125+ Inspiring Minimalist Tattoo Designs – Subtle Body Markings with Deep Symbolism

A minimalist tattoo is an excellent choice for anyone that does not want body markings that are loud and very bold. Although it is the 21st century, there is still some stereotype and misconception that surrounds tattoos, and so a few people will tend to avoid them.

However, minimalist or subtle designs provide a solution to this because few can notice them and they are also very easy to cover up.

Apart from this they still maintain the meaning of whatever you draw, and this simply shows that you get to have something that you like or symbolic without tattooing a large portion of your body.

These tattoos have always been there because the invention of modern tattooing machines and technologies is what gave rise to the huge bold images.

In the old days, most artists would prefer to keep their drawings small because they did not have the know-how or technology to draw big detailed totems.

Most would also prefer keeping things small so that the customers will have an easier time living with the emblem in case it did not come out the way they wanted.

However, in the modern times the minimalist body markings are part of a trendy and to some extend a conservative genre of tattoos that are ideal for people that do not like having too much ink on their body.


Why You Should Go For Minimalist Totems

A minimalist tattoo gives you the freedom to have a totem without raising the curiosity of the people around you that may have a stereotype view when it comes to body art. Some companies will not employ people with artificial body markings.

Having subtle ones can help ensure that you do not lock yourself out of viable employment opportunities and still enjoy all the beauty that comes with body markings.

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Small body markings also have a mysterious feel because few people can see and understand them. Some people prefer their tattoo to be private and would also not want to have them in less visible places like the back or chest.

And so this group of people will benefit most from making their totems as small as possible because they can have them anywhere they wish and still get to make them private.

Tattooing is quite painful, and some people cannot withstand this pain despite the fact that they would love to have some symbols inked on their body.

A small totem is not as painful as the others as it does not take a lot of time and so it entails minimal drawing hence making it an excellent choice for people with a low pain threshold.

When getting tattooed, you will most likely be very excited and cannot wait to show off the image. However, the feeling might not be the same a few months or years down the line, and so you might want to get rid of it.

Although there are a few ways you can do this, they are either too expensive or not very useful. However, if you have a small totem, you can cover it up quickly without spending a lot of money. Sometimes you can also do it with clothing, and you do not need to go down the needle again.

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Minimalist Body Markings Ideas

A minimalist tattoo is as versatile as any other, and so you can be confident that there are endless designs available. Most people think that you can only draw certain types of tattoos as minimalist designs, but this could not be further from the truth.

You can have almost any image that you want as a minimalist totem. And so you only need to find a skilled artist that is capable of drawing it as small as you want. Here are a few examples of the stylish designs that you can have if you decide to go the minimalist way.

The Constellation

A constellation is a symbol image but with deep symbolism and you can also have it as a tiny totem. For this design, all that you need is a few dots to represent the stars and some lines to join them. Also, have it in black ink to keep it simple and to enhance the minimalist appearance.

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Geometric Shapes

Small circles or a triangle on your wrist can look very simple, but these geometric shapes can also have some symbolic meanings. They are very easy to draw, and most artists will only take a couple of minutes to complete them, and so you will also not feel a lot of pain.

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The wristband tattoo is a small round line that wraps around the hand to create a simple but stylish body marking. There are no controversies associated with this type of totem and so you can be sure that your tattoo will be as simple as it can get.

For a more stylish look, you can have two or three lines wrapping around the wrist.

Statement Tattoos

In this design, you will use text to convey emotions and feelings, and they are a perfect idea for those that do not like drawing shapes or images. The font that you choose to use and also the size of the text will determine how bold it will look.

You can have words such as Courage, Faith, Mind or Love for this tattoo design because they have numerous meanings. It is also common for people to have names of loved ones.

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Minimalist Tattoo Placement

These tattoos might be tiny, but you can still place them anywhere you want. The wrist is the most common place that people like to have these tattoos because they are still quite visible here despite their minuscule size.

Some will also prefer to have them on the fingers so they can see or show them off when they feel like it. There are also those that will have their minimalist totems on the upper or lower arm and even on the ankle and belly button.

However, just like with all other genres of tattoos, placement is a matter of personal choice and preference.

In Short…

You do not have to draw huge and bold images for your body markings to looks stylish and elegant because a minimalist tattoo still has all the beauty that you can ever wish for in your body art.

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It also has several other advantages such as the fact you can conceal it easily and if you add in the fact that there are several designs to choose from you have a trendy and unique option for your next tattoo.

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