65+ Impressive Anime Tattoo Ideas – Fan Body Art to Die For

Anime tattoos are stunning, and you do not even have to be a fun of the manga books or Japanese animation series to have them.

Anyone who loves to have a unique and outstanding body art should go for the anime, and they are also not as hard to draw as other images, and so you can almost not go wrong with them.

You can keep it traditional with the famous anime characters such as Pokémon and those from Sailor Moon and other series or even have something unique if you have a creative artist.

The art of anime has been around for more than a century now, and it has gone through different phases of transformation with the latest trend being having them in 3D. The oldest anime dates back to the 1910’s, but the ones in this era were very basic sketches by some Japanese animators.

In the decades that followed they were one of the main forms of entertainment for both children and adults in Japan but their popularity spread across the globe with the onset of the Second World War.

However, even with their global appeal they still maintain their Japanese culture and even western animators will base most anime storylines on Japan.

It is hard to determine when people started drawing them as tattoos, but most historians tend to agree that this is most likely in the 50’s, and 70’s when the genre of art was very popular. However, the modern styles came with the turn of the century.

New designs are always coming up, and this is as more and more anime series and manga come into the scene.


What do Anime Totems Symbolize?

Most people will associate the anime tattoos with the Japanese culture, and so people from Japan will have them to show pride and loyalty to their motherland.

It is also very common to see them with people with Japanese roots living in foreign countries and for them, they do not only symbolize their origins but also help them keep in touch with their roots.

Having these tattoos is also the best way to show your love for this form of art and so having images from your favorite series is just a way of showing your fascination with it.

The particular anime image that you will have is also what determines its meaning. For example, if you have a superhero or villain from a anime movie your tattoo may symbolize that you have their character, or you just adore them.

A samurai anime is a symbol of strength and courage and so having this as your sleeve, or back tattoo will help portray these traits while Sonic can symbolize speed. Some anime ultra-hardcore fans will also have these totems as a way of identifying each other.

It is common to see fans of a particular series form a club and so having the totems is a sign of the deep love for their favorite series.

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Favorite Anime Tattoos

Although anime originate from Japan, they now have a global appeal and over the years different comics from various parts of the world have been released. And so this alone is enough to show that the options are endless if you choose to have one of these totems.

You can have one of the following symbols or even come up with a distinct design or image if you prefer something that you will not see with anyone else.

Sonic and Pokémon

Sonic anime is one of the most popular characters from Japan, and this is not only because there is a game about the same character but also because kids love his speed. The same also applies for Pokémon which is also a worldwide favorite anime.

With the global appeal of these figures, thousands of tattoo lovers from across the world have their images inked somewhere on their body.

  • Anime Tattoo 56
  • Anime Tattoo 58
  • Anime Tattoo 57

Sailor Moon Anime

Sailor Moon came out in the early 90’s, and although it first aired in Japanese televisions it was later dubbed into other languages, and this opened it to a global audience which saw the characters become very popular across the world.

Due to this, it is very common to see people draw characters from the animation such as Usagi the Sailor Moon and Luna, the cat. There are also other favorite characters from the Sailor Soldiers such as Rei Hino and Ami Mizuno, and all make excellent tattoo images.

  • Anime Tattoo 60
  • Anime Tattoo 59
  • Anime Tattoo 61

Dragon Anime

The dragon may be a mythical creature, but it plays a significant role in the Japanese culture where they associate it with several things and because of this, it features on many anime series and manga.

Having the head of a dragon or a full one also makes an adorable tattoo and it being very common you can get a stylish totem easily because most artists know how to draw it. One of the most common ways of representing it entails having it as an Uroboros which is essentially a dragon eating its tail.

This image makes an excellent tattoo design because of its deep symbolism in the Japanese culture and others from different parts of the world.

The Anime Girl

A sexy anime girl is a very attractive body marking, and this is more so for men. In most cases, it entails drawing a beautiful Japanese girl with a short skirt, long hair and some long boots.

Although most people will have a girl from their favorite series or manga others will just have any image of a cute and sexy Japanese girl.

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Best Places to Have Them

You can have your anime tattoos anywhere you wish because there are plenty of designs to choose from and few if at all any will restrict you when it comes to placement.

  • Anime Tattoo 62
  • Anime Tattoo 64
  • Anime Tattoo 63

However, most people that love this genre of tattoo prefer to have them as large images, and so the back and sleeve make excellent tattoo placement areas. It is also very common to see some people drawing their totems on the upper arm, inner arm, torso, thigh and even on the ankles.

Some anime lovers will also prefer to have theirs on the wrist or fingers where they can see or show them off any time they feel like it. The knuckles are also ideal for some small images, and this is more so for people that want their totems to look unique.

In Short…

Anime tattoos are a beautiful type of art, and they are the best way to show your love and fascination for your favorite series.

However, you do not have to follow the anime series to get these totems because they make unique and stunning tattoos, and so anyone that likes how they look can draw one.

  • Anime Tattoo 67
  • Anime Tattoo 66
  • Anime Tattoo 65

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