70+ Lovely Constellation Tattoo Ideas- Where Mysteries of the Universe Meet Body Art

A constellation tattoo is one of those types that have been around for thousands of years. But, the invention of modern tattooing machines and techniques now allows people to make them look realistic and stylish.

Since the ancient times, the constellations have always fascinated humankind and before people understood what they were all about they used to believe that they were the souls of their ancestors.

In fact, in some cultures, there was a belief that when a person passes on he or she becomes part of the constellation, and their relatives could still communicate with them by looking up to the heavens on a clear night.

Nowadays people understand them better than they did in the past because they are just a collection of stars that form distinct shapes. These shapes have names that come from the appearances that they take, and they relate to mythological creatures.

In total there are 88 constellations and all of them have defined boundaries, distinct patterns and also various meanings. And so if you are thinking of having them as a tattoo then you have several dozens to choose from for your body art.


Meaning of the Constellation Totems

Humanity’s fascination with everything in the surroundings has always been there. In fact, humankind has always had the desire to explore and learn about everything even before evolving to the intelligent species that exists today.

However, the sky and all the heavenly bodies are some of the things that have always remained a mystery because they are very far away from earth. And so having a constellation tattoo can be a good way to symbolize the mysterious nature of the universe.

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In the old days before the invention of the compass, people would use stars for navigation. Sailors were also very knowledgeable, and so the position of the different constellation was what they would use to find their way back home.

And so in modern days having a constellation inked on your body can mean that you will always find your way back regardless of where life might take you. This symbolism is very popular with sailors when they are out in the sea for many months.

Soldiers will also have the constellation as a symbol of hope to go back home alive after the war.

Your constellation can also mean the connection between different things and people. You cannot have a constellation without joining several stars, and this is the same way that a human being cannot live without connecting with others.

People are social creatures that need family and friend relationships for life to be complete. Having these tattoos can symbolize that you know the importance of your family and friendship ties and that you value them.

Stars will illuminate your path in a clear night and help you find the way to your destination. You can also translate this meaning or symbolism to your tattoo and have a constellation totem to guide you through the many hurdles in life by illuminating your path.

Apart from this, you can also have these tattoos to symbolize your fascination with the stars that make up the constellation. Other people will also have these tattoos as symbols of hope, protection, and good luck.

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Constellation Tattoo Types

There are 88 official constellations but some people will often least a few extra ones. And so this means that there are more than 88 different patterns that you can have if you prefer to have the conventional designs.

If you add the modern variations to this list, you will have hundreds of options if not more when it comes to this tattoo genre. But, there are a few among all these that are trendy or what most people prefer to have and the following are some of them.

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Minimalistic Constellation

A constellation tattoo will look beautiful when you incorporate it into a minimalistic tattoo, and this is what makes this one of the most favorite ways of drawing this totem.

Its geometric patterns and the straight lines joining the different stars in the constellation look amazing with tribal designs.

Pairing the two is also a perfect way to ensure that your constellation does not look dull and instead it appears detailed and modern.

Simple Dot Constellations

This constellation totem variation is the most popular one, and this is due to its straightforward appearance, and anyone with basic tattoo drawing skills can create it.

In its simplest form, you only need to have a few dots and join them with some straight lines to create the constellation pattern that you want.

However, some people will also spice up this tattoo by having numerous small dots instead of a straight line to join large dots to form the constellation while others will also enhance this tattoo with some color.

Watercolor Nebular and Constellation

The nebula is another favorite image that people like to pair with the constellation to ensure that the latter does not look dull. However, drawing it can be challenging, and this is why most tattoo enthusiasts will prefer to have the nebular in watercolors so as to show its different features clearly.

Once you have the watercolor nebular, you should then finish by drawing a simple constellation such as Orion or Aries above it. There is also another beautiful option that entails having a watercolor background.

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Where to Have Your Constellation

Some constellations have some very strange shapes, and so you cannot just have them anywhere you wish, and this is more so if you want them to retain their meaning and look stylish. Men prefer to have them on the chest, back, upper arm and sometimes on the wrist.

Women, on the other hand, seem to prefer to ink theirs on the hip, face, behind the ear, abdomen, and the navel area. However, the bottom line is that you can always have it anywhere you feel comfortable or where you will find it most symbolic.

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In short…

The mysterious of the constellations will not be solved anytime soon, but their beauty is indisputable. Having a constellation tattoo is one way to express your fascination with the mysterious nature of the universe.

The fact that it is also very symbolic helps to make this an excellent type of body art for both men and women.

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