Tattoo Starter Professional Kits : How to Purchase It Carefully? (2019)

tattoo kits

Are you serious about learning to create tattoo? Or are you interested to open your own tattoo shop someday? Then, you need to buy tattoo kits to learn the art. Tattoo kits are the packaged collection of typical tools, which are used for tattoo trade.

These are available from most states in the United States. But, you must have minimum 18 years to buy it.


Tattoos make permanent marks on the skin and it is made by using needles and ink. While crafting tattoo, ink is deposited in to the second layer of the skin. Therefore, everybody seeks the help of professionals to get it done.

It is very difficult to get even an apprenticeship for inexperienced people. So, tattoo kits help you to learn the art. Once you purchase the kit, you can apply the trade on leather, fruit and on the body of your generous friends too.

However, before spending your hard earned money to purchase a kit, you must be aware of the basics.

List of Items in Tattoo Kits

tattoo kits

Hundreds of brands of tattoo kits are available in the market. But, the list of items that contain in a tattoo kit depends on a manufacturer. So, the professional tattoo kit of one company may be equivalent of the intermediate set of another company.

Therefore, before purchasing a tattoo kit, you must conduct a thorough research.


Beginner Kits

Tattoo equipment you can expect from a typical beginner kit include:

  • One tattoo machine (Quality of machine varies depending on the price of a kit)
  • Caps and Ink set
  • Power supply unit (These are used for operating tattoo machine) (While purchasing a kit, you must ensure that it contain a clip cord and foot operation switch)
  • Disposable tubing
  • How to booklet
  • Flash art
  • Antiseptic wash
  • Sterile tattoo needles
  • Practice ‘skin’
  • Catalog of the company

tattoo kits

Intermediate Kits

Intermediate kits contain all the items of a beginner kit. Besides, you will also get items such as: 

  • 2 tattoo machines (1 for shading and 1 for lining)
  • A large selection of inks
  • A large supply of tubing and needles
  • Caps with a holder
  • Aftercare kit
  • Antiseptic supplies along with gloves, gauze, bandages, etc.
  • Stencil paper (It is used to transfer design to skin)

tattoo kits

Professional Kits

Many of the items in intermediate kits can also be found in a professional kit. But, it is coming with a large supply of everything. An ultrasonic unit and autoclave with sterilization products are the biggest specialty you can see in a professional kit.

Both these items are inevitable for the sterilization of tattoo machines and supplies.


If your tattoo kit does not contain an autoclave, you must purchase one separately. It is also essential to follow the operation instructions very carefully.

Besides the above mentioned kits, you can also find lots of other kits for body art. It includes henna for the creation of mehndi designs. 

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Price for the Kit

If you want to purchase the kit that contain everything, you can compare the products of each shop. The number of items and quality of supplies vary significantly in each kit. Therefore, you may get a beginner kit at $140. A professional kit may cost you around $2000.

You can select a kit as per your need and your affordability. However, you must always consider purchasing tattoo kit as investment.


Therefore, you must ensure to get the best quality tattoo equipment available. If the finance in your side is not enough to purchase the best quality, you must wait till it is affordable. If you are planning to make it as a trade, it is better to resell the best brand equipment than cheap ones.

Do the Research

Before purchasing a tattoo kit, you must do some serious research to get the best brand. Just watch the works of professionals and tools they prefer to use. You will get good advice from them regarding the brand and the preference of their customers.

tattoo kits

The Dangers

Tattooing is really fun and cool, but it is also very dangerous too. Tattooing can cause injuries to the person who receives it. You and your customer may also get allergic reactions. Risk of getting blood borne diseases is the other major problem.

If you do not carry out proper sterilization and sanitation, you and your customer will be at great risk.

Therefore, if you are serious about giving a tattoo to someone, it must be done after getting proper training. You must be able to undertake the risk and responsibilities. Always remember, the health and safety of someone is with you.

Do not approach a non-professional to tattooing your body. Instead, visit a highly professional tattoo shop and observe their sterilization procedures. You can ask the tattoo artists whether you will also get such care from them.


Keep it in mind! Tattooing is painful. However, you can make it much more pleasure if you are able to control the pain. Avoiding the most sensitive areas is the best and easiest way to control pain. The tattoo artists and enthusiasts unanimously accept that the most painful places are areas that do not contain muscle or lots of fat between skin and the underlying bone. These areas are lower back, ribs and sternum, ankles, hands and feet and the groin area. Upper arm and shoulder are the most popular tattoo spots. These areas are usually less sensitive. You will feel a little pain when you get tattooing in calves, outer thigh and buttocks. 

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Trustworthy Tattoo Kit Shops

Unimax,,, HuckSpaldingEnterprises, Inc, etc are some trustworthy online shops that offer different varieties of tattoo kits. Quality can be ensured by comparing the products of each shop.

tattoo kits

Purchasing a tattoo kit is a smart decision. It is the declaration of your seriousness in this craft. So, whatever may be the level of your kit, just start right away. Mostly, the amateur tattooists learn the art by tattooing on fruit. Leather that is specially designed to learn tattoo is also available.


After practicing on leather and fruits, you can start with less visible part of your body. Just like any other art, you must have real talent to practice tattooing. You will not become a good tattoo professional even if you purchase tattoo kits. You must be fully dedicate and willing to practice it patiently.

Practice will surely makes you a perfect artist eventually.

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