65+ Trendiest Arabic Tattoo Designs – Translating Ordinary Words into Passionate Body Markings

An Arabic tattoo is one of those that leave most people impressed but unable to tell what it means. Unless you know how to read the Arabic calligraphy, you cannot understand what these totems mean, and this is one of the things that make them unique.

Whereas most people have tattoos to show off to their peers, others will have them for their symbolism and prefer for them to be confidential. And so if you are in this category of people these tattoo designs will be perfect for you.

Apart from this they also look very attractive and unlike writing English words you can use a few symbols to write a long message.

Some Islamic believers believe that having body markings is against their religions and having them in Arabic is even worse because it is the language of the Koran.

It is due to this fact that people would avoid having totems in this calligraphy as they did not want to offend the religion and its followers.

However, things have been changing over the years as new generations of young believers that are less conservative accept tattoos as just beautiful body markings.

In this modern era, a large number of Islam followers have totems in Arabic that profess their faith, but the body markings are equally famous in the western world.

Although they have their origins in the Middle East and Asia, their popularity has spread across the globe over the years as more artist learn how to draw this calligraphy.


Arabic Tattoo Types

You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to an Arabic tattoo, and all you need to do is to find an artist that understands the calligraphy and knows how to draw it.

Some people will use Google translate for translating the English word or texts into Arabic but this does not always work well, and so the best thing is to find someone that understands the language.

However, if you are looking for stylish body markings in Arabic, the following are some of the designs that you can get.

  • Arabic Tattoo 58
  • Arabic Tattoo 56
  • Arabic Tattoo 57

Phrases and Poems

If you prefer to have more than just one word for your Arabic body marking you can go with an expression. Although very few people can read the poem or phrase, the calligraphy still looks stunning.

The flow of the language and the stylish strokes give the poetry a unique appearance, but you also have to place it in a good location for it to look appealing.

Names in Arabic

Having the name of someone dear to you is the best way to show your loyalty to them and also show that you will love them forever. However, sometimes it is more interesting if you do not make the name that you have inked on you very apparent.

Having the body marking in Arabic is one way to ensure this, and it also gives the name a stylish and mysterious appearance.

Mixed Up and Colorful

Your Arabic totem does not always have to be straightforward and in black ink because you can spice it up with some colors. Adding some color to your symbol makes it look trendy, and it can also breathe some life to a plain looking calligraphy.

It is also an excellent idea to mix it up with other favorite totems such as the Egyptian or Celtic cross.

White and Red In Arabic

Any tattoo lover that wants to make their Arabic symbol unique should have it in the amazing white ink. The popularity of white and red ink have been on a steady rise over the years, but it looks best on people with a darker or tanner skin tone than those with light complexions.

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What Do These Tattoos Mean/Symbolize?

There is no one blanket meaning that you can have for your Arabic tattoo because the symbolism will depend on the type that you have and also the reason for having it.

Some people will have these totems because of their mysterious nature that stems from the fact that few people in the western world and other countries that are not in the Middle East and Asia can understand the meaning.

And so you can have this tattoo to keep your friends wondering what it means or symbolizes.

For most other tattoo lovers especially the Islam believers will have it to show their faith or as a representation of their religion. Some will have some words or symbols that profess their love for God while other will have a script from the Koran for encouragement and guidance.

In most cases, the totems will entail drawing words like Courage, Love, Determination and Strength and Faith in Arabic calligraphy. The words or phrase that you choose to draw is what will determine what the symbolism or meaning of your tattoo.

  • Arabic Tattoo 60
  • Arabic Tattoo 61
  • Arabic Tattoo 59

It is also very common for people to have the names of their loved ones in Arabic. Having a name means that the person is special, and they hold an important place in your heart. Some will also have important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries in Arabic.

The event that the dates represent is what determines the meaning of the body marking.

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Placement Ideas

You can place your Arabic symbols anywhere that you like as it is a matter of personal choice. However, there are particular areas where these tattoos look more appealing than others.

The wrist is one of these locations, and this should explain why most people will choose to have the Arabic calligraphy here. However, the size and type will also determine the best placement area.

For something like a poem or a long phrase the rib cage, back and the chest are the best places to draw it. Other people will also prefer to have theirs on the inner arm, upper arm, and ankle or even on the thigh.

  • Arabic Tattoo 64
  • Arabic Tattoo 63
  • Arabic Tattoo 62

In Short…

An Arabic tattoo makes a beautiful body marking, and it is an excellent choice when you want something unique whose meaning can only be understood by a few people.

  • Arabic Tattoo 67
  • Arabic Tattoo 66
  • Arabic Tattoo 65

You can have anything from religious quotes, and phrases to a name of someone special and so this totem also gives you plenty of options when it comes to design.

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