Tattoo Pain Chart — How Much Will It Hurt?

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Tattoos are so common in the modern culture that this inevitably brings us to our topic: tattoo pain chart — you will always wonder how much pain you have to bear if you want a tat done your body.

If you have never had a piece done on you, you might never know that there are differences in pain depending on the body part you want to have it.

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To cut out beating about the bush, getting tattoos hurts. People may never tell what they have to undergo simply because you have never considered asking. That is why a pain chart for tattoos will be a very helpful tool before you decide to go forth with your plans to have one.

I’m telling you this because I once had a dragon drawn on me. A good number of my friends have tattoos and whenever I’m their company I feel the odd one out. Due to this pressure, I had to get a piece done on me. As much as I wanted to get it done, I took time to learn about the pain one has to endure.

It is not scaring so do not be afraid to have it done because it is a worthwhile experience. At least, I had someone who took his time to lecture on the pain chart levels and that is why I got it right and would like to share my knowledge with you.


Where It Hurts Most

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Before I decided to have the sign I wanted on my body, I did some research on where I would want it done. I learned that there are areas of the body where it hurts more. To be honest, I did not want to undergo excruciating pain so I made sure I avoided the most hurting parts.

So you may ask, where does it hurt more when it comes to tattooing? I have a list for you on the areas you will experience more pain. There are those who will take whatever pain there is as long as they will end up with a piece they’ve wanted for all the years:

  • Lower center of the temples:

This is the middle part of the chest slightly above the abdomen. It is one of the rare places to be tattooed. You guess right because this is an area where you will experience lots of pain. My favorite tattoo artist told me that the pain will make you shed a tear or at worse get a black out.

Some people have to abandon the exercise and next time they chose a less painful part.

  • Region before the toes:

You can always tell that someone is having a tattoo done on this part if they are crying out loud. It is an area concentrated with blood veins and covered by thin skin. The pain reaches easily into the nervous system and you will sweat a big deal before you have what you want.

If you know someone with a sign done on there then ask them about the pain they felt.

  • Lower ribs:

Have you ever seen someone with a tattoo on their lower ribs? I have not and my tattooist told me it is because of the pain that would come from such an experience. He confided in me that one time he tried with a client but they had to stop even before a shape had begun to form.

  • Fingers:

This is another part of the body that will not be an easy target to have a symbol on it. Fingers are thinly covered and highly exposed. The pain will be directly released into the nervous system. This is a choice that many people do want to make.

  • Kneecap:

Even getting a small bruise on your kneecap will make your movement a hell of an exercise. What about having needles scarring deeper into the skin? It is a pain that will make you cry or even pass out for some moments.

  • Upper center chest:

This is another area where you should be prepared before you decide to have a sign drawn on it. It is superficial and will take all the pain to the blood stream quicker.

  • Lower and upper bicep regions:

There is a high concentration of blood vessels at the lower biceps. The pain you get when you try to have a tattoo done here will be an experience you may not want to have in the future.

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Where the Pain Is Less

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As I told you earlier, I made sure that I did not have a tattoo on an area that hurts. In fact, I made inquiries on the least painful areas and that is what I went for.

If you are as afraid of pain as I am, here are the parts you should consider having it done (all the same you will have a tattoo and fit in whatever group you want):

  • Arm-shoulder joint:

This is the place I had my dragon drawn. I merely felt like a mild hitch and before long I had what I wanted. Anyone can bear with the close to no-pain experience just like I did and I now fit in so well with my friends (at least, no one bothers me anymore).

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  • Flat of the arm (between the palm and elbow):

This is another body part that will not be painful. If anything, it will feel like when you cut yourself while shaving. It is no wonder that many people will have countless tattoos at this region.

  • Top of the thigh muscle:

Here there are lots of muscles under the skin. You barley feel any pain since the muscles are able to absorb any shock.

  • Palm:

The inside of the palm is a like dead skin since there are no many blood veins around. You will feel just like a scratch and you go all the way to have your piece of tattoo done on it.

Do not be like those who go for tattooing only to leave it halfway. You have to know where you want to have it and the pain you will have to stand up for. At least, you have a good start and in the next section, I’ll let you into the secret of dealing with the pain.

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Ways to Deal with Tattoo Pain

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In the previous section, you got to know the areas that hurt the least when you want to have a tattoo. That was the tattoo pain chart that should be helpful whenever you want some piece done on your body.

Depending on how much pain you can take, I’m sure you have made a decision where to have your next piece. For me, I had one at the least painful area and that is what I will live with. So now that you know pain is a must, how do you deal with such a reality?

You need to learn on the ways to alleviate most of the agony.

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There is no debate that even the simplest piece will come with its own kind of discomfort so the best thing is to be prepared. When we talk about getting inked, you now know that it is not going to be easy. However, knowledge is so powerful and you can use it to your advantage.

There are tricks that will help you overcome the hurting and you will find out that it is easy to get it done rather than live fearing for it. Here is all that you need to ensure that you are in control of the pain no matter which part of the body you choose to have your piece:

Before getting your tattoo

You should not only worry about the hurting at the time you walk into the expert’s place; rather it should start at the time you make the decision. What you do before the actual act will count to how much discomfort you have to deal with. Here are things you should know and do beforehand:

  • Talk to some expert on pain:

The way I would handle physical agony is not the same way you would. We handle pain in different ways and that is why you need to understand yourself better. An expert will tell about the theory behind feeling pain as well as direct you on the way to control it.

It is easy to be on top of things if you are relaxed.

  • Get to know where it hurts most:

We have already handled this part on where you will get more discomfort and that knowledge should help you make an informed decision. To emphasize on this, areas with more muscles and fat tend to be the least painful. On the other hand, areas with lots of bones and scarce skin cover will be more hurting.

  • Know the kind of tattoos that hurt the most:

It is true that not every piece you get will be equally hurting as the one your friend has. Smaller pieces will hurt the least since they will not be spread over a large portion of the skin. Also, one color pieces are way better in terms of pain than their larger counterparts.

  • Take someone you love with you:

As you take on the needles, there is the need to have someone with you. He/she might be your friend but it will help you overcome the discomfort.

  • For your information, there will be some blood and needles:

There is no way you are going to have your skin sign without spilling some blood. That will involve the use of needles. It is better to be prepared for what you expect and you will find it much easier to undergo the process.

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When getting your tattoo

  • Be calm:

Fear is one of the things that will make you feel more agony than there really is. Being calm will lessen the flow of blood and it will be easier on you at least as far as pain is concerned. Take a few deep breaths and you will find yourself relaxed and ready to take on the needles.

  • Have something to chew or squeeze:

If you can take away all the concentration from your body and have it elsewhere then this will help you a great deal. Chewing or squeezing something as you are getting worked on is a good way to take away the concentration.

  • If it hurts more, take breaks:

If you feel that you are taking more than your fair share, be free to ask for a break. Do not be afraid to ask for it as you will relieve the continuous pain and you can face more of it.

  • Only move when it is necessary:

The less movements you make, the less pain you will get. Sit still and only do all that you are told to.

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What You Should Know Before Getting a Tattoo

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Before you make that decision to have your skin inked, there are things you should know. You already know about the pain but that is not all that you should be aware of:

  • Avoid alcohol:

There is a misconception that getting drunk the night before will dull the pain. This is not true since alcohol makes the blood thinner and the more of it will be spilled during the exercise.

  • Licensed tattooists are the best:

It will come down to how much experience your tattooist has. If it is someone who is learning the job, it will be an agonizing process than when you get from a real expert. Licensed practitioners have all that it takes to make you comfortable.

  • Be strict on hygiene:

It is very likely that you get infection during the process. It rarely happens but you should not take your chances. Be strict on the use of fresh needles. The artist should generally observe cleanliness before and after the procedure.

  • Follow all the instructions:

Sometimes your notorious attitude may make it painful for your experience. It is simpler if you can follow all the instruction. Obey all that is expected and you will have it simple and easy.

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If you did not know that tattooing hurts, now you have the truth. It is a revelation to the phrase that ‘no gain without pain’. But you have a choice to make on how much pain you can take by choosing the area you want your sign done.

Still, you can choose a painful region and use the way discussed here to relieve the pain. Good luck to your new piece and may it be less painful.

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