying it. =)
December 31, 2010
i have done over 30 tattoos using this machine and the came out great! I did buy new ink because the ink it came with was to watery but everything works fantastic!
June 15, 2015
I was a little iffy about the inks but they turned out better than I thought they would. The practice skin isn't that great, it's really thin and the tattoo needle goes straight through it. I am really satisfied with my purchase of this kit and suggest anyone that is new to tattooing get this kit. The guns are great and easy to put together, the power source works great, and the inks are really good even though a lot of the reviews state that they aren't. 5 stars because I love it and I am proud of to call it mine. Thank you!!
August 26, 2013
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Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 3

The best tattoo kits would have never been over without Solong claiming a spot in it. Of course, the brand does not amount to much a global popularity but you can trust the quality and expertise brought in Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 3.

Its efficiency and powerful performance to bring in a difference in every tattoo you create will keep you on top of the business. But you would not make the ultimate decision before you see all the features that come with this must-buy piece.


About Solong’s complete kit 3

This is a full set tattoo machine that is ready to go once you make the purchase. Comes with more ink colors than any other in the top 10, this is a generous deal that you should buy it today. Everything comes in high quality and it is such a piece that should have made way into your tattooing collection.

If you remember well, the 3 gun tattoo machine guns made the true revolution to what this industry has turned to be. But wait until you get into the features and you will be blown to make that purchase today:

Features to look forward to

  • The best beginner’s DVD and photo flash design CD:

If you are just dipping your leg into the sea of tattooing then here is your chance to ensure that you start on the right foot. The DVD gives you a step by step pictorial guide to what goes where and this is topped up with a helpful flash photo CD.

You cannot say you never had the right apprentice to become great because it is all here in this piece. You do not have to have someone to make you run the ropes in this niche. 

  • A full set of adjusting tools:

Here you have 3 different sizes of adjustors. You got all the parts working right and that is what brings in greatness in every tattoo you map out. 

  • 8 disposable tattoo grips:

Here they come more with a variety of sizes. You can dispose them after use and get more to keep your job rolling.

  • Digital power supply:

Power is an essential attribute that you should be looking for in a tattoo machine. There are those who buy accessories only to find out the power supply was a fake that would only last a single week. Here you have the promise of a digital aluminum power supply that will give you a long-lasting service. 

  • 54 color tattoo:

This is the piece that comes with the largest collection of colors and you will love the diversity you can give your clients. The black bottle comes in a generous bottle double the quantity of the others. 

  • 3 pro guns:

Built to give you the best shading and lining, the 3 pro guns are optimized to give you the best work. It is the best of kit 3 series of these tattooing tools. It may have been succeeded by the 4 guns series but it is still performing at the highest level.

  • A cleaning set:

It comes with disposable brushes to keep every part clean. You will appreciate this since a clean tattoo gun will be performing at the peak and you can do it all by yourself. 

You know what you want in your business but if you did not know the best tattooing machine you have the best piece here that will take you to the next level of your practice.

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Solong Tattoo® Complete Tattoo Kit 3 Pro Machine Guns 54 Inks Power...

Factory Number:TK352 3 Pro Gun Tattoo Kit including the following parts: 1/ 3 Pro Tattoo Machine Guns for Liner and Shader 2/ 1 Professional Aluminium Digital Tattoo Power Supply 3/ 1 Top foot ...

Available: In stock
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Product Dimensions

10.8 x 8.3 x 5.5 inches ; 4.4 pounds

Shipping Weight

5.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)



Item model number


I bought this Solong Tattoo® Complete Tattoo Kit 3 Pro Machine Guns 54 Inks Power Supply Foot Pedal Needles Grips Tips TK352 for my adult daughter for her birthday gift. She was beyond thrilled to have received it. It is a wonderful starter kit. She did have a problem with it but was able to successfully fix that problem by watching a YouTube video. She could not get the foot pedal to work. At first, we thought there might be a short in the wire. After watching the video, it turned out that it was just an adjustment that needed to be made. The only downfall is that this kit did not come with written directions. It would have been nice to have those but thanks to the internet and YouTube she was able to figure everything out! I highly recommend this product for those just starting out and wanting to learn how to tattoo.
March 5, 2016
For a starter kit, this definitely is functional. The products came and were fully operational and easy to put together for a newbie. As far as the ink included, I do not recommend anyone to use it. It is not consistent, does not hold, and you definitely get what you pay for in terms of a starter kit. Personally, I would suggest this kit for the equipment until better can be afforded but it is good for a starter to get a feel for the machine in your hand. My best advice is to use the ink included only on the practice skins, but not on your own skin.
December 22, 2016
Very solid product I'm a professional tattoo artist and I bought this for my teenage son (an up and coming artist) and it had the feel and performance characteristics of my pro-grade equipment. Didn't use ink that was included though. Definitely a great buy would recommend to a friend.
July 28, 2015
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E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit 2

All the basics you need for your tattooing career are readily here — in E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit 2. It does not matter whether you want to do this for a hobby or for your professional career then here is the best bet you would ever invest in.

You are getting the best of the kit 2 series that will perform in the highest level just like what you would get in the kit 4 lines.


About the product

  • 2 10-wrap coils:

with a snake leather wrap, here you have the best service for your shading and lining. This can match up to the quality of tattoos made with the latest technology tattoo machines.

  • 50 artist exclusively selected needles:

If you have been in the tattooing industry for sometimes then you know how important it is to have perfect needles by your side. Here you have the best tattooist needles that will give you the best pricking experience and put your practice ahead of other competitors. 

  • Aluminum carrying case:

If you are traveling to get a job done over the other side of town, you have a case that will carry your package safely. The casing is designed to take in shocks that may cause damage to your machine. At the same time, it is an aesthetic feature that keeps your tools looking attractive externally. 

  • UL listed digital power supply:

You can use power from the lowest end as little as 110v and go as high as 220v. The output ranges between 2Vdc and 20Vdc and this powerful enough to get your job nicely done. It comes with a supremely insulated cord for the best conductivity and flexibility.

  • A dual practice drawing practice sheet:

You can always draw your next tattoo piece on this sheet and see how it would look on real skin. You can use it on the both sides. It is reusable and you can keep recycling it over. 

  • A tutoring CD for beginners:

If you always wanted to start your career in this field then you are handed a free runway here. The CD takes you through the basics and you are on your way to becoming the biggest artist in your town.

If you have been struggling with where to start with your tattooing talent, now you know that it begins with a good machine. Here you have had the chance to review the top best machines in the market. What you have to do is make a pick from this list and you work up your way to being the best.

You know what you want and it is all in at least one of the kits discussed here.

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E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun Power Supply Needles 8 Inks(Double...

This is a Brand New Top Quality Customized Tattoo Kit, all items in package are selected base on suggestions of experienced artists. All basics you need to start your tattooing hobby are included. ...

Available: In stock
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Shipping Weight

6.2 pounds


884435138862 881323186639 003582035385

This was a gift for someone who does tattoos, is damn good at it, but can't afford more expensive equipment. He is very pleased with everything in the kit, but has since gotten a higher quality ink. The inks in the kit are ok; but the black is not hard black, but more of a grey. You get a lot for your money and the case is very nice as well. The guns are not overly heavy, either.
July 23, 2013
Came with things I didn't think it would! Amazing product. Thank you so much. It was more than I expected.
September 4, 2013
it is better than I expected everything works fine. I have practiced with it on the practice skin and everything works well. no problems yet
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