Tips on How to Take Care for Your Tattoo (2019)

tattoo care

Selecting the best tattooist does not mark the end of everything. The way you care for your tattoo will enable you to keep a bold and clear tattoo for many years without experiencing any complications.

Many people keep searching for tattoo care tips from different sources including the internet, books, magazines and journals only to end up frustrated simply because the outlined techniques seem not to work as expected.



Some of them even freak out when they witness the unexpected when their tattoos are healing. You should not wait until something goes wrong with your tattoo before you run up and down looking for help from an expert.

The best care technique depends on the type of tattoo, placement and its condition among other factors.

Listening to your tattooist

A reputable tattooist will provide you with instructions that you should follow to the latter if at all you want to have the best results at the end of the day. Various tattooists have different opinions on how to take care of tattoos.

A tattooist who has been in the industry for a number of years knows some of the tested and approved techniques to care for your tattoo. Therefore, you should not ignore their advice at all.

This implies that while choosing a tattooist you should not take anything for granted since they have more to offer than simply designing the tattoo on your shoulder, arm, hand, wrist or any other part.

tattoo care

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Keep the tattoo clean

Once the tattooist removes the dressing, keeping the tattoo clean is very important. A good number of tattooists including myself will advise you to hand wash the tattoo frequently. In other words, you have to wash the tattoo for approximately three times per day.

Tattoos found on wrist, hand or foot require washing more frequently than those in any other part of your body.


As you wash, use an anti-bacterial soap and allow it to dry on its own then apply an anti-bacterial cream. In case you want to fasten the drying, you can use a kitchen roll.

After applying the anti-bacterial cream for three to five days, it does no harm if you opt to revert to the use of the normal lotions you have been using before you went for the tattoo.

tattoo care

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Prolonged sensitivity of the tattoo

It is common to find a newly made tattoo looking swollen, red as well as sensitive. However, if the situation takes more than two days it is good to seek for help from your tattooist instead of assuming everything.

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Weeping of the tattoo

It is normal for a tattoo to weep for a few days after designing it. If the fluid coming out of the tattoo looks like the tattoo itself, do not run and down wondering what to do since everything is okay with it.

tattoo care

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Keep the tattoo moist

Most people think that the drying of a tattoo is a sign that it is healing. Drying out can lead to the formation of a thick scab that will slow down the process of healing. A good tattooist will provide you with information on some of the best creams that you can use to avoid more complications.

You need to moisturize your tattoo for three to six weeks depending on its location as well as the size. Do not soak the tattoo for at least a period of two or more weeks.


After having a tattoo, you should not swim or take bath for two weeks so that the healing process takes place faster. Your tattooist may ask to avoid other activities as well as sauna. If he or she asks you not to do certain things, kindly stick to the instructions for your own good.

tattoo care

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Avoid shaving the tattoo area

Only shave the region where you have the tattoo when it has healed fully. If you must shave then you need to ensure that the tattoo does not get in touch with the shaving cream or the hair since it can cause more irritation.


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Dealing with an itchy tattoo

In case your tattoo is itching, run it through clean water for 3-5 minutes. You will notice some comfort that will make it possible for you to rest if it is at night or when you are exhausted. Cold ice is another technique that will help you reduce on the itching effect caused on your skin

Remove the bandage wrap within six hours.

Leaving the bandage wrap can cause bacteria to build up within the tattoo hence causing more harm on your skin. Therefore, you should remove the wrap gently within six hours to avoid infection of the tattoo.

tattoo care

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Avoid exposing the tattoo to the UV rays

Sun bathing and other activities that can expose your tattoo to the sun are likely to affect its healing. A full color tattoo normally takes longer to heal when compared to the grey shaded one.

If you notice any kind of rash or unusual symptoms within the region of the tattoo, seek for help from your tattooist before the situation runs out of control. The initial healing of a tattoo takes an average of up to two weeks although sometimes it goes beyond this.


During this time, the tattoo will peel off leaving a sunburn appearance. Colored skin may also come out as the skin continues to peel off something that should not worry you. Once you take care of your tattoo very well, it will only take four to six weeks for it to heal completely.

tattoo care

In conclusion, tattoo care is very important if you want to enhance on the process of healing as well as maintaining its appearance for long. You should also remember that tattoo care is not something that should take place for only two or three weeks but it should go on as long as you have it on your body.

Apart from following the aftercare tips we have provided for you, ensure that you abide by the guidance given by your professional tattooist since the state of your tattoo may be critical.

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