Amazing Wiz Khalifa Tattoos Meanings – Amber Rose, Face etc.

It was the other day that we were a bunch of friends and the topic of Whiz Khalifa tattoos popped up and we realized how little we know about the subject despite our avid taste for his music. It led to a heated debate but none of us had all the facts about Wiz’s tats.

He might be the hip-hop artist with the most conspicuous tattoos but at the same time so much less is known about them. What everyone knows is that his body is like a suit of ink and you would guess that he has lost the count of his tattoos.

But you will be amazed to know that he knows each of them and their meaning too.

One of the hardest questions was the number of tattoos on Khalifa’s body. Nobody knew the count and only farfetched guesses were floated. It struck my mind that his music is so popular that many people can sing the lyrics but what about his inked body?

Realizing this gap of information, this article is dedicated to shed light on Khalifa’s inked body and for once you will be able to know a few more things about your super star and you can dance to his music with bolder knowledge.


How Many Tattoos Does Wiz Khalifa Have?

How many tattoos do you think are on Khalifa? I know you will float some wild guesses just like we did with my friends. Before getting to the exact number of his symbols, it is prudent to acknowledge that it is not an easy task to count Khalifa’s tats.

They overlap each other to form continuous shapes that you cannot tell when and where they end or begin. The best answer to the number of his tattoos would only come from him. During a Saturday Night Live program hosted by Scarlett Johansson, Khalifa revealed the exact number of tattoos on his body.

He said that he has 411 different pieces! This is not a guess you would have made, right?

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Khalifa’s Tattoos and Their Meaning

You would not see any clear skin on Khalifa because each of it is inked to the last inch (with the exception of his face and you will know why later). They are many and each of them has a meaning, at least according to what he said during a number of interviews.

So, what do his tattoos stand for (of course we cannot get down to each of them but will touch on the prominent ones)?

Wiz Khalifa Arm Tattoos

He has a number of quotes inked all over his arms. Some of the prominent ones include “Live Now”, “W” logo for Washington Nationals, “Believe” and “Self Made”. They all surround his hip hop music and the life he leads.

There is also his name, symbols of women, clouds and flame over his arms. Some tend to lie over each other but he has never lost any track of any just to show how much all his symbols mean to him.

Wiz Khalifa Chest Tattoo

The number “412” is one of the most pronounced symbols on his chest. It is Pittsburgh’s area code near his hometown in Pennsylvania. Just like many other celebs, he keeps his home near his heart and he proudly showed it in this tattoo.

A pair of dice and the word “tailor” also form part of his chest symbol collection.

Wiz Khalifa Neck Tattoos

He has a music note over his neck. This is a representation of his music and you know that he does it well if you are a fan of his music. Another of the symbols on his neck is Koi fish which is a Japanese symbol for courage and determination.

Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa Tattoo

Amber and Khalifa divorced but to show how much he loved her, he still has her name “Rose” on his left foot. Amber on her side covered her Khalifa’s symbol but that did nothing to incite Khalifa to erase her in his hundreds of tattoos.

Wiz Khalifa Face Tattoo

If you are keen, you will notice that Khalifa’s face is the only part of his body that is not filled with tattoos. He once said that he does not want to change how he looks and that is why he guards his face from inking.

He only has a few tattoos of his Taylor crew of gangs on his eyebrows but that is all there is on his face.

Wiz Khalifa Shark Tattoo

He has a shark as one of his back tattoos and this is the piece he considers to be the most painful. The choice of the placement makes meaning to his life as someone who has passed through hard life to be where he is today.

As a shark, he is ready to attack any intrusion and he does that well as was seen with his latest Twitter spat with Kanye West (both of them share an ex-girlfriend in Amber Rose).

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His Most Important Tattoo

It will strike you with surprise to know Khalifa’s most important tattoo; you may guess a symbol but you will be wrong. It is the Martin Luther King Jr. quote that spans across his stomach.

It reads to the effects of these words, “The ultimate measure of any man is not where he stands at good times but where he stands during controversy and challenge”. He says that he got it the time he began to get the sense of life and wanted to be a better man.

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Khalifa’s Undying Obsession with Tattoos

He got his first tattoo when he was 16 and it was something that his mother wanted for him. Now years later he has hundreds of them and he is never slowing down. There is a single day when he gets 6 new pieces! He is the only one of a kind and you can never guess when he says enough is enough with the ink.

From Khalifa’s mouth, it is not any easy task to have so many ink symbols on your body. It will take time and money. But he says that each piece is worthy to him and given another chance he would walk the same path.

Now you know the price of having a tattoo-laden body from someone who arguably has the most of the pieces.

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