Stunning Ruby Rose Tattoos — All You Ever Wanted to Know

Ruby Rose tattoos are so obvious that you cannot read any news headline without the mention of them. Do not forget that she is beautiful and the artworks on her body make it a more appealing attribute. Let’s forget that for a moment and see other of her achievements.

She is beautiful, multi-talented and you are yet to compare her to other stars. What would call someone who is a DJ, model, and a VJ with MTV? But all that does not end without once more mentioning her tattoos.

It is a touching subject and this is all what we will talk about here. Arguably she now has 60 tattoos on her body. They are inspired by different occasions and things in her life such that you would not get a precise pattern on her choice for the make creative pieces she has on her.

But first let’s get into some statistics about the tattooing art.

In the past, tattoos were more popular among men than women. This has been changed by the likes of Rose. More females are having these legendary and decorative pieces. According to latest stats on tattoos, more women than men have tattoos.

It is argued that 59% of those with multiple tattoos are women as compared to 41% of the menfolk. This would explain the reason why the likes of this model deejay have so many of the pieces and are never going to stop adding more.


Ruby’s Tendency to Show Off Her Tattooed Body

There are those celebs and more so models who you will never know that they have a single symbol inked on their body. This does not mean they do not love this kind of art; they keep them concealed.

However, Rose is cut from a different cloth and she flaunts her tattooed body to whoever wants to see them. She will intentionally wear a dress or whatever outfits that will show some of her great pieces.

I can guess why many men will be so restless around her since she does not conceal her body to show her pricey collection.

So now you won’t have to ask me the question how I knew about her tattoos especially when I will list the important pieces she has in some places where it would have been impossible to see unless someone was her buddy.

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How Many Tattoos Does Rose Ruby Have?

I would not tell the definite number pieces on her body since I just see them from far just like the rest of you. But there is a better way to get to a close estimation. To know the exact number of tattoos on her, it would be best if you heard it from the horse’s mouth.

Back in 2010, during an interview with Inked magazine, Rose had lost count of her tattoos. She guessed a figure in the tune of 30 and that would have been less than what was actually on her.

Some of her tattoos are grouped together to form single full pieces and that is why getting the actual number she has is not so easy. To be honest, you may also lose the count of them if you had as many as she has on her.

That was 5 years ago and she has never stopped her appetite for the symbols she holds dear. In 2015, it was estimated that she had over 60 different pieces. That is one of the highest figures of tattoos on one person.

The good thing with hers is that they complement everything in her and she ends up getting pretty each day.

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The Themes of Her Tattoos

As you will see later in the second section, Rose’s pieces are fetched from a myriad of themes. It would be next to impossible to pinpoint a single theme that has inspired all of her collections. She has something on love, another dedicated to her dad, other to cartoons and many others.

She is wild with her choices and that is the same thing with most of other people who have massive collections just like her. But one thing about her selection is that they blend so well with each other that you would think there was a master plan before she got her first ink.

To the contrary, each piece is done independently and some of them are random.

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Ruby’s First Tattoo

The first tattoo is always the determinant on whether you will have the next one and so on. For her, her first piece was a rose surrounded with architectural design. This was when she was 16 years and it was a design for a child who had no idea what she really wanted.

Asked about it, she said it was a thing for a child and she would never have such a piece in the future. The rose is actually an appreciation of her name and the architectural design cannot be clearly defined. True to her words, she has never had a similar one but at the same time, she has never gotten rid of it.

It means that this first experience ignited something in her and she has gone further to have more pieces.

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Controversy with Her Latest Tattoo

As stated earlier, Rose is never going to have enough of the inked symbols. Her latest addition is a crown done by Jean-Michel who died aged 27 allegedly from a heroin overdose. She admitted that she had wanted this artwork all her life and now that she finally got it she had to show off to her fans.

It never went well with most of her them (fans) who criticized her for posting her nude torso as she got the piece done. Most of the angry fans asked her why she had to waste her beautiful skin with such an ugly choice of a piece.

Probably it was a bad timing to have the tattoo since soon after she had to be treated for depression and ended up missing a number of her dates. Well, every celeb has a way to stir a controversy and for Rose, it was with a piece of the tattoo.

Now you know a bit of Ruby Rose tattoos: when she got the first one, the approximation of how many she has and what the tattoos mean to her. It is true that she has an obsession with the pieces and that is why even with close to 60 of them, she still gets more.

But now let’s look at some of her major tattoos and what they mean to her.

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Meaning of Rose’s Major Tattoos

Some people will only get symbols inked on their bodies without any attached meaning. They just want them for decoration. Well, that is not what Ruby Rose has her pieces for; they are meaningful. So, what do some of her tattoos stand for?

  • Jean-Michel portrait:

The last of her artwork, she got a crown from Jean-Michel. Between the 2, Rose and Jean-Michel, there was a lot of love beyond a client and an artist. To show how much Jean-Michel meant to her, she has his portrait inked on her left arm.

It tells the story of 2 people who understood each other and that explain why she got most of her artworks done by Jean who died aged 27 years.

  • Boxing gloves:

It may confuse you that she has boxing gloves on one of her shoulder blades. But it is not for her but rather about her godfather, Lionel Rose. He was a boxer and she felt touched to show that she supports his career.

It is such a reward to have someone standing in solidarity with you especially about what you do.

  • Ace heart cards:

Not really is her thing in gambling but the ace hearts are all about love. She is someone who is heavenly beautiful and you would not expect her to miss on the turf of love. The ace hearts on her chest say that she wants love or she is ready to show someone love.

  • Rose with architectural design:

If you remember, this is her ever first tattoo. She was 16 years then and what she wanted was her name on the skin. She never knew that she would end up having over 60 different pieces. Hers was what a small girl would want and she later said that she would not want to have any other designs like her first.

But the amazing thing is that she has never removed or covered it.

  • “Just Love”:

These are the letters on her knuckles and you do not need an interpreter to know what they mean. She is someone who loves and would want the same for her. She does everything with love even when she hits you with her knuckles it is something to show love (joking).

What a creative way to express ones love to others and herself!

  • Phoebe inside a red heart:

You are not alone to want to know something about her love life. In that case, you should know that she has a fiancée. The name Phoebe inside a red heart on her back. Now you know something about her but it does not mean that you can stop admiring her for the good looks that are so much blinding.

  • The crown:

This is the last of the artworks she would ever get from Jean-Michel before he died. She has the crown inked in between her breasts on the lower region of her chest. According to her own words, she wanted to have this tattoo all her life and she got it finally.

However, she sparked some controversy with this piece when she posted her picture getting it done. Her torso was nude and most of her fans were offended. But that did not deter her from getting it done anyway.

You would be rather curious to know whether your favorite celeb has some inclination to astrology. In that case, you would also want to know about their zodiac symbols. For Rose, she has the Pisces and Capricorn symbols inked on her left wrist.

That throws you into some confusion because you cannot really tell her specific symbol but, at least, she has narrowed down the search.

Fierce animal tattoos are popular with celebs. They will go for a lion or dragon and for Ruby it is a pouncing tiger on the inside of her right arm’s upper region. It tells you about her boldness and daring nature, two of which she has in plenty.

Call her the daring beautiful tigress and you are obviously referring to her attributes at their best.

  • “Danke Schon”:

This is a German phrase for “Thank you”. You can take it to be a personal message to all those people who have helped shaped her life. Maybe she is also showing her gratitude to her fans just like us and now you know she has not left you out of her thoughts.

  • “… And breathe me”:

You would want to know what kind of music she listens to. For that one, she has the words above on her neck. They are from a line in the song, Breathe Me, by her close friend Sia Furler. Now you know what she would be probably listening on her phone or iPad.

  • “Run with wild horses”:

As you already know now, a good number of her tattooed artwork is made up of words. She is such a philosopher and would like the world to know of her inclinations. The “run with wild horses” phrase is inked on the left forearm.

She is a wild horse if you look at her dramatic love, life, and the sexiness in the way she dresses. And it is all good for her since men would want such a beauty by their sides.

Did you wish to borrow an idea or two from Ruby’s stunning tattoos? Now you know more about them and why she keeps adding more.

As you have seen, she has them with meaning. She is even stunningly beautiful when she flaunts them and you know that she is the queen of dalliance because she has them telling her story. Which one of her tattoos is your favorite?

Of course, you can go ahead and have it and add a meaning to it if that is all you’ve always wanted.

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