105+ Mind Blowing Abstract Tattoo Ideas – Distorting Reality on the Body Canvas

An abstract tattoo is the type of body art that every tattoo enthusiast should turn when he or she wants to break away from the typical or conventional genres.

In this style of tattoos, the artists will use brush strokes, lines, and geometric shapes to represent the idea of something which in this case can be a person, an object or any other image you wish to draw.

With this tattoo type there is no accurate representation of the “subject” in the drawing, and sometimes you will need an explanation from the wearer or look very keenly and carefully to understand what it is all about.

Although it was the original way that people used to represent things before the art of drawing things realistically evolved, it is now coming back, and it is one of the trendiest types of body art.


Origins of Abstract Art

There has always been a debate on what abstract art is and the images that can qualify to be called so and this is the reason why some people will have a hard time choosing an abstract tattoo.

However, it is very straightforward and to state it simply an abstract image or symbol is a representation of something, but it does not look like it realistically. And with this simple definition in mind, it is easy to trace back this type of art and the tattoo to its origins.

The earliest forms of art were abstract, and this includes the cave painting found from thousands of years ago.

And this is because the ancient man would use lines and shapes to represent animals and other things such as heavenly bodies because people did not have the know-how or even have the materials that one requires when drawing a realistic image.

Centuries later between the 15-18th century in the western world art had transformed tremendously, and any artist that wanted to be considered successful would make his or her work as photorealistic as possible.

However, in the early 19th century things started changing again and the artists in this era would insist on drawing what they felt about something and not trying to make it look real.

And this brought about an age of innovation and experimentation leading to what people know today as abstract art.

And this, in turn, gave birth to the modern day abstract body art designs that merely use the human body as the canvas for this mysterious form or art.

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What Can an Abstract Body Marking Mean/Symbolize?

Each tattoo means something, and although it might not be so obvious, it is important to find out to avoid getting something that will portray something different from what you intended. The simplest meaning of an abstract tattoo comes from the image that it represents.

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For example, if you draw an animal in abstract then your tattoo will symbolize everything that people associate with that animal even though it might not look like it in appearance.

Drawing something in abstract also gives it a second meaning and in most cases, it is that the person has a feeling of detachment from the subject of the tattoo, or he is not able to understand it.

Most abstract body markings will entail drawing geometric shapes in different designs and patterns, and these shapes have various meanings, and so they will determine what your totem symbolizes.

For example, if you have circles in your tattoo they can mean the cyclic nature of life or something that has no end.

If you go with single lines, then they will mean something like life is infinite because one side of the line can represent life and the other end symbolizes death.

Other shapes such as the triangle with the tip pointing up are a representation of masculinity, and if you invert the triangle, it will express femininity.

The biggest problem with shapes and lines is that people can perceive them differently and so what they mean to you may not be necessarily the same for another person. And so this is the reason why abstract tattoo critics will find them nonsensical.

However, to solve this problem some people will also include a phrase and colors on their tattoo to help others understand what it symbolizes.

Other common meanings that people associate with these body markings will include rebellion, creativity, mindset, and also conceptions.

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Abstract Design Ideas

It is hard to classify abstract totems into a few specific types because this amazing body art is always evolving. And with the services of a creative artist you can be able to transform almost anything that you want into an abstract design.

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If you are thinking of getting this type of tattoo, you should first do some in-depth research and also find a good artist so he or she can help you choose a good design.

Some of the most common types include the eagle and skull abstracts which give you unlimited options because you can draw them in many ways. The skull head always makes a perfect addition to your body art, but if you draw it in abstract, it will look unique and very stylish.

The abstract tree is another favorite design and in most cases, the Tree of Life is what most will use in the image and pair it with a quote or phrase to make it very symbolic.

Watercolor also works for abstract, and this is contrary to what most people think because those who do not know enough about these tattoos assume that they are always in black ink. The watercolors are not only beautiful, but they will help bring out its meaning.

Other ideas for this tattoo include having it in white ink, using the tribal pattern, and there are also some modern 3D designs available.

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Best Places to Have and Abstract

There are no restrictions when it comes to abstract body markings, and so you can have them anywhere you think because their designs are very versatile. It is common to see people with different shapes and lines that start on one hand and flow through the chest to the other.

The back also provides an excellent placement location and your abstract skull, or massive eagle will look stunning on your back.

Some people will also prefer to have theirs as a sleeve or even on the legs depending on the design while a small one on the wrist or back of the neck is sufficient for others.

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In Short…

The days that people would try hard to conform to particular parameters or try and make their tattoos as realistic as possible are long gone. In this modern era, you should worry more about what you feel about something and how you want to express it and not how it looks.

And so an abstract tattoo makes an excellent body marking, and this is more so if you want to break away from the usual norms when it comes to tattooing. There are also unlimited designs available, and so an abstract makes an exceptional tattoo choice.

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