65 Refined and Enchanting Gypsy Tattoos – Designs and Meaning

Several things come to one’s mind when you think of the gypsies. It is right to say that understanding them can be a little confusing. While their lives seem like open books without the restrictions and desires of material possessions, the reason why they live this way and how they do it is a mystery. However, what is clear and most people will agree is that a gypsy tattoo is very adorable and one of the best body markings that you can get.

While many individuals will want to get these tattoos purely for their beauty, it is important to know that they carry great importance at a spiritual level. And so it would not hurt to understand their spiritual symbolism and their other meanings.

Also, like any other tattoo, it is important to know what the subject of the image and design is all about and the best places in the body to have it for both men and women.


What is a Gypsy?

Gypsy is a term that has been around for more than six centuries, but its definition has always varied from one place to the other. Although there are also many accounts of the origins of the gypsies, most of the historical evidence available shows that most originate from Egypt and northern India.

Gypsies were famous nomads that worked on the land and would only make their living on its produce. This kind of life requires a lot of sacrifices, intelligence and also some level of creativity as it is hard and unpredictable. According to several historical accounts, the first gypsies traveled to Europe in the early 14th century, and from there they would traverse the rest of the world for the next six hundred years.

In these modern times, the term gypsy will refer to members of an itinerant group in America, North Africa and some parts of Europe. They have a dark hair and skin, and they speak the Romany dialect. In their travels, they will make a living by trading, fortune-telling and by doing seasonal work like harvesting in plantations.

Many people still refer to themselves as gypsies but do not necessarily have Romanic origins. However, most of them practice their nomadic way of life, and so the society accepts them as “modern gypsies.” These modern gypsies are also the ones responsible for coming up with most of the gypsy tattoos and expanding their popularity.

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Meaning and Symbolism of the Tattoo

Gypsy totems will have deep symbolism for men and women, and this is regardless of the type that you choose to get. The lifestyle, character, traits, and history of the gypsies are what gives these tattoos their meanings. But like any other body art what yours means will depend on you and why you decide to get it.

However, there are some universal symbolisms that anybody that sees your tattoo might give it.

The first and probably the most common meanings that most individuals will associate with this genre of tattoos are independence and self-reliance. Gypsies have self-imposed mental and physical freedom, and they do not let borders restrict their life, and so they are always journeying.

This notion means having their totems can symbolize that you are also independent or at least believe or hope to be so in future. Also, during their travels, they only rely on themselves and the work they do for survival, and so your totem can mean that you are also a self-reliant individual.

If you like traveling or journeying to different places, this is the tattoo that will best describe you. Travelling/journeying is what is more likely to come to most people’s mind when they see your tattoo. Gypsies are famous for being fortune-tellers, and they use a crystal ball to predict your future, and so your tattoo can also be a symbol of vision and fortune.

The gypsies have away been viewed as strong, down to earth, and independent women. And so having this tattoo is an excellent way to honor an independent or any strong woman in your life or show that you are one. The beauty of the women in these tattoos is also a perfect symbol of desire and femininity.

Adorning your totem with other things like flowers, butterflies, and geometric symbols can also give it more meanings. It is also common for some individuals to combine it with other tattoos and draw it in diverse styles to change its symbolism.

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Other Common Meanings

· Future

· Spirituality

· Living your life to its fullest

· Success

· Good fortune

· Divination

· Outsider or fringe-dweller

· Accomplishment

· Happiness

· Life’s Path

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Main styles

Nothing works better than a tattoo when it comes to bringing alive the entrancing image of the mysterious gypsy woman.

If you do it right, the gypsy tattoo will look exquisite, and it will be one of those things that will always draw attention everywhere you go. And the good thing is that there are more than enough styles of this tattoo available and you only need to pick one and add a little twist. Here are some of the famous gypsy totem styles.

#1 Gypsy Head Skull/Calavera

The gypsy head skull tattoo is a contemporary variation of this tattoo that is quite popular. It entails combining the old-school gypsy with a sugar skull to create an enticing and very symbolic image.

Here the gypsy maintains all her traditional looks or characteristics, but instead of the beautiful face of a woman, there is a sugar skull. And so the gypsy head skull might represent the loss of someone dear to you.

Apart from replacing the face with a skull, you can still have both. Individuals that love tattoos and do not mind getting various can get a gypsy on one of their hands and draw a sugar skull on the other. For these tattoos to harmonize, they should have the same theme and use similar colors and adornments.

By having it this way, you will symbolize the two major events in one’s life which are life and death. It can also be a representation of the contrast between the beauty of life and the sorrow that comes with death.

#2 Old School Gypsy

The old-school gypsy is probably the most common of these tattoos. Although it also has several variations, some traits must always be there in the tattoo. They include the beautiful gypsy face with a curly black hair. In most of these tattoos, the woman will also have a scarf over her head with some adornments like flowers, pearls and big earrings hanging from the ears.

When drawing the traditional gypsy woman, you can have everything in black ink or give the tattoo a modern touch with some colors to enhance the overall look of the totem. Although the old-school gypsy has the face facing forward, some recent alterations entail drawing the face facing down or tilted to look up.

It is also worth knowing that although the old-school gypsy woman is the most popular, there is also a traditional gypsy man that you can get for your old school totem.

Gypsy Tattoo 2


#3 Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is another favorite type of tattoo that gypsies and individuals that like their culture will get. It marks one of the most famous gypsy festivals, and it resembles the All Soul’s Day that Catholics and other Christians celebrate annually. Both festivals mark honor and celebrate the lives of the dead. Due to the importance of this day, it has been an inspiration for tattoos for many years.

These tattoos have an imposing and detailed appearance that entails drawing a gypsy with markings of a skeleton, roses, and jewelry. The most eye-catching element in these tattoos is the sewn shut mouth. This characteristic feature can have several meanings with the common one being the silence that follows death or the fact that the dead do not speak.

#4 Gypsy Fortune Teller

Gypsies are famous fortune tellers and seers. Many people across the world will visit them when they are in town to get a prediction about their future. And so a gypsy fortune teller tattoo is very symbolic. For this tattoo, you will only need to draw a traditional gypsy woman but use some adornments to make her look intense. Some jewelry on the head and the ears also helps to bring out the fortune-tellers look.

These tattoos will in many instances also include a crystal ball. If you also decide to have one, it might be necessary to draw a larger gypsy woman or man that also includes the hands and crystal ball. But there are also some tattoos that entail having the gypsy and the crystal ball as two separate images.

#5 3D Pattern Gypsy

3D provides the best way to give your gypsy tattoo a modern and enchanting appearance. It is quite a complicated method of tattooing, and so it will be necessary to get it from an experienced artist. For this style, you can draw any of the other types, but the only difference is the tattooing technique. These tattoos are also quite artistic if you get them from a skilled artist and they will make some beautiful sleeves.

#6 Gypsy Girl with Animal Headgear

Tattoos depicting gypsy girls with animal headgears are becoming very popular as people find new ways of adding some twist to these traditional body markings. The most favorite animals for this tattoo are the deer and wolf, but you can always have other animals like a bear if you want.

Having a deer on your gypsy tattoo will symbolize calmness and a gentle love for nature. A wolf, on the other hand, will also create a brilliant and also very symbolic totem. Drawing a wolf in a gypsy tattoo will mean loyalty, guardianship, ingenuity, and intelligence because these are the traits that they associate with this animal. Since most gypsies are nature worshipers, the wolf and other wild animals will always hold a special place in gypsy art.

#7 Native American Gypsy

The Native American gypsy symbol combines two distinct types of tattoos to create a brilliant image that will look fabulous for both men and women. Adorning your gypsy woman with Native American feathers and other jewelry and giving her their long braided locks creates a captivating image that combines two distinct cultures.

It is quite a unique tattoo that you can enhance further by having a separate one of a Native American man or woman next to the gypsy. The only other thing that you should avoid is overdoing things because this can result in an awkward and a difficult to understand tattoo.

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Placement Ideas

The shoulder is one of the best areas to have these tattoos for both men and women. A gypsy woman or man’s head on the shoulder is very captivating, and it will be an excellent choice for anyone that wants to have a sleeve tattoo. But there are still many other places that you can put it. For large 3D gypsy totems for men, the back and chest will be perfect placement areas for guys while the thigh and ribs will be ideal for most ladies.

These tattoos do not have to be large to look good because small and detailed ones still make some adorable body art. And so this means that other popular tattoo placement areas like the ankle, wrist, collarbone and the lower foot will also work well. However, provided you have a skilled artist that knows how to create these tattoo types well you can have them almost anywhere you want.

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The gypsy tattoo is an adorable and symbolic body art that will look good for both ladies and guys. Although it is one of those traditional types that have been around for many years, it will still be an attention-grabbing image if you draw it well.

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Also, there are many other styles available that entail spicing up or introducing new ideas to the traditional tattoos, and so you can always get something that goes with your taste. And if you place it in the right spot it will not only enhance your physique but also looks fantastic.

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