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22 How To Be a Cool Girl

How To Be a Cool Girl

So, you want to be a cool girl and admired by all. However, you do not know which things can transform your look and change the way people look at you. Do not worry. Many young girls dream of being a cool girl and the center of the attraction. This is absolutely normal and achievable as well. Any girl can be a ...

1 Coolest Tattoo Ideas for Couples

Coolest Tattoo Ideas for Couples

When two lovers are going to get married, they start thinking about what can make their wedding really special. Modern couples don’t follow past traditions. Every couple in love wants something original. One of the most unusual ways to show your love to each other is to get tattoos. Many are not so bold or, ...

2 How to Unstretch Your Ear Piercings

How to Unstretch Your Ear Piercings

After decades of heavy, dangly earrings being in style and the trend of gauged lobes, more and more people are seeking medical intervention for stretched earlobes. While these procedures are highly effective, it is still possible to shrink your earlobes on your own. If you’re looking to wear dangly earrings again ... - THE NEW WAY TO  DESIGN YOUR BODY
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