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Whether you love getting inked, or you are a body makings enthusiast then you probably know about the This Too Shall Pass tattoo. These four simple words are among the most commonly inked phrase and apart from the message that they carry, they also create a fantastic pattern when inked on your body.

Just like any other symbol or inked totem they have some message behind them and it can be anything that the wearer wants it to be. Understanding what these markings will mean in your body is vital, and it is also worth knowing the best places to have the phrase.

With body markings, it is not usually easy to tell when they first came into being. In the past, people did not keep a clear record on this matter, and so it’s hard to find any reliable information on the history of these markings.

However, considering the type of tattoo and the meaning of the words it may be easier to trace it back. Having sentences inked on your body is a relatively new concept that has only been around for a couple of decades, and so it is also accurate to say that this tattoo has been around for almost the same period.

Although most people associate these words with 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 they can also be traced back to the works of the famous Persian poet Attar. Regardless of where the words came from they still make a perfect body marking and they are also some of the most overused.

An in-depth look at their meaning, types, and the popular placement areas should give some insight into what makes many people want to have them on their bodies.


Meaning of These Tattoos

A tattoo can mean anything that you wish it to say because as the wearer, you are the only person who knows why you have it. Although the four words may look self-explanatory, the meaning is not always apparent because just like with other body markings some people may use the phrase as a code.

And so for some people they may mean something very different from what you would logically expect. However, there is also the standard meaning, that inspires most people to have the four words inked on them.

The totem can have both positive and negative sense, and it will depend on what you are going through in life. This Too Shall Pass tattoo can help demonstrate an active state of mind when going through pain or painful situations in life.

In life, nothing is permanent, and no matter what you may be going through it will all go away after some time, and you will feel better or be happy. You can also have the words to remind you that you should be cautious.

Even with things that make you happy since they will also not last forever and so you should enjoy them while you can.

All in all, these words are meant to remind you that you should not praise happiness too much, and neither should you be too sad when going through stressful situations since everything in life is temporary.

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What Makes It Cool?

  • The profound meaning of the phrase is one of the things that make it fabulous and hence worth having.

Even if you love body markings, it makes more sense to get something with a meaning behind it rather than go through the painful tattooing process for something that holds no meaning to you.

  • With these words, you have the freedom to have them in any language that you wish, and this also makes them attractive. If you have always been wanting to get inked in Hebrew or Chinese and do not know what to write, these markings are a perfect idea.
  • It is easy to have and hence you are more likely to look good even if your artist is not very skilled. Writing a few words should not be an issue, and it will also not be as painful as other intricate designs.
  • Another thing that makes this totem cool is the fact that you can have it in almost any place that you wish. Whether you want to have it as a small wrist tattoo or a lower back one, it will still look fantastic as you only need to find the right font to use when getting inked.

These inspiring words can also be part of other symbols and hence making them very versatile.

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Types of This Too Shall Pass Tattoos

This phrase symbol comes in different shapes and sizes, and you can even create your unique style. The best thing with body marking is that they are very personalized, and so you can have yours in any way that you like.

However, just like with other tattoos, some types are more prevalent and popular with most people. Below are examples of the types that you should also consider trying out.

# 1 Words and Birds

Adding some cute little birds on your body markings will always spice them up and make you look stylish. You can have the little birds flying around the four words, or you can have them above or below the phrase. If you are creative enough, you can also design the words to form the wings of a bird.

# 2 Fancy Scripts

A fancy script font is perfect for quote tattoos, and it can dress them well for a more appealing look. The fancy script font will also work well for if you do not intend to make your phrase very visible as you can use it to make it less readable.

Using this font and some calligraphy you can design the words in a way that will make them hard to read in one glance.

# 3 Matching Tattoo

You can have your words as a matching tattoo on your wrists by inking two on each hand. If you are going through the same situation with a person close to you, it can also be a good idea for each one of you to have two of the words as matching tattoos.

You can also design them as part of other totems on the wrist or alone using a cool font.

# 4 Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese

Words look very attractive when written in Hebrew, and few people will be able to understand what your tattoo means. When you have it in Chinese or Arabic, it will look more artistic since the calligraphy used is different from the English alphabets.

By choosing to use a different language for your This Too Shall Pass tattoo you will spice it up and take its beauty a notch higher.

# 5 Dandelion Tattoos

A dandelion is a symbol of hopes, dreams, ambitions and wishes and so it goes well with this phrase. The dandelion will add some powerful meaning to your expression, and apart from this it is also very attractive, and so you will also benefit from some new beauty on your markings.

# 6 Hourglass With Wings

Having the phrase below a winged hourglass on your back or chest is a fantastic idea. If you use enough colors on the symbol, it will look incredible, and there is still much more to it than just the design as there is also some meanings that you can associate with this type.

The hourglass shows that whatever you are going through will pass as it is just a matter of time while the wings are a symbol of hope and divine intervention in your life to take away your troubles.

# 7 Key and Ribbon Quote Tattoo

A cute ribbon on a key can help spice up your quote and also add some more meaning. This symbol looks best when you draw it on the wrist or your lower back, and the phrase should be just below the key.

The image created shows that despite what you are going through or your current situation you have the key to solving your issues.

# 8 The Dream Catcher

The dream catcher is one of the most commonly paired symbols with this phrase. When the four words are at the center of a dream catcher they look fabulous but apart from this, they also create a symbolic meaning. This tattoo will look best when drawn as a big symbol on the upper arm or your back.

# 9 Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossoms make charming and symbolic body markings, in particular for ladies. And when you combine the flowers with this phrase they will create an eye-catching image.

Since cherry blossoms are a symbol of sexuality and female strength, they will help to show that you are a strong woman that can overcome any situation if you combine them with this phrase.

# 10 Roman Clock

A clock shows that time does not stop, and so it is very symbolic when used as a tattoo, and this will even be more so if you combine it with this phrase. You can have the words above or below the clock or design them creatively to be a part of the Roman clock.

The symbol that you create can mean that life does not stop even with the many difficulties, and you are only counting down time for the problems to pass.

#11 Anchor Tattoo

Anchor totems are very cute, but you can add a twist to what they represent by adding this quote above or below the symbol. Here you can use the phrase to mean that just like the anchor cannot stay below the water forever because the ship has to move, your problems will also not last for long.

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The Best Placement Areas

A phrase or quote tattoo is not as restrictive as others since you can have it almost anywhere that you wish and still look outstanding. The place that you choose to have the phrase will depend on your personal preferences and also the size that you want.

However, the following are some of the ideal places to have this quote.

  • Collarbone:

The collarbone is not as painful as most people think and so it also makes an excellent placement area for this quote especially if you want a large one. Getting inked on the collarbone is a good idea since you have enough space for big words and you also have the freedom to conceal them when you wish.

  • Behind the Ear:

Ladies like getting inked behind the ear and the tattoos in this location also look very cute. You can also have this quote here as it will look equally good but try to keep it as simple as possible as this is a very sensitive part of your body and so you should not disturb it a lot.

  • Hip:

Hip tattoos work well for both men and women. The hip provides a smooth surface to create intricate designs, and so if you want your phrase to be fancy, this is the place that you should have it.

  • Wrist:

A bold and straightforward This Too Shall Pass Tattoo should be drawn on the wrist. The wrists have many advantages like the fact that you get to see the symbol more often and hence you will always be encouraged, and they are also easier to ink than other areas.

  • Feet:

A cute and nicely designed quote will look fantastic on your feet especially for ladies. People rarely accessorize their feet with anything else apart from shoes, and so you can make yours more attractive by getting this quote.

  • Lower Back:

This phrase also makes a perfect lower back marking, and the four words need not be enhanced by any other symbol when drawn on the lower back. Apart from the lower back, you can have it on any other location on your back either horizontally or vertically.

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Who is it Best For?

This phrase does not have any meaning or feel that is specific to any gender, and so any man or woman can wear it for different reasons.

Although ladies are known to like phrase tattoos more, men can also have it as the common meaning associated with it can be used to describe situations that they go through. However, it will be more suitable for people going through difficult circumstances in life since it is a quote for encouragement.

If you want to use it for a different message you can combine it with various symbols such as flowers and birds as this will change the meaning significantly. All in all, the tattoo can work for anyone who likes getting inked because it can mean anything that you want.

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