85+ Wondrous Moth Tattoo Ideas – Body Art That Fits your Personality

A simple online search on the trendiest tattoo designs reveals just how popular a moth tattoo has become. It is still not as famous as the butterfly, but it is catching up at an impressive speed as more and more people try to break away from the traditional tattoo styles.

This small insect has been on earth for millions of years and it can be found in almost all continents as there are hundreds of thousands of species.

It might be a small creature but it holds several symbolic meaning, and most come from its appearance and how it exists. These many meaning are one of the things that make it a unique animal to ink on your body.

However, the various design variations also make it a stunning image and so even if its symbolism does not convince you to have it, the beautiful designs available are more than enough reason to have one.


What does a Moth Tattoo Symbolize?

Moths are one of those creatures that different people will associate with various positive or negative things. And so if you want to get its tattoo you have to know what it will symbolize.

But, do not let the negative things that others think about this creature deter you from having it as a tattoo because it will mean only what you want.

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Transformation is one of the most common meanings that people associate with this insect, and this is because it goes through several stages before it becomes the beautiful creature that people know.

And so having this tattoo is a permanent reminder that you should always strive to transform into something better.

The moth also symbolizes that we need to make most out of life because it is finite as we will not be in the world forever. And so instead of living a life full of worries you should instead focus on being happy because you will not be around forever.

The Luna moth is the best for showing this because it has a very short lifespan and only lives to reproduce. Some people will also give this insect a religious meaning as they believe it represents faith.

This creature is always pursuing the light of the moon because it helps it in navigation and also attracts it a lot. It is always seeking the moonlight, and this can also be a reminder for people to stay loyal to their faith even when things are hard.

The determination to succeed is also another common meaning that you can associate with your totem. Although it follows moonlight to find its way it is a very determined creature because it will use artificial lights on a dark day that might mislead it.

But, it still strives on until it reaches somewhere. This majestic insect can also be a positive or negative omen, and this will depend on what people from different cultures believe.

As a positive omen, it signifies that there are many opportunities to come and as a negative one, it warns that the future holds a lot of uncertainties.

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What are the Different Moth Tattoo Design Variations?

Just like with other animal tattoos there are many design variations when it comes to the moth tattoo. There are many ways that you can draw it, and they will depend on your personal preferences and most importantly on the skills and creativity of the artist.

But, the following are the most popular ones and also what most artists can draw almost effortlessly.

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Moth and Flowers

It is common for people to combine animal tattoos like moths and butterflies with other images to make them more attractive and also to add to the symbolism. In this design variation, you should draw it with a flower, and there are also many ways to do it.

You can have the insect perching on a beautiful and colorful rose flower or draw the rose or any other flower of your choice as the body of the creature and spice it up with some adorable patterns on the wings.

Death Head Moth

The death head moth is one of the most widespread variations of this tattoo, and this is not only because of its deep symbolism but also because it looks cool.

This tattoo entails drawing a traditional image of a moth with a skull at the back. The skull can be straightforward or with some extra detail to make it look realistic. You can also add some bright colors to this tattoo design.

Traditional Black Moth

A simple traditional moth body marking is also very common, and it is a perfect idea for those that do not like complicated designs. In this tattoo, the aim is to draw the insect as it would appear in real life and it mostly uses black ink.

Some wearers will also prefer to have theirs in 3D to make it look like a true insect. The patterns on the wings will also vary, but you should always try to make yours look realistic and stylish.

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Where Should You Have These Tattoos?

Tattoo placement is always about personal preferences and even though this creature is different from others in many ways, it is not an exception. While some people will prefer to have theirs on the chest or sternum for others the forearm, thighs and elbow are the best places to have it.

The design of the tattoo and its size also matter and this is because small traditional moths will look more attractive on the wrist, ankle or fingers than the back. A massive death head, on the other hand, is a perfect piece to have on the chest, upper arm or even as a neck tattoo.

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In Short…

The moth may be a small insect, but it makes an amazing tattoo with profound symbolism. You can also draw it in many ways and so if you are looking for a unique type of body art then a moth tattoo is an excellent choice.

You only need to find someone that knows how to draw it well and also come up with a distinct and eye-catching design.

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