65+ Facinating Solar System Tattoo Designs – Their Main Origin And Symbolism

A solar system tattoo is basically a tattoo design drawn with the various components of the solar system – the sun, the planets, and other heavenly bodies.

The solar system is one of the most interesting areas of knowledge for mankind and while early scholars like Galileo and Aristotle may have attempted to explain its origin, its mystery remains even to date.

This mystery has been captured in geographical illustrations and is indeed a subject of study in many world education curriculums.


Popularization of the Solar System Design

Our fascination with the solar system appears to know no bounds as is now depicted in tattoos.

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Solar system tattoos have been growing in popularity and while other tattoo categories are almost synonymous with certain groups in society, these tattoos have won the hearts and minds of many –you can find them on anyone from a celebrity to a scholar or even a member of the clergy.

Clearly, there is something about them that makes them a favorite for all, and that shall be the subject of this article.

Nature lovers will also find solar tattoo designs appropriate as the tattoos help explain some of the forces that influence the different behaviors of Mother Nature.

Through the tattoos, we take an avid interest to learn the different forces that result in incidences such as droughts and floods.

By using the sun as the centerpiece of the system, the tattoos offer us an opportunity to learn  the simple natural phenomena such as the occurrence of day and night as well as seasons.

In a nutshell, the tattoos offer a wealth of geographical and astronomical knowledge beyond what ordinary literature teach.

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Their Meanings Explained

The first and the very obvious meaning of solar system tattoos is the universality of life. These tattoos help us understand the world we live in by capturing it in a simple yet holistic manner.

We are able to place ourselves based on the position of our planet while on the same note appreciating the fact that the universe is a commonplace for all.

The tattoos enable us to appreciate the fact that while we can name a thousand words that divide us, there is one that unites us all – the universe. They are, therefore, used as a means of preaching harmony among people of different races tribes, religious persuasions, and creeds.

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Another importance of these tattoos is the fact that they offer a short connection to science. For once, we can appreciate the effort that has been put forward by different scientists in trying to unravel the mystery behind the solar system.

By drawing these tattoos on our bodies, we partake of their cause in trying to explain the cosmos and the system of things in it.

The drawings are a silent statement that we concur with their findings that not only does the solar system exist but it is an area that all should take an avid interest in.

These tattoo designs are also used to explain the possible existence of a supernatural being, thereby creating a rare harmony between religion and science.

It is not uncommon to hear people who have these tattoos marvel at the fact that the solar system is such a mystery that there must be a supernatural force sustaining it.

While scientists may have succeeded in explaining the mere fact of its existence, they might not have equally succeeded in explaining the ’how’’ and the ’why’’, and this is where religion would come in.

These tattoos are also seen as a means of arousing the spirit of adventure in people. We are all fascinated by the unknown and to many of us who may not have glimpsed the solar system, there can never be a better way of experiencing its existence through its tattoo designs.

Through these tattoos, all the sizzling stories told about the solar system, such as the orbiting of planets around the sun, the possible existence of extraterrestrial beings in certain planets and the glowing beauty and shapes of other planets come alive in our imagination.

By a simple drawing, we are able to behold the beauty of Mars, marvel at the grandeur of Saturn and shine in the glory of the sun.

Last but not least, the solar system designs are popular among those who believe in astrology. Over the years, astrologers have advanced the notion that the fate of mankind is determined by the position of the celestial bodies at given times of the year.

While astrology may have attracted quite a few skeptics, those who believe in it have found it appropriate to have the tattoos of celestial bodies in their bodies as a show of solidarity with what the astrologers predict for their lives.

It is for this reason that you will often find these tattoos drawn along with an individual’s horoscope signs as a clear indication that the individual agrees to follow their horoscope predictions.

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How Are They Best Placed

Like any other tattoos, solar system tattoos may be placed on any part of the body depending on individual preference. They could be placed on the arm, leg, thigh, neck or chest.

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However, in order to have a clear radial outline of the planets and the sun, the chest appears to be the best spot for men and the lower back for women. The size of the design is also a factor when placing these designs and the smaller the size, the easier they are to place on any part of the body.

Final Word

The solar system tattoos are not just your ordinary tattoo designs. They may not have a longer history as compared to other tattoo designs but it is the fact that they represent a phenomenon that is larger than life that makes them timeless.

While they may just appear like ordinary fashion symbols for some people, there are those who attach deeper meanings to them.

They not only offer a medium for exchange between science and religion but are a great eye-opener to those who wish to discover some deeper meanings in life.

These tattoos would, therefore, offer a more insightful view of life to those who wish to explore some of the hidden and mysterious facts about life and the universe.

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