105+ Cool Flower of Life Tattoo Ideas – The Geometric Pattern That Holds The Secrets

When most people think of geometry they think of boring classroom mathematics. But great minds have actually discovered that everything (and we do mean everything) in the universe is not only connected but it is also geometric.

This includes the orbits of the stars, plants, animals, humans and even the intangible like emotions and music.

While there are many interesting concentric geometric patterns none of them are quite as intriguing as the Flower of Life.

This pattern is considered to represent the creation of all life in the universe and some people believe that by studying this pattern we could possibly unlock the secrets of time and space.

This pattern also gives rise to related patterns such as The Seed of Life, The Egg of Life, The Fruit of Life, The Tree Of Life and Metatron’s cube – we will discuss these in a little more detail when we get to designs.


Designs and Meanings

Renderings of this pattern have been found all over the world and it has been connected with a number of religions and spiritual beliefs.

The first known appearance of the pattern was in Egypt around 10,500BC and to make that discovery even more curious the image was not etched or drawn into stone but somehow burnt in…It’s also popped up in Japan, Turkey, India, Spain, Iceland, and many more countries.

It was also discovered to be the pattern on the sphere underneath the paw of a Foo Dog statue in the Forbidden City in China. The Foo Dog is a strong symbol of protection and the sphere is taken as a representation of dominance over the world.

In ancient times the Flower of Life was viewed as sacred geometry. The reason it was hallowed was because knowledge of the pattern and what is represented was not information that was available to everyone. It was so closely guarded that people were actually killed over it.

Today information is everywhere and a lot more people know about the mysterious Flower of Life. Some of these sacred geometry fans are starting to use the image in incredibly detailed tattoo designs.

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Flower of Life tattoos may sound simple, but there are quite a few variations of styles that clients choose for their tattoo designs.

Original Flower of Life – The most common design is the original hexagonal pattern made up of nineteen complete circles and thirty-six partial circles. This pattern is contained inside a circle and in the center, the shapes make the form of a flower – hence the name.

The pattern can be personalized using different techniques and colors which make it the most popular choice for tattoo designs. It represents the mysteries of the universe, creation and time.

The Seed of Life– This is a symmetrical pattern of seven circles which form circles and lenses and is the fundamental component of the Flower Of Life design. Someone who chooses this design may do so to represent new beginnings.

The Fruit of Life – Although it does not look as interesting as some of the other patterns the Fruit of Life is occasionally used as a tattoo subject. This pattern consists of thirteen circles taken from the Flower of Life.

It is believed to be the blueprint of the entire universe and it forms the base design of every atom in existence. It is a powerful symbol of creation.

The Egg of Life– This symbol is also not one of the most requested tattoo designs, however to those who know its meaning it is quite special. The Egg of Life, which is again derived from the Flower of Life, consists of seven circles – six in a concentric pattern with one in the center.

It looks like the simply drawn outline of a flower with petals. This pattern represents nurturing, creation and interconnectedness.

The Tree of Life (also known as The Kabbalah’s Tree of Life)- This image, which usually looks like a tree and its roots within a circle, is also thought to have been derived from the Flower of Life and is a much sought-after tattoo design.

It is believed to symbolize eternity, knowledge, protection and growth.

Metatron’s cube – Metatron’s Cube is a three-dimensional pattern which is formed from the Flower of Life and consists of five distinct geometric shapes. These shapes have certain properties (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Consciousness) which form the building blocks of creation.

This is a commonly requested tattoo design and looks striking due to its complexity. Some people believe that this symbol offers protection from evil.

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Placement Ideas

Any size Flower of Life tattoo is bound to be an eye-catching piece not to mention a conversation starter! Large designs tend to look better on the back, chest or upper arm while small to medium tattoos can be placed on the shoulder, abdomen and lower back.

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The forearm and wrist are the most popular placements for this type of tattoo.

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How To Personalize Your Tattoo

Some people may be concerned about having a tattoo which is the same as another person. Luckily there are plenty of ways to make your Flower of Life tattoo unique.  While this type of tattoo looks great in black and gray, adding color can make it stand out.

Rainbow shades, especially in the watercolor technique are often requested by women. You could also choose white ink as white geometric designs are currently quite trendy.

Other techniques and styles to consider are the use of negative space, 3D, and dot work. These are guaranteed to make your tattoo stand out from the rest.

In Short…

The Flower of Life may seem simple to begin with but, the more you explore its origins and meanings the more you discover how complex it really is.

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People who choose this pattern or any of its variants will do so because they understand its significance and believe that is truly is a representation of all creation. The mystery of this pattern also makes it quite appealing as we still not uncovered all its secrets.

As a tattoo subject, it is crisp looking and easy to personalize. All this makes it a classic and timeless tattoo design.

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